lava springs

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Nice clip of Seljalandsfoss, I like the small stream off to the side.


Combining the Christmas/Northern Hemisphere Winter and VolcanoMonday themes, here’s a trip to Tolbachik volcano, while erupting, in Russia’s Kamchatka.


My proudest creation


Hot springs, lava tubes, hiking, Cliffs, Waterfalls, Mountains, Rocks, geology, ocean, waves, and the spectacular Azores Islands.

This week has been undescribable. As part of the summer school “Biosignatures and the Search for Life on Mars”, I’ve explored the breathtaking nature of Iceland and listened to astrobiology lectures with 40 young scientists from around the world. We have visited volcanoes, lava fields, hot springs, waterfalls, and I’ll blog about those amazing places and people during the summer!
This picture was taken at Goðafoss.

Chess with Death

Today I have played a game of chess with death, so wicked,
And I have seen his true face so different from what I expected–

He is human and middle aged
With eyes that have beheld many wonders

I am surprisingly calm in his presence
Despite the trembling of my hand
Not unlike that of mountains before an avalanche or an earthquake

He smiles at me and says
That life would be nothing without death
We see evidence of this in nature whenever a volcano erupts and lava springs forth from it
Destroying everything in its path
Then hardens into rock,
Tall grasses and flowers bloom up
Soon after

Nothing else is said after this as the game goes on
Death wins of course and I breathe a sigh of relief

We both whisper ‘Not Today’ as he gets up from his seat and walks away

So I just got up, it’s sunday morning here in Belgium and i’m getting ready to watch the last episode of season 11: Lava Hot Springs and i’m thinking:

“This is great…sunday morning…a cup of cocoa…beautiful weather outside…chilling with some Ghost Adventures.”

and the first word I hear

I kid you not

I start playing the episode and the very first word I hear on my beautiful peaceful sunday morning is


God I love this show.