Conceptual speed paint of my alter ego. Something I’d someday like to revisit in large-format acrylic when I have the time. Inspired greatly by the works of James Jean, an artist who has honestly shaped my current style in many ways. His recent studies of drips really called out to me, especially because my persona is made of molten earth. How could I resist working out a rendition of my own?

PS: O hi tumblr.

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The official trailer for LavaCat, a mobile game from PocketCake, the next generation mobile app development company.

Combining agility and strategy, LavaCat is an action-adventure game in the style of classic platformers such as Super Mario Bros. Each level requires perfect timing when sprinting or jumping and accurate decision making on how to get treats.

LavaCat features 19 levels, unique obstacles and achievements and three minigames, including LavaCat Run (an advanced level of LavaCat that uses forced movement), LavaCat Jump (in which the player guides Lucky up a series of rock platforms) and LavaCat Fly (in which the player pinballs Lucky upward off cat treats using gyroscopic controls).

LavaCat is the first mobile game that allows players to rewind time, a feature meant to be used often, as LavaCat is intended to be challenging. Players are also aided by five powerups, which can be collected in game or purchased. They include Pajamas that are immune to lava, Big Paws that deflect falling rocks and a Supercape that defies gravity, allowing players to soar through the air.

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