lavender inrith

WoW RP Thing: “What If...?”

There is, perhaps, no character that the Wyrmrest community knows me for as well as it does Lavender Inrith, Daughter of Stromgarde. Massive and kind and muscular and warm and doting and an absolute monster, she has been mentor and innkeeper and advisor and guard and matron and so, so many more things in all the long years I’ve played her, eventually retiring with her children and dearest friend to her farm deep in Elwynn to wait for her husband to return home, securing a happy ending for all involved.

But what if none of those things had happened?

Her story took the course it did due to a chance encounter with an aging Vindicator of her broken homeland, an encounter that kept her from returning to Booty Bay and hopping a ship flying grey sails for parts unknown.

So, what if she had never met Tolen Steelguard, Vindicator-That-Was? What if the last few years had been filled with unknown battles and explorations and I decided, right now today, to start playing Lavender for the very first time? How would she progress? How would her story change and play out this time around?

Well, that’s exactly what I intend to find out!

That’s right, fuckers. I’m resubbing to WoW this month, and in doing so I’m transferring Lav over to MG to reboot her as a fresh character, as if I’d never played her before a day in my life.

Got a toon Alliance-side on MG? Hit me up, we’ll get something going.

The dwarf woman was a stranger, but that meant little.  She was eight months pregnant and had gone into labor early. Bless her but she was strong. Kartirius, Dev and I managed to get her to Sigil ship just in time. And a few hours later…a new little squalling life was brought into the world.

Light I’d forgotten how good it felt to help others like this. And I can’t help but feel this is good omen…

A large box would arrive at the cottage of Lavender and Tolen Steelguard within Elwynn Forest from House Haethon. Within would be a large assortment of fudge, as well as a few cookies and small crumbly cakes.

Miss Lavender and Ser Tolen,

I hope this finds you both well. Miss Lassair and Devoner have both urged me to remain in doors and abed as the stress of the past few weeks have made it a bit risky for the babe. While I’m bored to tears, I’m glad to know I’m feeling better.

The cupcakes you sent were absolutely delicious. I’m afraid I finished most of them myself (I’m getting fat already) but Dev managed to sample a few as well. I only hope Tolen enjoys our little gift as much as we enjoyed yours.

We must meet up again soon. The house seems frightfully quiet without the lot of you filing our halls.

Happy Winter’s Veil!

All our love and well wishes,

Mirianda Haethon