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Day 5 of #31DIYsTilHalloween: Blair from Soul Eater! I wore her to #ottawacomiccon in May and it was so much fun to bring her back out for Halloween!

For this cosplay I wore black spandex bike shorts, my favorite black velvet shrug, that faux leather crossover halter top you guys have seen a million times, my Venus Cage Bra from @agashibychristinao (thanks again babe!), my crescent moon choker from @sixfeetdeep_ (use coupon code “SCREAMQUEEN” for 13% off your order!), @pleasershoes PVC thigh high platform boots, my 20" Petite Josephine corset, and my DIY Blair hat!

I’ve gotten tons of questions about how I made the hat and I wanted to do a tutorial but there’s no way I’m taking that thing apart and putting it back together. I’ve been making giant witch/scarecrow hats for different cosplays for years and it becomes really easy after awhile! I made it almost exactly the same way I made my scarecrow hat from Day 4 (see earlier posts for that one).
I started with a wide brim black felt hat and built a base with newspaper and plastic bags, duct tape and pins. I wrapped black cotton fabric around the outside and pinned it in place. The spiral is made from gardening wire and duct tape, it took a couple hours to get it positioned the way I wanted it. You really have to just mess with it and keep reshaping everything until it looks the way you want! The white band is white scrap vinyl and black paint, pinned in place. And that’s it!

Let me know what you think of Day 5!

Miss Washington (Laurens X Reader)

WC: 1239

AU: Hamiltime

Warnings: None. Just awkward flirting and fluff

“Mother. Can you somehow convince father to let me stay upstairs? You know I hate balls.” I said, tugging irritatedly on the lavender corset that accompanied my dress. “Y/N, you know that your father and I love you very much.” My mother said, placing her hands on my shoulders, straightening up the necklace I wore. I let out a sigh of annoyance, sitting down on my bed. “Clearly not enough to let me stay away from the ball tonight.” I muttered, folding my arms over my chest. “Y/N Y/M/N Washington. This ball is a celebration of your father’s military achievements. The least you can do is show up. You are dressed, after all.” My mother said and I let out a sigh of defeat, knowing that my mother would keep arguing until I agreed. “Fine. But only because I love you two.” I said quietly and my mother cheered, placing a swift kiss on my cheek. “And I love you. Now, let’s get downstairs. Your father will be waiting.” She said and I nodded, taking her hand and rising from my bed. “Who, may I ask, will be coming to this event?” I asked, nervously tucking a stray curl behind my ear. “You know your father. He will have most likely invited the entire state of Virginia, and then the entire Continental Army on top of that.” Mother said and I groaned, pausing at the top of the staircase. “Father does have a habit of outdoing others.” I said and my mother nodded, pressing a kiss to my forehead. “I know sweetie. The Schuyler’s will be here, so you’ll have some friends at least.” She said and a half-smile crossed my face. “I have been meaning to catch up with Angelica. We’ve been writing papers about women’s rights under pseudonyms, but we haven’t decided whether to publish them.” I said and my mother chuckled, linking her arm with mine. “You truly are your father’s daughter. Now, let’s go.” She said and my smile stretched. I held my head up high as I made my way down the staircase with my mother, and as soon as we were in view of the ballroom I felt like every eye was on me. We reached the bottom of the staircase and my mother kissed my forehead once more, letting go of my arm. “I’m going to look for your father. You look stunning Y/N.” She whispered before walking away, leaving me alone in a sea of people who all looked vaguely familiar. I walked through the crowd, making sure I kept my head up high. I suddenly heard a voice call my name that sounded very familiar. “Y/N!” Angelica called from across the room, drawing the attention of many people, including me. “Angelica!” I called back, making my way over to her through the multitude of people in the room. I pulled her into a tight hug, laughing as I did so. She let go of me and looked me up and down, a smile on her face. “You look incredible! Is that a new dress?” Angelica asked and I nodded enthusiastically. “It is. Mother bought it for me specifically for tonight.” I said and Angelica nodded, smiling as she did so. “Martha chose well. Your mother is a good woman.” She said and I smiled, blushing a little bit. “That she is.” I replied, thinking about how she managed to get me down here tonight. “Come, let’s get a drink. You look like you could use one.” Angelica said teasingly and I laughed, throwing my head back. “You are certainly right.” I said, linking my arm with Angelica’s as we made our way over to a table ladened with glasses of wine. “To a wonderful night.” Angelica said, raising her glass in the air. “Here here.” I replied, raising my glass in response. I took a sip of the wine, feeling the taste flood my mouth. We moved away from the table, clutching the stems of our glasses. We sat down on a bench on the side of the ballroom, watching the people dance. “So, Miss Washington, have you found a man to court yet?” Angelica asked, and I nearly did a double take. My cheeks went red and Angelica chuckled. “Angie, you’re as bad as my mother.” I muttered, taking a sip of my wine to mask the colour of my cheeks. “I apologise, but it is a legitimate question Y/N.” Angelica said and I sighed, setting my glass down beside me. “To both my parents’, and clearly your, dismay, I have not.” I said and Angelica looked at me, her eyes screaming really? I chuckled nervously, scratching the back of my neck. “It’s true!” I exclaimed and Angelica laughed. I went to say something but she silenced me with a look. “Looks like that may end soon.” She whispered and I arched an eyebrow at her. “Excuse me miss, but may I have this dance?” A male voice asked and I turned my head, studying the man in front of me. He had dark curly hair that was pulled back, and his face was dusted with freckles. His eyes sparkled in the candlelight, and he wore the uniform of a Continental soldier. “You may.” I said, smiling at him and taking his outstretched hand. I glanced over my shoulder briefly and saw Angelica smiling at me, giving me a double thumbs up. I rolled my eyes at her behaviour and looked over at the soldier leading me onto the dance floor. “My name is Y/N Washington.” I said, offering him my hand. His eyes lit up with something unrecognisable and he took my hand, kissing my knuckles. I felt a jolt of excitement run through me at the contact, but I pushed it down. “John Laurens. It’s a pleasure to meet you Miss Washington.” John said and I let out a small gasp. “I’ve heard your name before. My father speaks very highly of you.” I said and John’s cheeks flushed pink. “Yet I have not heard anything of you, Miss Washington.” John said, a teasing tone in his voice. I averted my eyes briefly, feeling my cheeks heat up. “Are you going to dance with me or not, Mr Laurens?” I said and John’s eyes widened for a second. “Why of course. And you know, you can call me John. Mr Laurens is my father.” John said and I chuckled, nodding my head. “John it is. If that’s the case, call me Y/N.” I said and John nodded. “Well, Y/N, shall we dance?” John asked, gesturing towards the dance floor with his hand. I giggled a little and muttered something under my breath. “Did you say something Y/N?” He said and I looked up at him, noticing flecks of gold in his hazel eyes. “I did, actually. I said, I apologise for being forward.” I said and John looked at me quizzically, arching an eyebrow. I pressed a kiss to his cheek and his jaw dropped a little. “I know that was improper seeing as we aren’t courting, but you just looked so cute.” I said, mumbling the last part. John smiled sheepishly and tucked a loose curl behind my ear. “I don’t care much for propriety. Now, let’s dance, shall we?” John whispered and I nodded eagerly, feeling my cheeks flush. “We most certainly shall.”

Golden Hair // Kylo x Reader AU

Summary: The girl with golden hair, captured at birth from her parents, the king and queen’s lives remains missing. Raised by Mother Gothel, an old hag, uses the golden tresses that contain a certain magic to keep her ageless. The girl remains unware of the situation, in her eyes, her mother being the one care in the world. She has been shielded from the outside world for eighteen years precisely. However, her world gets flipped upside down on her eighteenth birthday when a stranger enters her hideaway…

As the title suggests, this is a Rapunzel AU with Kylo as Eugene/Flynn Rider and the reader as Rapunzel. This will be a multiple part imagine, so please bear with me. I’m sorry I haven’t been active recently, school and work has gotten the best of me lol. But, I’ll be on here on and off throughout the days, so trying to catch me will be hard hehe. Anyway, about the imagine I had to elimate some parts of the actual story because this imagine would get too long and tedious to read. I plan on making this imagine about two to three parts long, so uploads will be quite requested I presume haha.  Enjoy the imagine!

The two brawny men towered over the more petite, yet muscular dark haired thief. As they crept through the inner streets of the kingdom, they ducked at the sight of every guard. Wanted posters of the three men’s faces were nailed to every tree nearby as the raven locked man rolled his eyes. Ripping a poster off a tree, he points to the distinct facial feature that basically protrudes off the paper. “Five years of theft and they still can’t get my nose right!” he scoffs as he wrinkles the paper up in his calloused hands, shoving it in his depleted leather satchel.

Grabbing him by the shirt collar, one of the ginger haired men spits, “Who cares about the damn nose. Keep yourself focused on what we came here for. The lost princess’ crown!” As he lets his collar go, he slaps the back of his head, the raven locked man wincing.

As the two gingers walk away, Kylo whispers profanities under his breath about how stupid the two were. The Hux twins hired Kylo because they both knew he was the best as his job. The poor boy had a complicated past, affecting him in the present day that inspired him to take up a lifestyle of thievery. His life consisted of running away from the castle guards and constantly moving living spaces. Kylo believed that being a thief would bring a sense of excitement to his life, but it only brought regret and longing for a new beginning.

Climbing onto the kingdom’s rooves, the view is unlike anything Kylo has seen before. The ocean was a shimmering sapphire as the sun’s golden rays beamed down, causing the waves to seem as if they were on fire. The lush green grass waved as the summer breeze flew through his hair. “Wow, I could get used to a view like this,” he breathes out, folding his arms.

“Nice try, buddy. Let’s go,” Armitage grabs his collar, dragging him away once more.

Running around the confined area, you scurry to clean up the last remanence of your daily routine of painting, flowing gold hair trailing behind you. You covered up your mural of the dream you’ve had since a child. The floating lights. What you would do to see those floating lights. And that was your mother’s greatest fear.

A little back story on the golden girl. Your birth. The kingdom rejoiced when you were born, you being the daughter, the first born child, of the king and queen. Now, your birth was a risky thing, it had the potential to kill the queen due to her falling very ill before your birth. But, there was legend of a magic flower birthed from the sun that had the power to cure the sick and heal the wounded. The kingdom was torn apart until this magic flower was found. Once it was, it was taken immediately to the queen to be ingested to heal not only her, but you, the child. When you were born, you were a beautiful baby girl, with gorgeous golden hair that harvested the power of the flower. Many were unaware of that notion, except Mother Gothel. Mother Gothel knew the magic of the flower and used its power to make her look youthful again. When the flower was taken from her grasp, she knew she had to get it back if she wanted to remain youthful. A few nights after you were born, she snuck into the castle and attempted to snip your golden locks to gain back the power. Instead, the golden tousles turned a deep brown, its magic gone. The only way to repossess the magic was to kidnap the child. And so she did.

The kingdom went on a mad search for you, tearing down the entire land to find the princess. But there was no luck. Years went by and with every birthday, they sent floating lanterns up into the sky in hopes that one day their princess would return.

You were unaware of the entirety of the situation, believing that this was your life since birth.

“(Y/N)!” you heard her melodic voice call. “Let down your hair!”

Looking at your shoulder, your pet chameleon tenses and changes colors to match your lavender dress. You giggle, glancing out the window to see your mother draped in her black velvet cloak, the August sun beaming down on her ringlets. “Coming, Mother!” you call down before throwing your tresses down as she grips onto them, you mustering up all your strength to pull her up safely into the tower.

As she climbs in, you mentally prepare your speech to her in your head about why she should let you see the floating lights. “How are you, my flower? Were you alright while I was gone? Anyone come to bother you?” she interrogates you as you shake your head no. “Good. Glad to hear it.”

Breathing out, you speak, “Mother, did you forget?” She turns around and furrows her eyebrows. “Today is my birthday.”

Processing what you spoke, she bursts out laughing. “Oh darling, I distinctly remember your birthday was last year!”

“That’s the funny thing about birthdays,” you bite your lip. “They’re kind of an annual thing…” you trail off as she brushes her hair in the mirror. “Anyway, for my birthday this year, I was wondering…”

“Darling, I can’t do anything anymore. Your mummy is feeling a little worn out,” she speaks over you as your subconscious tells you to just say it.

Sighing, you blurt, “I want to see the floating lights!” You immediately notice your mother’s figure tense as you regret saying that.

As she turns to face you, she chuckles. “The what?”

You walk towards the mural you completed just minutes before. Tearing down the curtain, you reveal your masterpiece that is decorated with a navy blue sky and speckled with golden circles of light. “For years, I’ve been tracking down the floating lights. Every year on my birthday they appear and only on my birthday,” you explain as she watches with a slightly concerned face. “I can only feel as if they are made for me.”

The two of you stare at each other before she says, “No. I won’t have it.”

You feared she would say this. “Mother, I’m eighteen now. I can handle the outside world,” you plead.

“The outside is dangerous and will exploit your powers beyond your imagination. That is final and the absolute end of this conversation,” your mother says as you groan.

Hoping down from the platform, you follow her across the room. “Please, just for me. Just for today!” you plead for her as she rejects all of them. “Why won’t you just trust me that I can handle myself?!”

“(Y/N), you are never leaving this tower! Ever!” your mother screams at you as you were taken aback. You gulp and slowly retract your failing hands behind your back, biting your lip timidly now. This is not the reaction wanted from your mother on your birthday- the most anticipated day of the year for you. “Great, now I’m the bad guy,” she rubs her temples, flopping into an armchair.

The two of you sit in silence for a little while longer; you could cut the tension with a knife. You play with the little lavender lace on the corset of your dress, fingering the fabric to seem as meek as possible. Looking up shyly to meet your mother’s gaze, you timidly speak, “Mother? You know what I really want for my birthday?” She looks up, still looking annoyed. “That white paint you made from the shells from the beach?”

Sighing, she speaks, “That was a four day trip, two there and two back.”

“I know, but it’s something I really want,” you bite your lip as she sighs, giving in to your pleads.

For the next few minutes, you help her pack a bag for her journey as well as some fresh clothes. Sending her down from the tower, you wish her luck on the journey. “Be safe, Mom!” you call.

She smiles from below. “I love you, my flower!”

“I love you more,” you smile.

“I love you most,” she teases as you giggle. “I’ll be back in four days time.”

Sitting alone with Pascal, you become completely bored, pacing around your room performing mindless task. If only there was something, someone, you could talk to.

Running through the brush with Dumb #1 and Dumb #2, Kylo’s breath is uneven. “The palace guards are on our tail,” Kylo looks back to see a whole squad of red suits on dashing white steads. “If we don’t pick up speed, they’re sure to gain on us even more so.”

The two burly guys look around until there is a huge stonewall blocking the further pathway. “Alright King Kong, lift me up and I’ll pull you guys up after,” Kylo says as the two gingers look at each other.

“What about the crown?” Armitage acknowledges the satchel that Kylo carries with a prized possession.

“I’ll take it. Once I get up there, I’ll get it to you guys,” Kylo explains as he hears the neighs of horses not too far behind. “Come on, let’s go!”

Pulling up his more athletic figure, Kylo is pushed above the stone wall by Armitage and Mitaka. Once he gets to the top, Kylo brushes himself off as he straightens himself. “Now, let us up!” one of them calls.

“Sorry, boys,” he waves the crown in his hand. “I have some cash to redeem.“

Running off, he hears the boys screaming after him and the clattering hooves on the grass floor of the forest. The screams of the palace guards echo off of the trees as the thief slyly makes his way around every obstacle thrown at him. As they get closer and closer to him, Kylo is pressed for time. However, from the corner of his eye he sees a moss covered clearing that we conceal him from the guards. Quickly, he dashes in there as the guards run past him.

He exhales a sigh of relief. Turning around, a huge stone tower about fifty feet tall towers behind him. Lush green grass surrounded the area with a clear pond off center. He knew he had to act fast or his life would be in danger.

What could possibly go wrong?

Christine as Marguerite!

So… coincidentally, I was working on coloring this when the news about the Phantom TV show broke…

Took a bit of inspiration from the costume used in the 1925 movie, but other than that I wanted to keep the design sweet and simple. I also kept in mind the same concept I had for Siebel’s design, in that it is a Victorian interpretation of Germanic fashions and meant to be more costume than historical fashion played straight. 

The other color addendum is that I really wanted the skirt to be a darker, more olive shade of green but for some reason that particular marker is awol and I haven’t seen it in months. I took a chance on the willow green which I personally still like as far as the drawing goes, but I just want the record to show that it’s absolutely not meant to be a pastel color scheme. 

The costume consists of white peasant blouse, a dusty hued lavender corset with brown piping and a green wool skirt with a floral motif because I thought some congruence with her and Siebel’s costume would be fun. 

See other Leroux designs here.


Blooming Pink Cheeks!

Was inspired by the makeup look I saw on quite a lot of fashionable young women when I was in Tokyo recently. 

Instead of eyes or lips, they favored a rather exaggerated flushed cheek as the focal point of their makeup. But it wasn’t just a case of slapping on a load of blusher. There’s a specific look where they mimic a glowy, radiant effect and the blush color is intense but not heavy or dark looking. If you’re extremely fair-skinned, you just need to apply a very neon-colored blush over face powder.

Extra Tip: Bring your blush just a tiny bit in closer towards your nose than usual. This helps exaggerate that cute wind-blown, doll-like effect, instead of the typical blush along the cheekbones.

If you’re not porcelain (and most of us aren’t), you can imitate that effect easily by applying a matte or semi-matte pale highlighter or blush as a color base for a brighter, more intense blush to “float” and look more color-true on top of it. If you own those multi-color blushes with a paler shade, that’s perfect for this use.

Products used: 

Foundation: Clinique Repairwear Laser Focus Makeup 04

Concealer: MAC Studiofinish Concealer NW20

Setting powder: ClearLast powder in Medicated Ochre

Shadows: Benefit Groovy Kinda Love kit 

Liquid Liner: Heroine Make Impact Liquid Liner

False lashes: Diamond Lash flared half-strips (cut full strip lashes if you can’t find half strips)

Mascara: Maybelline Great Lash Mascara

Blush (pale): Etude House Face Color Corset #2 Lavender Fit

Blush (intense): Mitsuyoshi Tonoko Powder in 2P - try a hot pink like MAC Peony Petal (pictured above) or NYX Pinky

Lipliner: Givenchy Lip Pencil #3

Lipstain: Benefit Benetint (apply a little clear balm over for some extra sheen if you want)

O King of Cats- Part Two

Title: O King of Cats

Pair: Kadam

Summary: Alternative S3. Kurt arrives at NYADA early for his audition and gets an impromptu tour. At the end, she takes him to a play, where Kurt is blown away by the blond playing Tybalt.

lovejoybliss always gives prompts that turn into multichapter fics.

Part One

Part Two

“Patti Lupone? Really?” Adam leaned forward, his fork forgotten in his hand. “In your vocal range… That must’ve been fantastic.”

“I sure didn’t look fantastic.”

Kurt let out a high, pearly laugh, and Adam almost died.

Adam had felt a little unsteady, a little blind-sided when he’d come out of the stage door to see Kurt’s bright, earnest face. He was a profusion of effulgent energy. And nerves, and vulnerability, and bewitchingly graceful features. Adam was bewitched. 

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