lavender clarkson

Lavender & Sky | After training

It is after their private training, and Sky waits around the corner for Lavender to return. When he hears footsteps, he leaps out from behind the corner and puts his hands on her shoulders, shouting “Boo!” Then he subsides in to childish giggles. Once he’s recovered, he motions for her to follow him and starts walking back to the elevator to go to the seventh floor. “So,” he says conversationally, “How did your training session go? 12 for sure?” He smiles playfully, knowing that what she had done would have had to be pretty spectacular for her to get a 12. Even he only expected a 7 or so, that is if they got over the shock factor.

Swirling Colors and Pretty Lights

Lila had wanted Lavender to go after Cora, she had wanted her to at least make a dent in the girl’s momentum.  And yet as the career cut Lavender’s stomach, Lila could already feel like once again her tribute had lost the battle.  Slowly her head started to hurt in a way that she hadn’t had in years, but she brushed it off knowing that she needed to watch this.  Cora sliced open Lavenders throat, and Lila felt like she was going to be sick and ran for the hallway.  On her way out she heard the cannon, and she slowly closed her eyes to block the tears from falling.

Lila opened her eyes and was surprised at what she saw.  She had been told that it would be impossible for her to go back, and yet somehow she found herself there again.  Lila was inside a painting of some sort, but it was alive, moving.  A black streak there, on an orange background, seemed to beckon to her, wanting her to follow.  Slowly she took a step, a rainbow rippling out from underneath her bare foot.

Lila walked down the hallway, a glazed and faraway look in her eyes. Nobody thought anything about it, she had lost both of her tributes in a matter of about 24 hours.  Mentors were known to act a little strange when that happened it was nothing new.  But people tended to avoid her anyway.  Slowly she walked, almost like she was following something.  But it was unknown as to what. 

The streak continued to tease Lila, who smiled trying to catch it.  Around her a light purple and bright blue danced around with each other, spiraling, twirling, looping.  Something about them seemed familiar and sad, but Lila wasn’t sure what, she had never actually seen them before.  And yet they seemed to want her to join them, in their dancing.  One of the blue swirls grabbed her arm, having a grip that was surprising for a color.  And Lila wanted it to let go.

Lila kept walking, though it was clear she had no true direction of where she was going.  A Peacekeeper saw her and was a little concerned, considering that she had seemed a lot saner even the day before.  There was something almost too calm about her face, her whole personality was too calm, and her eyes were too far away.  “Miss Frost?” he asked, grabbing her arm.  And then gasped as she looked at him.  Her eyes were no longer gazed over but instead ice cold, looking like she intended to kill him, almost robotic.  There was nothing human about them. 

Lila twisted her arm away, easily freeing it from the colors, however they were not as forgiving. Suddenly they were all around her, pulling her in every direction. A man’s face flashed, before being seemingly painted over. The orange was getting darker, the other colors brighter. Lila had to get away.

“Miss Frost?” The Peacekeeper asked, obviously more scared than official, “Are you alright?"  Lila didn’t answer but kept staring, before kneeing him in the groin and jamming her elbow into the back of his neck.  Her eyes flickered for a second as she watched him fall onto the floor, his helmet getting knocked off in the process.  Her eyes burrowed into his soul as she stepped on his stomach, and knelt taking the gun out of his holster. 

The colors suddenly let go, letting Lila start walking again.  They were still right beside her, but not as intense they had been.  She started walking again when she heard a loud bang.  A bright green light suddenly flashed in the sky and she smiled.  It was just like the fireworks that that the Capitol loved to set off.  It was pretty, and she smiled, enjoying the sudden surprise.

"Lila Frost what is going on?” the man yelled from the floor, still trying to find a way to get up.  The Peacekeeper started to push himself up as Lila walked away, his gun in her hand, her finger on the trigger.  “You are under…” he started before being knocked back down to the floor.  The Peacekeeper looked down to see a pool of red forming on his crisp white uniform.  He knew that he wasn’t going to last long, and started to finger his walkie-talkie.  But another shot rang out and the bullet flew through his forehead.  Lila hadn’t looked or aimed either time.

The lights disintegrated the background from orange to a soft green, like she was walking on some meadow.  There were twinkling lights of deep purple and yellow laughed beneath her feet.  It has been about five and a half years since Lila had last danced, but she couldn’t help herself.  She spun around the two swirling colors of blue and purple swirled around her.

The gunshots had drawn a lot of attention as 4 peacekeepers ran into the hallway.  But all they could see was the now dead Peacekeeper and Lila who looked more and more demonic by the second, gun in her hand.  It took mere seconds for them to figure out what happened.  Slowly they circled around her, knowing that rumors had said something similar had happened with her before.  They slowly closed in, figuring that she might not know what was going on when she shut her eyes, spun around and shot 4 times.  Her aim wasn’t the best as she spun, hitting 2 of them in the leg, one in the shoulder and one in the heart, killing him within seconds.  And while they were down she started to run.  Not looking where she was going, Lila tripped over the now dead Peacekeeper and fell into his blood, completely covered in it, and got up and kept running.  Nobody chased after her.

The black smudge that she had seen earlier reappeared, easier to see against the green than it had been the orange.  Lila tried to run after it but twisted her ankle and tripped.  Looking down at herself she realized that she was still surrounded by paint, as she was now covered head to toe in bright green.  Looking forward she could still barely see the smudge and still tried to reach it.  But finally it stopped.  Lila caught up to it but it disappeared the moment that she touched it, like a rainbow would when you tried to grasp it.  And suddenly she was flying.

Lila ran into the elevator door and then pushed the button as she waited.  It took a few seconds before she was inside and instinctively pushed the 7 button.  For the first time in years Lila wasn’t afraid that the elevator would trap her, but from the look in her eyes it was easy to tell she had no idea where she was.

The flying stopped and Lila started walking again, her green feet making ripples in the now pink world.  The pink frustrated her, and she moved faster, coming up to a door.  She opened it and walked in, the room looking just like her house in District 7.  Slowly she went through to the bathroom, determined to get the green off of her.  She went into the bathroom and turned on the shower.  The water was cooler than normal, but she didn’t mind.  Slowly the green started to wash away.

Lila opened the door to her apartment, but forgot to close it, and made her way to the bathroom.  Setting the shower to the coldest setting she got in, fully clothed and just stood there.  Her eyes closed, leaning back against the wall.

Lila couldn’t figure out why the blue and purple colors were still with her, figuring that they should have left by now.  Suddenly they attacked her aiming for her head.  Lila felt like her brain was on fire and slowly everything went black.

Lila screamed and held her head, as if there was a knife cutting it’s way through her brain.  And then she collapsed, head hitting the soap dish, cutting it open.  The ice cold water continued to pound on her skin, and slowly she started shivering.

Wake-up Call

The phone wouldn’t stop buzzing, to which Lila could not tell if it was a good thing or a bad thing. Sure she had specifically asked if anything happened with her tributes while she was away from the tables to be alerted, but it was 5 in the morning. There was no way that either of them could have been stupid enough to go out by themselves. Lila grabbed the phone and forced herself to roll out of bed, hoping that whichever one was doing something important would do it fast.

“This better be worth it,” Lila grumbled, turning on the television to see that Skylar was coming up on the girl from District 2, she hadn’t bothered learning the girl’s name. But Lila did remember specifically warning the tributes about her. Something didn’t feel right at the moment, Cora was the one tracking Skylar, Skylar was being louder than he should, louder than anyone who grew up around the forests of District 7 would ever walk.  Lila had warned him specifically about this, the getting lazy.  And she realized the girl too.  Fully awake Lila was not looking forward to fight that would follow.  Because it was obvious that being with Lavender had caused him to forget what she had told him.  No allies, because they make you weak.  And here it was happening right in front of her eyes.  In a flash Cora was on top of him.  And already she forced herself to

Lila watches the girl taunt Skylar, but was a little puzzled to where Cora had pulled the relationship card out of.  Never in public had her tributes been friendly to each other, Lila had made sure that would happen.  The only time they were friendly was behind closed doors, and she had kept that at a minimum.  Even if it meant pulling a drunk Skylar out of Lavender’s room.  A drunk Skylar, who though even though he probably could have made no effort to start anything with Lavender.  Their relationship was too sibling-like for them ever to date.  Even if they hadn’t been reaped Lila didn’t see it happening.  Of course Lila wasn’t entirely convinced he was interested in girls anyway, nor did she care.  All that mattered was him getting out alive and it didn’t seem like that was as nice of a possibility as she had thought.  So far both of them had lasted 5 days, which was longer than normal for her, but it still wasn’t enough for Lila to shake the uneasy feeling she was getting.

But what concerned her the most was the fact he wasn’t resisting it.  Lila had taught him to get out of being pinned, and she could tell that he wasn’t remembering it.  “Fight back you idiot!” she yelled as the girl from District 2’s knife started cutting into his throat, causing Lila to suddenly go dizzy.  Lila could tell it was over, and wanted so desperately to look away, but couldn’t find herself able too.  Every centimeter she watched go into his neck, the blood bubbling out of the wound, she could practically feel in her own neck. And yet the last words he said were so perfect, and even as he died Lila couldn’t help but smile. So this is what it’s like to fail she could feel herself thinking, pretty sure this was the last time she would allow herself to find out what it felt like.  Tributes were easier to loose when you didn’t care at all.  And the next year, there was no way she was going to let herself care at all. 

Lila stood, waiting for the cannon, knowing that it was probably going to go off any second.  Until she heard that she couldn’t believe that Skylar was gone.  He was the one that was supposed to come out, the one that Lila had given advice to past the arena.  And he was there lying on the ground, his life slowly leaving him.

The silence was shattered by Lavender who was instantly at his side.  Lila’s eyes narrowed, knowing that if it wasn’t for that little girl Skylar would still be alive.  Of course Lila would still be keeping her promise and helping her get out, but afterwards she was sure that Lavender would wish that they had never met.  Lila could see the he was motioning for her to take his stuff, which was smart, especially since the girl hadn’t been smart enough to take the axe that Skylar had so lovingly possessed.  And then writing in his own blood on her hand for her to win.  Lila had purposefully never seen how deep their relationship went.  And she especially did not like the way it made her eyes water.  A lone tear found its way down her cheek and she brushed it away quickly, watching as Lavender made him look a little presentable, before taking his axe and leaving.  “At least your smart enough to make her suffer,” Lila grumbled to Lavender, knowing who she would go after next, “you’re all I’ve got missy, you let me down you don’t want to know the consequence.”

The cannon went off he was gone.  And slowly Lila turned away from the screen, trying so desperately not to cry.  She hated crying, and had already done it enough when Harrison’s tribute died.  Lila didn’t want to have to cry for her own.

Lila saw the phone in her hand and chucked it at the television, realizing that she was more angry than anything else.  Angry with Skylar for being too stupid to follow the advice that would have saved his life.  Angry with Lavender for being such a distraction that Skylar had to forget what he had been taught in order to help her.  Angry at herself for obviously not being clear enough on what he needed to do.  Lila noticed that the television was now off, the screen cracked, and she wasn’t exactly sure how a phone could do that much damage but she didn’t care.  Lila was already out the door, not quite sure where she would be going in her pajamas, but she had to go.  She had to find something to get her anger out.  And Lila almost felt sorry about the hospital visit that would come to anyone who attempted to stand in her way.