lava hair

A Haku I drew for an art raffle prize on Instagram!! I’ve always had a fondness for him and this film in general ;u;

Here is an art process GIF of the drawing!! :0

  • "ok everyone, greg bought some cosmetic DLC last night so dont say anything"
  • greg: *walks into class at 6 foot 11 with devil and angel wings, massive glowing lava sword, long beautiful hair, navy beret, ripped as shit* *metallic robot voice* Hey Guys


among the youngest of her family’s lineage, it’s their tradition to use their lava-based magic for benevolent uses like agriculture rather weaponize it as expected. this girl here specializes in growing tea, and she’s pretty comfortable with her farm girl life, rather than jumping to fight crime or save the world. she doesn’t see how her powers and personal philosophy would fit that lifestyle, but sometimes she’s convinced to lend a hand

One of the prompts I was excited to get my hands on from the jump! Definitely partially inspired by that one scene in The Incredibles where Mirage explains how fertile volcanic soil is and how misunderstood volcanos are. The lighting was tricky but I also really want to draw that lava hair again so I’ll figure it out eventually.

Imagine a wizard who summon demons, not for having sex with them or for their destruction power, but just for asking them want they want for once.

“Why have you summoned me, you little mortal ? Do you want i curse your opponent or destroy your ennemies ?”

“No, thank you. You are summoned till dawn, so i wonder what do you want to do tonight ? “


“Do you love cookie? We can make some or do you prefer watching a film ? Maybe a comedy ? Or you are not really into those humans stuffs and you would prefer a  good horn polishing session ? Hair cut ? Lava bath ? Herbal tea ? Corpse digging ? What would you do ? We make what you want.”



It’s odd because it’s not like it’s something that people talk about or admit all the time that they worry about this, yet I see this joke all the time. Interesting the random ways we are connected.