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This balloon sponge is a new undescribed species of carnivorous sponge in the genus Chondrocladia. It is unusual to see it near lava formations, as it is normally found on sedimented abyssal plains. MBARI researchers found this individual in the northwest Pacific, off the Washington/Oregon coast. Carnivorous sponges snare their prey—tiny shrimp-like animals—with barbed hooks that cover the sponge’s branching limbs. Once the sponge has its prey in its clutches, it envelops the animal in a thin membrane, and then slowly begins to digest it.⠀

Djúpalónssandur beach is an awesome place, like so many other places on the Snæfellsnes peninsula. It is like stepping into a lava wonderland. The unique shapes of the lava is dominating the landscape around

This black pebble beach, which is supposedly haunted and houses an elf church (yes, we Icelanders still believe in elves :) ), was the site of a shipwreck that took the lives of fourteen British sailors in 1948. You can still find rusted metal fragments from the accident scattered all over the beach as a reminder.

The beautiful Djúpalónssandur beach at Snæfellsnes peninsula West Iceland with its unique shapes of the frozen lava  dominating the landscape around.

There is a peculiar rock with a hole in it called Gatklettur. Through the hole one can see Snæfellsjökull glacier in the distance

Gjáin in Thjorsardalur area is a lovely lush little valley, full of twisting lava, otherworldy caves and spectacular waterfalls. Gjáin simply means rift, and it was a filming location in Game of Thrones. Lush greenery, waterfalls all around you and beautiful rock formations. Here we are located right by the central highlands of Iceland and one does not expect the landscape to be so breathtaking here.

Here I am late in the evening and the sun has started to disappear behind the nearby mountains


#54: Im Westen der Halbinsel Snæfellsnes liegt Búðir mit seinem wunderschönen  Muschelsandstrand.

  1. Búðavík, und das Lavafeld Búðahraun
  2. Lavaformation im Búðahraun 
  3. Blick vom Hotel Búðir auf die Berge (Örn, Rauðarkúlur, Hrafntinnuborg) das  Búðavík die Bucht Búðaós mit dem Gamli Kaupstaður
  4. Sanddünen am Strand von Búðir

#54: In the western part of the Snæfellsnes peninsula Búðir is located with its beautiful shell sand beach.

  1. Búðavík, and the lava field Búðahraun
  2. Lava formation in Búðahraun
  3. View from hotel Búðir onto the mountains (Örn, Rauðarkúlur, Hrafntinnuborg) the Búðavík, the bay Búðaós with the Gamli Kaupstaður
  4. Sand dunes at the beach at Búðir

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