laveli litany


uwwwwwww idk anymore. i really want to try watercolor for the first one. but at the same time..watercolors..and finding my slanted well palette again. also what is color digitally anymore… I don’t know whether i want  a huge landscape and the figure on a smaller scale or not..cos i notice i tend to focus on figure yet again

old revamp sheet thing for emile i haven’t made any progress on cos just… i don’t want it to look hella busy by adding all four pegs (far right)

also it took me bit to see the bridge/string set up and that emile’s cavity actually has to be smaller wow. (middle)

emile’s current/most familiar design has many mistakes (far left)

but at the same time i have a hard time letting it go

yet another TS dump

I should just post a proper sketch dump on dA soon but it will be ugly and mismatched like these webcam shots. yep. Really old stuff like Dec 2011.

fem emile or Emiline

Louis Arrow. amg I used to try drawing these figure things like how V1et does it but now like idk how to do anything. or I don’t feel like drawing full body lately.

Idk why i drew Emile creying here. 

wait, it probably had to do with Armand.

why did i draw him smiling too??? whoa mood swing much 

Felix and Dark! Armand kinda floating and showing off their fancy tail coats.

Pysanka told a joke I think cos twig is one nickname Sasson gave Emile?? Emile is the skinny twig and Armand is the bird resting on him. I should color/clean it maybe..

hey guys. :D

idk if my art trade with Chromon is still on… OTL

im stupid and really bad at deadlines.

still not sure if the Art trade is on. and still haven’t finished Secret Valentine.