lavaloner-deactivated20120613 asked:

hi. i love your blog to bits, not just because you're eloquent as fuck, but consequently you make me want to care. also, do you go to exeter? you don't have to answer, but i would be thuper happy if you would. thanks for making me more... human, i guess. :)

Hello! I have no idea why but the pop up notification thing didn’t tell me I had a message, I’m so sorry! Oh my lovely, thank you so much :) This is the loveliest message I’ve ever received, and just what I needed right now. So maybe I didn’t see it earlier for a reason, because this timing has been just the ticket.

I do! However, I’m an Exeter student at the Cornwall campus. I’m in Falmouth rather than Streatham, so quite a way away. I do the same course, I think, as the Exeter students, with a handful of the same lecturers, but I’m by the seaaa :D How about you, poppet?