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🌊  🌊 What to use for your Mermaid altar? 🌊 🌊 

As a sea witch, I love Mermaids! I know that I am not the only one and that a lot of you work/want to work with them. Here are my ideas for elements you can use for a Mermaid/sea magic altar:

  • seashells
  • sand
  • drifted wood
  • sea glass
  • pearls
  • aquamarine
  • turquoise
  • larimar
  • clear quartz
  • rose quartz
  • fluorite
  • moonstone
  • selenite
  • rose
  • jasmine
  • lavender 
  • cards you want to manifest (for example, from the Oracle of the Mermaids)
  • wishes to them written on a paper

This is not an exhaustive list, feel free to add up to it!

PS: @orriculum , I feel like this might interest you for your Mermaid post series?

taking a lavender bath before practicing yoga then spending my day off packing and medicating 😇 “The more light you allow within you, the brighter the world you live in will be” ☁️🙏🌸🐚✨

Sleep sweet starshines! ☁✨💤💙A spell to rest easy at night!

This is a little spell I made a while ago that I revamped because lately, I’ve been having a hard time getting to sleep at night! This spell is meant to help get you to sleep at night, keep away nightmares, and ensure a restful sleep with pleasant dreams! There’s two versions, the terrarium to hang above my bed and the spell bottle to put under my pillow or keep with me while travelling! Both have the exact same ingredients

Ingredients ✨  

🌟 Black salt - protection

🌟 Rosemary - fights off nightmares during sleep, helps with dream recall

🌟 Jasmine - for restful sleep, pleasant dreams,

🌟 Lavender - very relaxing, reduces anxiety, helps fight off insomnia

🌟 Chamomile - relaxing, induces calming sleep

🌟 Blue candle - to charge the spell and to bring peace and calm


🌟 Amethyst - promotes relaxation and calm, promotes a good night sleep, helps with dream recall and bringing about vivid dreams

🌟 Tourmilated Quartz - brings together both the properties of tourmaline (preventing nightmares) and clear quartz (dream recall, bringing about vivid dreams) 

🌟 Clear Quartz - to amplify and ground the spell

🌟 Fluorite - protects the mind during sleep, promotes deep sleep

🌟 Rose Quartz - just a few chips for pleasant dreams and added sweetness!


🌟 Cleanse, ground, and center yourself and cast your circle! I cleansed myself with moon water I had programmed specifically for cleansing.

🌟 Light the blue candle to help charge all of your ingredients and your spell with peaceful and calm energy.

🌟 Add one layer of each of the herbs, and with each herb, ask them for help! So ask the rosemary for protection during your sleep, for the chamomile to help bring you a calming sleep, and so on for each herb!

🌟 Program and charge your crystals with intent! After I ask my crystals for their help and charge them with the energy I want them to help bring into my life, I kiss them for a little extra boost! it’s a nice way to add some more of your personal energy

🌟 Mix everything together and ground your spell! So visualize your spell already in effect, visualize the calm and peaceful energies surrounding you before bed and helping you get to sleep each night.

And while this spell was created with the intention of making it easier to get to sleep and having peaceful dreams, a lot of the ingredients and crystals in here can help enhance psychic intuition and can enhance any dream messages you may be getting! 

I also find that this particular spell smells really sweet, so I find it relaxing to take a moment to enjoy the scents and let relaxation wash over me!

Hopefully this helps y’all get some good sleep and brings a little bit more calm into your life! Sleep sweet! - 🐸


Purple Fantasties, Fluorite by cobalt123
Via Flickr:
Purple Fantasties, Fluorite - From the collection of Bob Jackson, from a mine near Tombstone, Arizona. Close view, shot through a glass display case at the TCC, Tucson Rock and Gem Show 2016.


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“I wouldn’t mind learning to think more clearly, in a more focused way, but I don’t want to lose my mind. The gift of thought is the most precious thing we have” 🌸🍵🍃 spending this rainy afternoon reading with tea and tokes ☁️😌🐚✨


Focus for Finals !! 🌟 Easy Spell Bottle 🌟

Hey starshines! I know a lot of us in uni are in the middle of or are shortly going into finals season 😱!! This is a little spell bottle I make whenever I’m having a hard time focusing on tasks (usually I get pretty overwhelmed ;;!!)


💫Rosemary - Helps improve memory!

💫Basil - Brings harmonic and peaceful energies

💫Lavender - Reduces anxiety and calms the mind (I’m using lavender leaves here because it’s what i have and I promise it works just as well as the flowers 💖  )

💫Mint - I always associate mint with feeling
cleansed & refreshed! I think it helps a lot to have a refreshed mind when sitting down to study!

💫A tiny bottle, jar, or sachet (you could even just wrap them in a bit of cloth and tie it up with a ribbon or bit of lace!)

💫Quartz chips (to amplify & ground the spell!)

💫Fluorite chips (an excellent crystal to keep on hand for focus & memory )


💫First ground & center yourself.

💫Take a small bit of each of these dried herbs and hold them and ask them to help keep you on task and take in the information you need easily and completely.

💫Ask the crystal chips to help stabilize and ground the energies of the herbs, and combine everything into your bottle.

💫Spend a moment visualizing or feeling helpful and calming energies surround and enter the bottle and mix with all the herbs and crystals.

Depending on the situation, I sometimes add other herbs and crystal chips (sometimes garnet because its my personal favorite grounding crystal! selenite dust to recharge & refresh the spell could be nice too!)

I like to keep it with me while I’m studying & also bring it to all my exams, presentations and critiques! If you ever feel distracted or overwhelmed, open the bottle and let the scents and energies in the bottle help you get back on track 👌🏽!!

Good luck with your studies! Hopefully this can help you out with feeling a little less overwhelmed and unable to take in information this finals season 📚📓📝👌🏽✨!!


“Capture the Wind” Jar Spell

An elemental bottle spell to bring the energy and wind into your practice. Very good for divination, empowering wishing and creativity spells, and boosting one’s own energy.

Originally posted by theworldisworthagif

You Will Need:

 💨 A jar with a lid
💨 Fluorite
💨 Amethyst
💨 Lavender
💨 Dandelion (preferably seeds or fluff)
💨 Rosemary
💨 Oregano 
💨 Cotton Balls
💨 Incense of your choice (or rather the ashes from incense)
💨 Wind or a breeze


💨 Cleanse your jar and yourself before starting the spell, center and ground if needed

💨 In your jar add your herbs one at a time. Only fill about a 1/3rd of your jar, leave plenty of room in it.

💨 Add your incense ash then your cotton balls on top in a layer

💨 Add in your gemstones on top of the herbs.

💨 If you are not already outside, go outside. If you are unable to for whatever reason, open your window as far as it will open. 

💨 Hold the jar (still open) in both of your hands and hold it out before you. Close your eyes and feel the wind through your hair, how it billows your clothing and brushes your cheeks. Visualize the energy of this wind as it blows about you. In your mind focus it swirling about your jar and into it, whether it is like a strong current or a tornado doesn’t matter; visualize it however you wish.

💨 “Wispy wild winds, lend me your energy, I ask you for your aid, to charge this jar with your swirling, free energy.” repeat as needed or desired.

💨 Once you feel your jar is properly charged with wind seal the jar tightly.

💨 Recharge it monthly with the wind or near an open window.