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Ivar X OC Ana

Summary: Ana meets a mysterious man under unconventional circumstances. Ivar meets a strange girl trekking through the woods.

A/N: This is the fic based on my dream. There will be more Ivar in the second part. I promise. Also, all Danish is from Google translate. If there’s an error, drop me a message or an ask to fix it. Thanks! You can also read it on AO3 HERE.

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So the 27th is really long, so sending it in parts. So let me start off with I am a Larrie, and have been for five years. I recently became a sous chief at this very very private supper club in downtown LA. We are know for being very quite and super discreet. Additionally we are farm to table organic. So I just JUST got off work, the best day of my life (i’ll explain below) and checked twitter and saw the baby pic. My friend, a Larrie as well, called and was really upset so I want +++

++I want to tell this to everyone because this JUST FUCKING HAPPENED and made my night. So yesterday we got a call about a party of 2 for 8 PPM (LA time) for the night of the 27th. Around 8:15 the party showed up(their waitress is my friend) and it was Harry and Louis. According to her, they were wearing black skinines, louis was in red vans and a navy shirt w/jumper, and harry had a white button down w/his hair up in a bun and glasses that he never used. They were sat in the way back corner ++

++ and talked alot but almost whispering. She said it was super cute to see, because their legs were intertwined a bit under the table and Harry, until the food came, was leaning across the table with his hand on Louis. She said they talked a lot, and seemed very intense, like looking into each others eyes a lot. I can tell you, since I helped make it, that Harry got a salmon dish with herbed orzo and Louis got a apricot pork tenderloin dish with saffron risotto. +++

++According to my friend, they shared their food a lot, like letting the other taste this or that. Louis really liked the orzo apparently. And when Harry tried the risotto Louis almost knocked their water’s over. That caused them both to laugh really loudly. For dessert they got jasmine creme brûlée with lavender infused whip cream. This probably is really boring, but they were just a normal couple and were in their own little world. And they seemed really happy together, always touching ++

++somehow, whether legs or hands. When they finished the meal they came back to the kitchen and thanked us… I shook their freaking hands! They were very sweet and Harry really liked the lavender whip cream. He said he was tempted to use it as lotion haha. That made Louis fond so hard! Anyways they left thru the kitchen. And I 100% believe that that baby pic was taken by Harry and that if this doesn’t bother them it shouldn’t bother us.

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Okay, hear me out. A dish for each of the 9 ♡

Oh what a great idea and a lovely ask, thank you! This took me a lot of thinking, but here is what I came up with. I hope you like it!

Akatosh would deserve nothing but the best. After all, it was he who manifested through Martin Septim and ended the Oblivion Crisis. As such, I would offer him a Cyrodiilic dish in tribute. I’m thinking whole roast pig, stuffed with herb and saffron rice and basted in clover honey.

I would create a dish based on the four seasons to reflect the cycle of life and death. Possibly a pie, made with spring chicken, summer greens, autumn harvest pumpkin, and winter berries.

This dish would have to not only taste good, but be beautiful to the eye. A lovely tiered cake of vanilla sponge with whipped lavender buttercream frosting, and decorated with candied flower petals would be just the thing!

Julianos would probably want a dish that’s good, wholesome brain food. I would serve my dish that’s a favourite at the College of Winterhold: poached fresh salmon with roast vegetables and spiced ash yams. It’s full of nutrients to keep a hungry scholar working hard!

This would be a dish that really honours the earth and her bounty. I think an offering of a salad made of wild greens, walnuts, apple slices, goat cheese, and a light lemon vinaigrette would be right up her alley.

Imagine a really good, homely dish that warms your heart, something made by your mother to share around the hearth with your family. Mara would likely love something simple but made from the heart- a good old fashioned spiced apple and rhubarb pie with homemade custard would be appropriate.

Stendarr is a bit of a difficult one, but as the god of justice, I like the idea of a dish that balances light and dark. Possibly a rare steak in a dark black pepper and allspice sauce, served with fresh zucchini flowers stuffed with goat cheese.

Ah, my patron god. He would definitely want a true Nord dish befitting a warrior. A hearty hunter’s pie chock full of venison, rabbit, and pheasant, stewed in the best Nord ale with a crumbly, all butter crust would be a great offering.

Just like Julianos, this dish would be something that keeps a hard worker going, and would have to be fortifying as much as it is delicious. Pheasant breast stuffed with buttered herbs and vegetables, with a lovely gravy and cheesy bread pudding to go with sounds like just the thing!


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theme thursday: super soap

grey soap options by viceandvelvet

this striking grey soap duo would make a really pretty gift set — i’d pair these two with viceandvelvet’s rockpool jewel soap to round it out as a a trio. super pretty.

Lavender Whipped Body Butter - Two Ingredient Recipe

Just TWO ingredients and you have an amazing whipped body butter. My skin feels nourished and flawless already! 

What You’ll Need:

  • Organic Extra Virgin Coconut Oil
  • Lavender Essential Oil
  • Mixer

What You Do:

Put 1 cup of the coconut oil into a mixer and mix for 5-7 minutes on high. Then add a few drops of the lavender oil and mix.


  • The butter should look like whipped cream
  • If the coconut oil isn’t “whipping” well, try putting it in the fridge and trying again later. It’s likely that it’s just too warm in your environment
  • Transfer butter into a container and store in fridge

Starting My Own  Business

Hey Everyone!

I started creating my own homemade whipped deep conditioner with shea butter and lavender oil as the main ingredients. I’ve never done anything this independent but I’m incredibly excited. I was wondering my if my Tumblr Fam could help me get the word around. I could really use some more reviews on how to improve the product and additional creations to make this line grow from 1 conditioner to many.



The signs as smells
  • Aries: Sandlewood
  • Taurus: Warm Lavender
  • Gemini: Whipped Raspberry and Vanilla
  • Cancer: Baked Cinnamon rolls
  • Leo: Fresh Sunflowers and Peaches
  • Virgo: Clean warm sheets
  • Libra: Roses and Wisteria
  • Scorpio: Sweet Dark Chocolate
  • Sagittarius: Passion fruit tea
  • Capricorn: Rainy days and Meadows
  • Aquarius: Cucumber Melon
  • Pisces: Sea Salt and Caramel

~Self Care for a Kanaya Makara~

bath bomb


sugar scrub


lip balm


-mod dirk~♡


Imagine that all of the boys in the class become Magical Boys. Imagine that they have the ridiculous minute-long transformation sequences and flouncy outfits.

  • Adrien: pastel green. He uses a rapier, and his finishing move is Cataclysm, which causes the rapiers to completely destroy everything that they touch
  • Nino: powder blue. He uses rifles, and his finishing move is L'exposition D'armes, which summons many guns that all fire on the opponent
  • Nathaneäl: lavender. He uses a whip, and his finishing move is Dompteur, which summons a large whip that beats the enemy into submission
  • Max: the red magical boy. He uses bombs, and his finishing move is Bombes Absent, which summons lots of bombs that he now has to throw
  • Kim: baby pink. He uses a bow and arrow, and his finishing move is Show Bouquet that rains down like, a million of his rose-shaped arrows down on the enemy
  • Ivan: sunshine yellow. He uses gauntlets, and his finishing move is Tir Rapide, which increases the speed that he punches at and the strenth/intensity of them

Just imagine the guys as Magical Boys please