Best foot forward, but don’t you just love swinging the second best foot behind it? There’s simply no comparing the excitement of strutting quickly to a fun engagement or something-anything exciting in beautiful, jaw dropping, and best of all: sturdy shoes. The graceful aura oozing from whatever rush you’re in overwhelms your lungs and with every gasp of the crisp, fresh fall air your motivating essence pervades the urban sidewalk like a makeup removing wipe was just used to eliminate all the grime and dirt of whatever’s leftover from any underground bargain voyeuristic antics that go on during the witching hours of each night that can be found on the city streets. The lovers of night surely live fast but you know you will count every second you have to make your imprints upon this world . You Will Never die as long as you never don’t lose sight of which direction your trotting off to in your rustic peep-toe heels. 🏇 - lavagrantbelle