lava steam


Lava and waves of the Pacific Ocean coming together…after dark.

America’s national parks include some of the most cherished natural landscapes and cultural sites in the world. Today is World Heritage Day and we’re recognizing a unique park with a global profile. Hawai’i Volcanoes National Park is one of the few places on Earth where visitors can safely get an upclose look at an active volcano. Witness powerful natural forces at work as Kīlauea and Mauna Loa (two of the world’s most active volcanoes) continue to add land to the island of Hawaiʻi. Photo by Janice Wei, National Park Service.


Helicopter view of where Kilauea’s lava is entering the Pacific

It’s been a remarkable year for lava activity at Hawaii Volcanoes National Park. The astounding power of nature can be easy seen at lava lakes, surface flows and the Kamokuna ocean entry, where lava is streaming out into the Pacific, creating huge clouds of gas and steam. The lava entering the ocean is beginning to rebuild a large delta, forming new land. While there’s something mesmerizing about the movement of molten rock, visitors should always pay attention to their surroundings and stay out of closed areas as they explore Kīlauea – the world’s most active volcano. Photo by Janice Wei, National Park Service.

okay but this fire apparel has me thinking. 

a fire clan, mostly coatls. you move in next to them and can’t help but notice how nice their metalworking is, even though it’s all weapons and armor. enough to outfit their clan. enough to outfit five clans. but that’s fine, you think, it’s a fire clan. forging is their thing. 

you have a territorial dispute. your coatl neighbors start gifting you pieces of their works - a chestplate today, a helmet tomorrow, a gauntlet the next day. enough to make a few full sets of some of the finest armor you’ve ever seen, each set equipped with at least three blades apiece. but that’s fine, you think, they’re coatls. appeasement is their thing.

one day your dispute pushes into a conflict. in an instant the friendly, accommodating coatl clan is all claws and fire magic. as you prepare to fight, a cloud of steam hisses angrily against hot metal, somewhere behind you. when you look, all of your fine armor sets are alive and there’s acrid smog oozing through the eyepieces and mixing with the steam, and lava dripping through their joints and glowing red hot on their clawtips- these coatls didn’t give you armor. they gave you automatons.

your clan is easily overwhelmed.

a few weeks later, a new clan moves in next to a fire clan, mostly coatls. they move in next to them and can’t help but notice how nice their metalworking is, even though it’s all weapons and armor. but that’s fine, they think. it’s a fire clan. forging is their thing.


2017 is kicking off with some excitement at Hawai’i Volcanoes National Park. Last week a 22-acre section of a lava delta broke apart and sank into the ocean causing the closing of a viewing area. Now, from the new viewing area, visitors can witness a “fire hose” of lava streaming into the ocean. The molten rock sends huge clouds of steam and gas into the air as it hits the Pacific. It’s a sight you’ll never forget. Photos by National Park Service.


Ocean lava entry, Hawaii

anonymous asked:

any advice on how to see dragons? (preferably in the same layout as your post on faerie sight, as someone with adhd I really like how the post looks)

(However, there seems to be less information and sources regarding seeing dragons than there is around faeries…)

Dragons are known to assist in protection and healing magick if they wish to do so. 

How to see dragons:

  • Dragons no longer exist within the material world and therefore can now only be seen with the third eye, if your third eye is not open, I would suggest doing regular meditation.
  • A general way of seeing them is to invite them (although this comes with a warning of opening a beast gate, so it is advised to do a protection spell, shield, or a protective talisman). 
  • Do not give off an impression of dominance or command over a dragon.
  • Put yourself in a state between consciousness and unconsciousness (this can be done through meditation/yoga nidra) when inviting/requesting a dragon, the speech can be simple if you wish to do so.
  • Dragons are not within our world anymore, and so like the fae, are in a different dimension, and crossing into their dimension can be dangerous if you are inexperienced - however, they can cross into our dimension but they will not have a solid material form, and will appear quite ethereal.

There is a general dragon guide on which dragon you would be able to draw more easily towards you according to your element:

  • Capricorn - Earth
  • Aquarius - Air
  • Pisces - Water
  • Aries - Fire
  • Taurus - Earth
  • Gemini - Air
  • Cancer - Water
  • Leo - Fire
  • Virgo - Earth
  • Libra - Air
  • Scorpio - Water
  • Sagittarius - Fire

The second means of determining which Elementals you have the best connection with is through your first name (your birth-name is, like your astrological chart, an energy centre, reflecting the play of certain energies within your life). The vowels of your first name are the keys to determining with which elemental you are most harmonious. The primary vowel in your first name indicates which group of Elementals you can align with most easily. The primary vowel is the one most strongly pronounced

If the astrological element and the name element are the same, it can indicate that you have come to double your work with that group of Elemental Beings and the energies that they work with. If they are opposite, they do not cancel each other out, it means that it is up to you to find a balance between them when you are working with them

The elemental dragons:

  • Air - They are known to be pure yellow, grey, light blue, silver, and white. Air dragons tend to be peaceful and share powerful knowledge once they trust you. They have ability to control the winds and manipulate air in all forms. These dragons are long and slender, have gauzy wings, and may have feather-like qualities instead of scales, as well as actual feathers around their bodies and features. They are associated with the east. Other dragons that may fall under this category include storm dragons, weather dragons, lightening dragons, and wind dragons.
  • Fire - They are known to be pure red, amber, orange, and all shades of flames. These dragons have an obvious fiery nature, but can also be gentle and understand (however, dragons are not predictable). These dragons are thick and heavy and have snake-like necks and tails, as well as wicked horns. Their presence may invoke a sense of warmth. They are associated with the south. Other dragons that may fall under this category include lava dragons, desert dragons, steam dragons, and heat dragons.
  • Water - They are known to be pure blue, dark blue, blue-green, and turquoise. These dragons have a very soothing influence and are attracted to people who have strong emotions, and will not contact those who are not respectful towards their emotions. The dragon’s presence may bring humidity or a colder temperature within the room. These dragons are long and serpentine, and rarely have wings and legs. Their scales have a shimmery hue to them and they often have a feathery fringe around their mouth, they tend to have glowing eyes. They are associated with the west. Other dragons that may fall under this category include ice dragons, mist dragons, and rain dragons.
  • Earth - They are known to be pure green, and every shade of brown and black. These dragons are very quiet beings, and will often observe from a distance before they wish to approach you. They are blunt/honest but are also very nurturing. They tend to have a ridge of sharp scales down their legs and back, and their scales are often reminiscent of armour. They tend to have an enormous wing span and four legs. These dragons love treasure, and in order to have a relationship with them, you should have a jar or a dish of coins. They are associated with the north. Other dragons that may fall under this category include stone dragons, nature dragons, mountain dragons, and forest dragons.
  • Chaos - Their colour is pure black. These dragons are always of dark colour and can blend into darkness, often it will look like they have stars caught in their scales. They tend to be the largest of dragons, have large wedge-shaped heads, and often have spiked tails. Chaos dragons have huge wings that will blend into the night sky and may be hard to make out. They are rarely seen if they do not wish it. Chaos dragons may seem threatening, although they are not completely malicious. They do not act as guardians or guides. They are powerful aids in divination.

Dragons and their colour meanings:

  • Purple - embody the highest level of dragon wisdom, ancient, very judgemental, will often test you; never call upon a purple dragon, they will only visit you - and their visits are random.
  • Silver - they see every perspective and reflections between beings, and inhabit the meridians of the universe.
  • Orange - bring strength, confidence, and bravery. They are quick by nature.
  • Green - will bring lessons and qualities of the material.
  • Brown - masters of physics, shapeshifting, gravity, and the physical form.
  • Blue - intricately linked with illusion, mental awareness, and consciousness. They have a great insight into the etheric plane.
  • Red - they literally eat darkness and transmute it into light.
  • White - pure and graceful, they are often guardians; these dragons can be channelled for healing.
  • Gold - they bring art and music, and speak the language of the heart.