Valentine Fandom Ask Meme

5. What is your most fluffy + happy ship?

Oh, snap. I usually like all my ships with a bit of angst…. Hmmm… I’d have to say that my Whouffle is usually fluffy/happy. It’s so positive and happy and they’re so cute and tender and… Then 12 comes along and it’s Whouffaldi angst but then it’s snark and sass. So I’d say yeah, probably 11 and Clara are my fluffy ship. I don’t think any of my ships are actually happy unless it’s like - outside canon.

In which case - McDanno all the way. (DID YOU SEE THAT EAR TOUCH.)

10. Is there a ship that makes your skin crawl?

An unpopular answer, but Romione really bugs me. Like, hands down makes me want to crawl in a hole and die. Because tbh in the books and even movies, Ron was that friend that used painful insults he knew would hurt Hermione the most when he was mad at her - ever. Forget Book 6 - he was total jock trash to her in the first books and I had so many boys act like that to me when I was a kid and I could never see myself truly getting over the psychological scarring they contributed to and then marrying them. And the fact it continued MIDWAY THROUGH BOOK 7 just makes me want to hurl.

19. Is there a ship the fandom has ruined for you?

Johnlock. Destiel. Sabriel. 10/Rose. And I wouldn’t say fandom has necessarily stopped my love of the ships or the desire for them to be canon, it’s just…sort of waned. Johnlock is like, I don’t even really care and kind of wish the shippers weren’t so insane? Destiel and Sabriel are side loves but the fandom is insane so I just don’t even look at it or read it because it’s hard to get away from the fandom drama. And 10/Rose shippers tend to harsh on my #1 love of Doctor/River and that really torques my shorts so anymore I can’t even look at 10/Rose stuff without negative feelings.

25. I there a ship you wish you didn’t know existed?


30. Is there a ship you like but you dislike the fandom?

Captain Swan - I stay as far away from the Once fandom as I can. Sterek I guess - like Sterek shippers are great but I can’t stand the TW fandom in general. Literally all my Homestuck ships fall into this category.