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Poor Iggy XD

From L.A.V.A (Ray Chase (Noctis), Max Mittleman (Saitima), and Robbie Daymond(Prompto)) stream. They played Final Fantasy XV with special guest Adam Croasdell who voices Ignis.

Honestly the funniest stream I had ever witnessed. Having the VOs of the game play their own game is always hilarious. Unfortunately they didn’t know how to save the stream (and if they said that from the start I would have recorded it) so instead here’s some stuff I got off my phone.

Luckily a nice fan complied all the clips saved by other fans that day here:


2017 is kicking off with some excitement at Hawai’i Volcanoes National Park. Last week a 22-acre section of a lava delta broke apart and sank into the ocean causing the closing of a viewing area. Now, from the new viewing area, visitors can witness a “fire hose” of lava streaming into the ocean. The molten rock sends huge clouds of steam and gas into the air as it hits the Pacific. It’s a sight you’ll never forget. Photos by National Park Service.


Mercy, the landscapes in this shot are spectacular.

“Nord” is an aerial adventure that was captured entirely on Drone. All footage was captured during a summer trip to Norway and Iceland in august 2016. Despite some weather and timing problems (we really wanted to see everything at once since this is our first trip in such a picturesque paradise) I’m looking forward for a second trip to enjoy the sunsets, auroras, take some hikes in the mountains, shoot some timelapses and make a selfie with a puffin.

I drew this one for some anons who ask me about Bispups!

  • They are three and usually more calm that other kind of gemling, but still same as curious. Is easy to forgot that they are there and that got them sometimes in trouble.
  • Looks like their temper is on check by themselves cause if one of them is upset, the others are quickly to help to make her feel better.
  • Love to be tinkering with Peridot and Pearl stuff because big mama Bismuth don’t let them stay inside the forge since the day one of them go lost in a stream of lava. Garnet found her in a underground cave a week later.
  • Very strong teeth but gently bite. Never had an accident involving one of them hurting somebody.
  • All of them have her gems hidden by their hair, so they got some metal rings for they dreadlocks [steel, copper and brass], so they can be recognized easily and ended to be called by those names.
  • Gem positioning: Back between shoulder blades, nape and neck.
  • Bismuth was the carrier, but I´m not so sure about the sire. Maybe Pearl?
  • Their favorite game is building things. Sand castles in the beach especially.

So I was thinking about divination earlier, and in particular divination in the Zelda series. We know scrying is a thing, as at least two games have ‘fortune tellers’ that use a crystal ball for scrying useful information. So it made me wonder what other types of divination might be present in Hyrule.

Beyond scrying into crystal balls, Hylians probably use mirrors for the same purpose. Perhaps they have tarot and oracle cards, or, in a nod to a bygone era, divine with feathers. I imagine Hylians would have as varied types of divination as we do, maybe even more.

Maybe Zoras divine the waves and ice, the foam breaking against the shore, bubbles below the waters surface. Little cowry shells with runes of ocean depths and churning waves, sands of different colors strewn across lion’s paws and beach wood. Chunks of coral cast like bones, and pearls marked like dice.

Gorons might read lava streams, and break boulders against mountain walls, interpreting the broken pieces and hairline fissures. Do they scry with fire and smoke? Mayhap they read bomb flower leaves to determine the weather, and read lines of molten metal when they’re smithing.

What about the Gerudo? Of course sand is abundant in the desert, and they might divine the windswept dunes and ripples in oasis water. Desert glass from lightning strikes tell the Sand Goddess’s will, and Moldorm trails and Leever pits tell if water and treasure.

I don’t know, just Hyrule divination man

Signs as Words of Nature

Aries: Vernal :: “Relates to or occurs in the Spring, i.e., vernal pool is a temporary body of water usually created in the Spring from runoff. It dries up as the weather gets hotter.”

Taurus: Canopies :: “The highest layer of foliage provided by trees and shrubs in forests and woodlands”

Gemini: Arête :: “A sharp-edged mountain ridge, often between two glacier-carved corries.”

Cancer: Riparian :: “Related to, or having a location on the banks of a natural course of water such as a river or stream.”

Leo: Malpais :: “Land having an underlayer of basaltic lava and little or no soil, or the rough surface of a congealed lava stream.”

Virgo: Herbaceous :: “A green plant that is distinguished from woody plants by being leaflike in appearance and texture”

Libra: Rionnach maoimmeans :: “A Gaelic word referring to the shadows cast on the moorland by clouds moving across the sky on a bright and windy day.”

Scorpio: Detritus :: “Organic waste material produced by the decomposition of dead plants and animals.”

Sagittarius: Moonglade :: “The trace of moonlight on water.”

Capricorn: Boreal :: “Typically the northern region of North America characterized by long harsh winters and short summers. The Boreal Forest, an extensive band of coniferous trees, stretches across the northern latitude of North American and Eurasia.”

Aquarius: Alpenglow :: “A rosy glow that suffuses snow-covered mountain peaks at dawn or dusk on a clear day.”

Pisces: Estuary :: “The point at which a river meets the sea; where salt water and fresh water mix.”


Vision IV: The green scarab went East and I had an inclination to follow. We walked along a road paved with black stones besides which ran a molten stream of lava.

All the houses were black. I knocked on the door of a large black house and a strange creator with a human body and two animal heads answered the door leading me to an interior garden in the midst of which was a large white column. A diety appeared by the white column draped in seaweed and carrying a trident and spoke, “by that column you shall loose yourself”.
Hawaii’s dramatic lava fire hose is back
Just a couple of days after a sea cliff collapsed and cut off a dramatic stream of lava in Hawaii, the so-called “fire hose” is back, pouring molten rock into the ocean. A brilliant stream of angry red lava (named 61g) poured out, prompting officials with the US Geological Survey to warn visitors to keep their distance. The flow doesn’t post any danger to nearby communities, but the USGS’s Hawaiian Volcano Observatory continued to warn visitors to keep their distance. Read more
The Knight of the Sea

this guy doesnt have nearly enough fans, y’all, i swear

i am having so many gotdamn feels about Jinbe right now. I mean, holy shit, he’s the kindest, sweetest, most honorable person in the ENTIRE FUCKING SERIES (and if u try and say im wrong i’ll kick you in the shin)

and i’ll just point to this one screenshot i grabbed to show u why

for some context: luffy just lost his beloved big brother and is practically catatonic, and Jinbe is trying to make sure he lives long enough to get to a doctor, but bitch-ass Akainu is being a bitch and SHOOTS A GODDAMN STREAM OF LAVA THROUGH JINBE’S MOTHERFUCKING CHEST THAT STRIKES LUFFY AND GRAVELY WOUNDS THE FISHMAN.

But not once does Jinbe ever think about his own injuries. His main concern the entire time he’s rescuing Luffy is not self-preservation or getting away from Akainu-

It’s for Luffy.

Even as he’s toppling towards the ice that Aokiji used to cut off a path into he ocean, Jinbe only thinks about the broken, dying boy in his arms.

“Can’t let him get hurt anymore!”

He knows Luffy is dying, not only physically, but mentally as well (from the loss of his brother and his guilt over Ace having died to save him)

his only concern is that Luffy doesn’t get more hurt than he already is.

Because Jinbe knows what it’s like to lose someone who meant the world to you. Someone who was a brother in all but blood, lost to the cruelty of the World Government.

Because Jinbe lost his big brother too

The Hawai’ian volcano that created a spectacular firehose of lava just collapsed
A volcano in Hawai’i was home to a dramatic feature last month: a ‘firehose’ of molten lava that streamed from a hole in a sea cliff into the Pacific Ocean. The creation of the stream was widely reported, and according to the US Geological Survey, the cliff has now collapsed. According to the USGS, the collapse caused “solid and molten fragments of lava and superheated steam exploded skyward, creating tremendous hazard for anyone” who had ignored warning signs. Read more
Up-Close Look at Kilauea's Stream of 'Liquid Rock'

New video from the United States Geological Survey gives an up-close look at the Kilauea volcano lava stream the Hawaii Volcanoes National Park described as a “gushing torrent of liquid rock.”

The lava stream from the Kilauea volcano continues to pour into the Pacific Ocean at the Kamokuna entry point, triggering explosions that throw bits of lava back onto the top of the sea cliff. Lava has been pouring into the ocean since the lava delta there collapsed on December 31, taking part of the sea cliff with it. This eruption of Kilauea, from its Puʻu ʻŌʻō crater, has been ongoing since 1983. Credit: USGS/HVO via Storyful

  • ARTHUR DENT: Shame we lost the towel.
  • FORD PREFECT: What happened to it?
  • ARTHUR DENT: It blew away in the wind. Fell in the river and a stream of lava rolled over it.
  • FORD PREFECT: Hah, it’ll give the archaeologists something to think about - “prehistoric towel discovered in lava flow. Was God a Marks and Spencers sales assistant?”