Hoenn Saga Team Maqubi's Journal Day 23: Because she's HOT HOT HOT!

Ivan Ooze/Melvin Tooz here to record Maqubi’s adventure again. Maqubi battled the rest of the trainers on Jagged Pass and made it to Lavaridge Town. Maqubi made a beeline to the hot springs. She just jumped in without changing her clothes… that’s… probably for the best. I don’t trust Skidds… especially with women… of ANY species. He’s… what do you call it? Thirsty? Thirsty… oh the irony. Maqubi let The Game take nice break in the PC so that she could make room for an Egg that an old lady gave her. An egg huh? This child will be my new younger sibling. I can’t wait. 

Maqubi bought a few Burn Heals at the PokeMart and was getting ready to challenge the gym. The gym was all steamy… it was nice and warm… and the steam didn’t really affect my body at all. This gym was almost paradise to me. This was clearly a Fire-type gym… oh dear, I’ll probably have to fight fellow Slugma… but this is all for the sake of Maqubi. A lot of the trainers were hiding in the warm sand. With this heat, I’m surprised that they’re still conscious let alone still hydrated. The gym trainers weren’t too difficult since Skidds was blowing through all their Fire-types with Water Gun and Mud Shot. There was the occasional non-Fire-type, but that’s because they knew a Fire-type move. It didn’t matter, we still beat them easily. 

Maqubi finally reached the Gym Leader who was named Flannery. Wow… that Gym Leader is pretty… HOT! It’s not because she’s a Fire-type Gym Leader either! No no no… I have Sluckbo… wherever she is right now…. She’s an opponent, I can’t go giddy in the before a major battle!  She was clearly a new Gym Leader since she seemed to try too hard. The battle between Maqubi and Flannery started. Her first Pokemon was Numel, but Skidds easily beat it with Water Gun. Slugma was her next Pokemon, but Skidds’ Mud Shot easily beat it. Flannery’s third Pokemon was Camerupt, and despite Skidds’ superior typing, it might prove a challenge. Skidds’ Water Gun didn’t defeat it immediately, and it used Sunny Day. This could prove troublesome since Sunny Day weakens Water-type moves and strengthens Fire-type moves. 

Flannery used a Hyper Potion on Camerupt and it was back to full health, and with Sunny Day still active, taking it down will be harder. Maqubi knew what to do though, she order Skidds to use Mud Shot. Good idea since Sunny Day doesn’t affect Ground-type moves. Camerupt was defeated, and now it was time for Flannery’s ace in the hole. Her final Pokemon was Torkoal. Skidds attacked with Mud Shot, but he missed completely, almost hitting Flannery. Torkoal used Attract and Skidds became infatuated with it. To be honest, I don’t know who to feel more sorry for, Skidds who became infatuated… or Torkoal who has to deal with the infatuated Skidds…. However, Skidds wasn’t a loose Pokemon, he was able to fight the infatuation and used Mud Shot on the next turn. Skidds was able to hit this time, and a critical to boot, but the Torkoal was still standing. 

Torkoal used Body Slam and luckily didn’t Paralyze Skidds. The effects of Sunny Day ended which is a relief, we didn’t want to deal with a rogue powerful Fire-type move enhanced by the sun, even Skidds might’ve been in trouble. On the next turn, Skidds was feeling the affect of Attract and couldn’t bring himself to attack Torkoal, on the other hand, Torkoal used another Body Slam. Skidds was taking a lot of damage, so Maqubi used a Super Potion, but the Torkoal got a critical on Body Slam, forcing Maqubi to use another Super Potion. Torkoal continued using Body Slam, this time successfully paralyzing Skidds. Maqubi decided the infatuation was a bigger problem than the paralysis right now, so she whipped out a Red Flute and played it to cure Skidds. I didn’t know Maqubi could play the flute… and I didn’t know Red Flutes sounded like saxophones… by the by, what’s “Careless Whisper”? 

Things were getting dangerous for Skidds, but he was able to get one final Mud Shot in and defeated the Torkoal at last! Flannery accepted her defeat and present Maqubi the Heat Badge. She also gave Maqubi TM50 Overheat. Woah… if Camerupt of Torkoal used Overheat while Sunny Day was still in effect… I don’t want to think about it. Maqubi taught it to me in place of Yawn. Great, with this attack, I won’t be losing anytime soon. After leaving the Gym, Maqubi ran into her friend, Brendan. He gave Maqubi a pair of Go-Goggles. Now Maqubi can traverse the desert on Route 111. 

Brendan suggested that Maqubi challenge her father next. He also said that unlike Maqubi, her father was tough and then biked away… prick. Maqubi just stood there wondering what just happened. Maqubi, still confused, walked to the PokeCenter to heal us up. Feeling tired, and maybe a bit feverish from all that steam, we decided to sleep at the PokeCenter tonight. Another day, another badge. Things seem to be going well for Maqubi. Let’s see how well she does against her own father.

Pokemon ORAS Mega Stone

I’m OCD about these, and I finally collected all of the stones, so! I figured I’d write out where to find them.

Abomasite - Route 123, near the Berry Garden.

Absolite - Inside the Safari Zone (north-west region). You’ll need the Acro bike.

Aerodactylite - Once inside Meteor Falls where you find Steven, jump down the ledges, keeping to your left. You will need Waterfall.

Aggronite - From Wanda’s boyfriend in Rusturf Tunnel after Rock Smashing the boulder in the way.

Alakazite - Available as soon as you reach Slateport City. Bottom left side of the market.

Altarianite - Show an Altaria to the person outside the Trainer Fan Club in Lilycove City.

Ampharosite - At the end of the New Mauville cave.

Audinite - From Looker after saving him in a house in the eastern part of the Battle Resort.

Banettite - Summit of Mt. Pyre.

Beedrillite - Inside the Abandoned Ship’s Storage Room in Sea Mauville. You’ll need Dive.

Blastoisinite - Front of the S.S.Tidal.

Blazikenite - From Steven on Route 120 if you chose Torchic as the starter. Otherwise, the stone can be found on Route 114 being sold by a man, north of the bridge.

Cameruptite - Omega Ruby: Given to you by Team Magma Admin Tabitha during the Delta Episode. Alpha Sapphire: Upon arrival at Battle Resort.

Charizardite X - Use Strength to push the boulder near the Fire Stone inside Fiery Path.

Charizardite Y - Go downstairs in the Scorched Slab. The stone is in the bottom left corner. You’ll need Surf.

Diancite - Visit any Pokemon Center with Diancie in your party.

Galladite - From Professor Cozmo in Fallarbor Town after the Delta Episode.

Garchompite - From Aarune inside the Secret Base Club tree-house in Fortree City after reaching the Platinum Rank for collecting flags.

Gardevoirite - From Wanda at her house in Verdanturf Town after Rock Smashing the boulder in Rusturf Tunnel.

Gengarite - Inside an isolated house on the shore of the Battle Resort.

Glalitite - In the center of the Shoal Cave basement during low tide.

Gyaradosite - In a fisherman’s house on Route 123. You’ll need to get here from Mt. Pyre. Talk to the Poochyena to receive the stone.

Heracronite - South-east area of Route 127. You will need Surf.

Houndoominite - Next to the sand bed in Lavaridge Town.

Kangaskhanite - Behind the Pacifidlog Town Pokemon Center.

Latiasite - Omega Ruby: Beat the Elite 4 and visit your Mother in Littleroot Town. Alpha Sapphire: The Latias that joins you after the Southern Island visit is holding it.

Latiosite - Omega Ruby: The Latios that joins you after the Southern Island visit is holding it. Alpha Sapphire: Beat the Elite 4 and visit your Mother in Littleroot Town.

Lopunnite - From the guy wearing sunglasses in Mauville Hills. Talk to him a second time to get this stone.

Lucarionite - Beat all Master Rank Contests as well as Lisia.

Manectite - Just before Cycling Road on Route 110, there’s a path towards the right.

Mawilite - Available during the the story. Bottom left of Route 117 (below the flower garden).

Medichamite - Inside Mt. Pyre, towards the top right.

Metagrossite - In-game: From Steven after beating him again in the Pokemon League. Via event: Use the Mystery Gift option on the home screen of the game to claim a Beldum holding this stone via WiFi. This can be done any time until January 14, 2014.

Mewtwonite X - Bottom left of Littleroot Town, west of the Pokemon Lab. Obtainable after defeating the Elite Four.

Mewtwonite Y - Outside the Pokemon League’s gates.

Pidgeotite - Receive the Intriguing Stone from the little girl in Verdanturf Town (after finding her Shroomish behind the sign) and show it to Mr. Stone in the Devon Building in Rustboro City.

Pinsirite - Dive in the water east of Lilycove City (Route 124).

Sablenite - Outside the Cave of Origin in Sootopolis City.

Salamencite - From Zinnia’s grandmother in Meteor Falls after the Delta Episode. You don’t need Waterfall.

Sceptilite - From Steven on Route 120 if you chose Treecko as the starter. Otherwise, the stone can be found on Route 114 being sold by a man, north of the bridge.

Scizorite - Inside Petalburg Woods, cut the tree blocking the way on the top right and go through there.

Sharpedonite - Omega Ruby: From Matt, Archie’s brother, upon arrival at the Battle Resort. Alpha Sapphire: Inside the Team Aqua Hideout in Lilycove City whilst playing the Delta Episode.

Slowbronite - Give the collector inside the Shoal Cave 4 Shoal Salts and 4 Shoal Shoal Shells.

Steelixite - Go up the slope inside Granite Cave. You’ll need the Mach bike.

Swampertite - From Steven on Route 120 if you chose Mudkip as the starter. Otherwise, the stone can be found on Route 114 being sold by a man, north of the bridge.

Tyranitarite - Jump the ledges down Jagged Pass while keeping to your right.

Venusaurite - Bottom right part of Route 119.

'It's like a Horror Show' (Alex and Satou)

Landing in Lavaridge had been a fairly simple affair. Alex hopped off of his Altaria and returned it to it’s Pokéball, before taking in his surroundings. The scent of the nearby hotsprings caught his attention quickly enough as it rid him of the cold chill that had been going down his body… As he looked around, he noted Mt. Chimney very much nearby, and very much asleep. It was a bit nerve racking either way being so close.

Well, at least it was pretty damn cool too. And the volcanic Hotsprings was a nice touch as well. “Phew… A hotspring is starting to sound pretty good right now… Maybe I should check into a hotel and take a bath… I could probably use one.”

He grinned to himself, nodding at the sense it made before walking towards the Inn. He was almost looking forward to the hot waters. He’d have to see if his Pokémon wanted in as well.