lava wave


staffatrips Staffa looking spectacular in bright sun and with a big swell, July 2017.


Sometimes the best way to appreciate a flow is standing still. In “Hawaii - The Pace of Formation” filmmakers explore how the Big Island is constantly changing, from fresh lava flows to towering waterfalls. Much of the footage presented is timelapse, which gives viewers a different perspective on familiar subjects; it highlights the similarities between clouds and the ocean, and it reminds us that a lava flow and the syrup flowing down a stack of pancakes have a lot in common. To me, this is one of the most beautiful parts of fluid dynamics: physics of flows on different length-scales and time-scales – even in different fluids – are still very much the same. (Video credit: A. Mendez et al.)


Lava and waves of the Pacific Ocean coming together…after dark.

The Fire That Destroys

[evacuate the dancefloor voice] Guess who’s back with a brand new fic that’s gonna make y’all want to kill me quick? 

Summary: Morality bottles up every once of rage and fire. One day, it all breaks.

Warning: Morality goes on a verbal attack of Logan and Roman

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yo not 2 b a downer but think abt all those dead links in botw
like the reality where you died 2 minutes after leaving the shrine of resurrection and zelda only realizes youre not coming after she runs out of energy and hyrule succumbs to ganon or the reality where you die fighting thunderblight ganon and everyone in gerudo town has to watch helplessly as vah naboris destroys their home or the reality where you die trying to calm down vah ruta and the zora erect a statue of you in honor of your valiant effort next to miphas while trying to ignore what they know are the screams of the hundreds of hylians drowning downstream or the reality where you and teba get shot out of the air by vah medoh and the rito children you talk to grow up being taught its too dangerous to fly very high lest you be spotted and killed by medohs guns or the reality where you get killed by vah rudanias guardian scouts and death mountain eventually erupts violently and swiftly smothers all of goron city in a single wave of lava
what about those

you know how at the end of Return of the King frodo and sam have reached the awful end of their journey, they’ve faced the darkest parts of the world and each other and their own hearts and somehow they survived, scarred, but breathing, and they’re so tired and small and now a literal wave of lava is bearing down on their tiny rock and they must face this final indignity, a pain which pales in the face of their trials of Spirit but also, somehow, is the cruelest, the most infuriating, the most unfair, to have gotten through all That only to be physically immolated by this stupid insensate force over which they have no control, from which there is no hope of escape, through which they will ultimately be broken

that’s me getting through the year 2017 and seeing Canon fucking REYLO!!!!!!!!! at the end of it


“You take us to the nicest places,” Garrus says as a wave of lava crashes against a rock and bursts into sparks and droplets of molten ore that fall far too close to her feet for his liking.

He can practically hear Shepard rolling her eyes. Whether it’s at him, or the clear brilliant wisdom of Cerberus at putting a research station inside an active volcano, he isn’t sure. Knowing her, it’s probably both.

Shepard stretches her arms up over her head, leans this way and then that, and sighs. “Anyone else want to see what’s in the big box?” She turns away from the molten river and walks toward the hulking, corroded storage crate behind them. The control panel hack takes her no time at all, and the crate’s damaged enough that the whole thing crumbles apart under the vibration of the opening door.

Garrus closes his eyes and takes a breath. If there were a camera nearby, he’d stare right into it. Of course it’s a vehicle. Of course it’s a vehicle and of course Shepard hasn’t driven one of these before and of course it’s inside a volcano.

Of course it is.

The search for the entrance panel takes longer than it probably should with the three of them all looking - though he isn’t spending all of his time looking at the vehicle, he’s spending most of his search time keeping an eye on the lava. Garrus snaps a picture when Shepard isn’t looking, of her leaning on the Hammerhead while another lava wave crests in the background.

Wish you were here! he captions it, and sends it off to Liara.

Zaeed finally finds the control panel - for some reason underneath the main body - and pops the door. “Shall we?”

There’s no ladder or step, and Zaeed gives Shepard a boost in before climbing up after her.

Garrus adores Shepard, he really does. She’s smart, sexy, kind, great fun in bed, and can nail a headshot two clicks away in a blizzard. Since joining up with her, he’s only had a handful of days he’s regretted leaving C-Sec.

Today, needing to get in a vehicle that doesn’t even seem to have a scope for its cannon, while she drives around the heart of an active volcano looking for random lost packets of Cerberus data - today, he definitely regrets leaving C-Sec.

(Tonight he won’t, when she’s bare underneath him and he ghosts his talons over just the right spot on her upper thigh. But right now he does.)

Shepard sticks her upper body out and tilts her head at him. “You coming?”

Garrus nods and climbs into the car. A cool, dry blast of air immediately hits him, and his armor’s temperature gauge drops to the orange end of red. As Shepard lifts off and the Hammerhead wobbles as she figures out the controls, his omnitool beeps. He looks down at the message.

Have fun! Liara’s sent back.

Garrus sighs and settles into the seat. At least it’s not snow.

bursts through the floor DID SOMEONE SAY MEGA RAYQUAZA
what a saucy dragon it is. it’s got super saiyan sideburns and that’s hella cool

I started this as soon as mega rayquaza was announced, and the only reason it took this long to finish is because it’s so freakin’ huge.
My poor computer wasn’t built for this much photoshop ;-; final file size: 375MB, 10,800x7200px, 36x24 inches (almost a metre long) and painted almost exclusively on one layer. /lies down

Please do not repost this anywhere without permission from me.