You know what I find really hurtful about Solavellan? That fact that when Lavellan reaches out to him in sadness, he wards her off as though his life depends on it.

Even when she is no longer reaching for him, he is guarding himself against her sadness.

But he does nothing to guard himself from her anger.

The most he does is windmill his arms the very first time she shoves him, and after that he just sticks a leg out to brace himself. But he allows her to shove him. Again and again.

He takes her physical attack with nothing but a sad expression.

But her sadness causes him to put up a panicked guard.

Basically, Solas is more afraid of allowing her to touch him in sadness than he is of allowing her to strike him in anger. I firmly believe his resolve would’ve broken if she had managed to grab him. here come the tears

Faded For Her
  • Faded For Her
  • The Feral Lady

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WOW! And after months of leaving this, being too busy, picking at this dissatisfied, I finally sat down and finished it! The verses of elven at the beginning is my poor attempt at incorporating what the spirit says to Solas after you help her. Thanks to @spirrum‘s absolutely bewitching writing and @kallielef‘s magical art, I stayed inspired while doing this. Everyone please check out their blogs, they are beautiful and kind ladies.