lavender farms


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Lavender Sunrise by Antony Spencer

I visited a lavender farm for the first time last weekend.
The only air I ever want to breathe from now on is the breeze blowing in from lavender-scented fields.

Sometimes the most important thing in a whole day
is the rest we take between two breaths.
~ Etty Hillesum

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wow just realized how Niche my fuckin mom is. She’s a realtor with a lavender farm that she rents out as a B&B. On the side she sells her homemade lavender soap and has an antiques shop on etsy. She rereads classic victorian novels over and over in her free time. wow. 


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A word of advice to all would-be kitchen witches

When you see a recipe that calls for lavender, do yourself and anyone else who partakes of it a favor and make sure you use culinary lavender.

There’s like 40 different cultivars (types) of lavender, and only some of them are meant to be eaten. The others, while they smell delicious, may not give you the kind of lavender flavor you’re looking for; they may be either too faint or too strong.


someone whose aunt owns a lavender farm