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a woman with a light lavender hue to her curly hair, she wore a revealing dress that showed off her curves. she leaned on the stone of the ‘haunted house’, she had made sure to hide her horns and tail so as to not alarm the visitor. she was what is known as a succubus, a female entity that has the tendency to seduce men for their own pleasure. some called them demons while others merely spirits, but one thing was for sure on all accounts she was not looking for just a chat.

"oh my what do we have here? are you lost chérie? or are you looking for some fun~" she purred suggestively as she leaned forward to show off the top of her cleavage.

"Upritchard’s proclivity for painting her characters’ skin in tones such as jaundiced yellow, mossy green, or calming lavender— sometimes in two tones or even a rainbow of hues—or having the patterns of their clothing continue onto their faces and hands, as if they have evolved to be able to camouflage themselves within their immediate surroundings, suggests that these creatures may signify a future race. But the combination of recognizable referents that appear to leave her figures nearly paralyzed—their partially opened eyes in a continuous state of rueful pondering— is what the viewer will recognize as disconcertingly familiar, a state of mind that syncs up perfectly with the contemporary moment."

Hammer Projects: Francis Upritchard closes on Sunday:

It’s Diwali! The Festival of Lights is being celebrated today in India.

Many memories are associated with this day (actually night). What I miss the most is lighting up clay lamps and candles all over the house with my sister and the family dinner afterwards.

The festival signifies the victory of good over evil, light over darkness and knowledge over ignorance.

I wish there be more light in everyones lives!

i do not know how to voice it, this thing inside of me, that rests so snugly
between my sternum. i am unable to do simple tasks, and before i know it
the walls are shifting and my fingers are shaking for you, but you’re not here
and neither am i, i am gone between the snow mounds between the skies
when it is not quite dusk yet not quite light, between those lavender
hues, those baby blues, searching for you and you and you,
maybe i can blame it on the weather, the cold that rots my bones, a lack of
warmth has made me bitter, and there are days where the spheres
in my eyes are not what i remember, and the way people use their
tongues scare me instead of fascinate me,
maybe i can blame it on the weather,
i used to have an ex who would always do it. 


THE ENCLAVE - was produced using a recently discontinued military film technology originally designed in World War II to reveal camouflaged installations hidden in the landscape. This film registers an invisible spectrum of infrared light, rendering the green landscape in vivid hues of lavender, crimson, and hot pink. On the threshold of the medium’s extinction, Mosse employed this film to document an ongoing conflict situation in eastern Democratic Republic of Congo. This humanitarian disaster—in which 5.4 million people have died since 1998—is largely overlooked by the mass media. Frequent massacres, human rights violations, and widespread sexual violence remain unaccounted for. In a kind of advocacy of seeing, The Enclave attempts to cast this forgotten tragedy in a new spectrum of light, to make this forgotten humanitarian disaster visible.

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♂ - What were his last words to you?

Request to Access Personal Archives. 


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Durate et vosmet rebus servate secundis.

Roughly translated, carry on and preserve yourselves for better times.His voice sounded crisp and inviting; something that bleed strewn gold. His frame bore a semblance with his daughter - sharing a myriad of prominent features, including the similar hue of lavender and heliotrope. The only few distinct details that heredity negated was their schemes and their helm accessories. 

  “Aurum, she’s always been the studious type. Mimicking every action, scrunching her optics, and, most importantly, thinking.” His worn, old optics wistfully rekindled his proud accomplishments, both as a successful chemist in his field and maintaining a close knit bond with her. “She’s exceeded far beyond my expertise. We’ve both went through a great stage of learning, not that either of us ever stopped learning or lapsed through redundant lessons.”

“Science allowed such gifts to be existent, but they’ve always seemed short-lived or hard to find,” he tugged a small smile, chuckles verbalizing.  “It’s a shame that my career was cut short that prevented me from seeing her accomplishments. It all happened so spontaneously, both of us were caught by surprise by the attacks.”

“My spark grows heavy knowing that I had to leave her - leave her alone and without a path paved. I left her with the burden of a supervisor position and with my unfinished work. She doesn’t deserve my abrupt baggage. I have no doubts about her perseverance; so I kept a depository to help ease the pain, reminding her that she’s never alone. All our destines start out as raw ores - it is just us who decides on how to shape them.”

“̧̛̬̺̹ͥ̔͂͂͌ ̍̓ͫ̈́͑҉̺̼͖̫͙͞ͅT̟̥̱̤ͯ̒ͯ̊ͫͮͫ͝ͅḧ̵̨̞́ͪiͦ͛ͧͫ͐̌̌͏̡̥̹̜̰͍̬s̸͑ͭ̏̑͐̐͑ͦ҉̼̗͇͈̟͖͖ ̛̛̦̭͑̃̓̎͐ͣ͜i̢̗͖̺̅̂͌ͣͦ̂ͫs̹͎̀̈́̽̋ͩ͐ ͔̲̲̭̻͙͓ͥ́̿͊ͬ̃͂ͮN͈̗̯̤̘͎̘̜̿͗̀͟ḛ̶̛̟͙̞̞̻͎̼̋ͮ̋̽ͬų̵̲͇̫͔̟̖̝ͯͣl̶̛͇̠͓̻̝̑̾̇̓͝o̡͉͈͚͕̩̊̋̀͡ş̷͕͔̣͎̣ͭ̆̓͘ͅ ̙̤͕̓s̴̩̰͚̝͖͓͇͎̍͋ͩͥ̎ͭi̺͎͇ͬ̾ͬ͛̓̽́ͅg̛͚̦̞͍̤̰̓ͦ͟n̴̙̲̖̬͎̯̈́̊͗͌̄̚ị̸̬͔̝̦̯̖͈̳̐́̉̅̾ͬ̇ͥ͝n̷̛͇̼̝͕̰̲̮͍͒̉ͥ͒ͦ̉g̟̫̲̪̟̱̒͠ ̢̺̤̗̎ͯ͋ͩͤ̋ͤ͂o̵̗̗̭̦̥̎̒u͕̞̱̭ͫ̋ṱ̡̲͇̻̙͖͖ͪͪ͌̍̒.̡̭̦̾͛ ̴̢̟̥̳̦̺̟̤̻̇̆͠”̖͓̯̜͇̌ͫ͛͗̐̈́


                         ❝ —  And what are you doing?
It’s past curfew you know, 
                                   shouldn’t be out tsk tsk.

——|  The oddity teased, lavender hues 
            scanning over the blonde. Twirling
            a piece of his silver blonde hair,
            the teenager smirked. He shoved
            his skinny bony hands into the back
            pockets of his expensive looking jeans.|—— 

                                   ❝ —can’t say I’ve seen
                                           you around Dolly-
                                            what’s your name?

What colors resonate with you lately? Color is SO powerful. It shapes our world, carries intention, and invokes emotion. I’ve been very drawn to opalescent, shining hues of lavender, pink, and white/blue. I’ve been seeing this color in my aura lately too. A crystal thing perhaps! An exercise for you: Sit with a color you resonate with and meditate with it. Let your mind explore and wander inside the color. Note all the textures, images, smells/sounds, and feelings you receive - a great exercise for self-development and strengthening intuitive abilities!