lava springs

Sometimes Cas just talks.

Dean thinks it might be a side-affect of Falling–that after losing the hugeness of a Grace, there’s too much experience and knowledge to keep it all bottled up.

Well, that, and humans generally like to tell stories.

So Dean listens. And in the early hours of the morning, when he closes his eyes after a roll in the hay, Castiel paints the night sky of the Sahara desert across his eyelids, speaking lowly of the cold and heat and the people who live there. 

Cas talks about Spain, and Paris, and Pangaea. About Australia before it was Australia. About Chile. Lebanon. Malawi.

“What’s your favorite place?” Dean asks one night.

Cas says, “Iceland.”

It’s not what Dean is expecting.

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Endless List of Reasons to Love High School Musical

🐾The movies all teach us important lessons like be yourself; don’t stick to the status quo; follow your heart; you are not just one person.
🐾The music is damn good and even more addicting.
🐾Bet On It.
🐾Also the memes based off Bet on It.
🐾Also the parodies of Bet on It involving Pokémon and Let It Go.
🐾Consequently, how much Zac Efron gets into the aforementioned songs.
🐾The dance moves.
🐾Kenny flipping Ortega choreographs AND directs.
🐾Also, his doggy is in two of the movies and is adorable and awesome.
🐾The OTPs. Whether you ship cannon like Troyella or Chaylor, wanted something different like Troypay, wanted to see Chyan become something or are all about BROTPs like Boltforth there’s multiple pairings for everyone.
🐾The Wildcat chant.
🐾Zanessa chemistry is off the charts every movie, therefore making the Troyella pairing off the charts.
🐾Ryan and Sharpay’s vocal exercises.
🐾The bloopers. Bloopers are always some of the best parts of everything.
🐾Nothing bad ever happens in any of the HSM movies…except for when Troyella breaks up but it’s ok cause they get back together and we know they’re meant to be so it’s all ok.
🐾What time is it?
🐾The chemistry between the entire cast - how much they all enjoy being around each other, how much they all get along and how happy they always are with and for each other.
🐾East High is an actual school. You can visit it in Utah.
🐾The characters; they’re all relatable to someone, they’re all uniquely different and there’s a character for everyone. Added bonus, every actor really gets into their character.
🐾When the casts posts pictures whenever they get together.
🐾Also, I Want it All.
🐾Having no idea what the point even was of Twinkle Towne or what happened.
🐾Corbin Bleu’s hair.
🐾They represent the time when Zanessa was still a thing and super strong.
🐾You get the feels during some of the songs and scenes that you just can’t get with anything else.
🐾Chad’s shirts.
🐾Ryan’s hats.
🐾Kelsi’s hats.
🐾Sharpay’s pink and bedazzled everythings.
🐾Darbus’ detentions. You can’t get those anywhere else.
🐾All the times Troyella’s first kiss got interrupted.
🐾Troyella actually kissing.
🐾Mini Troy and Chad during The Boys are Back.
🐾Sharpay’s pink locker and knowing they’re actually a thing.
🐾The fandom.
🐾We all got to decide a handful of things they put in HSM2.
🐾The fact that Boi graduated high school with the Wildcats.
🐾The Wildcats have all pretty much completely been awesome role models and continue to be awesome despite being mega celebrities and not only never let that go to their heads but also never once forget what HSM meant to any of them or to all of us.
🐾There’s a guy like Ryan in the movies who’s not afraid to flaunt his love for theater/Broadway/musicals or to wear pink.
🐾Why am I feeling so wrong? Spoiler - cause his head’s in the game but his heart’s in the song.
🐾Everybody loves a good jazz square.
🐾The Boys Are Back.
🐾The fact that two of the main six are non-white girls who are absolutely brilliant have (presumably) graduated at the top of their class.
🐾The main character is a popular jock and probably the most sought-after guy in school yet does not let that go to his head and seems to overall remain a good guy.
🐾Knowing Chad’s mom keeps a picture of Michael Crawford in their refrigerator.
🐾Also wondering how he successfully hid that from Troy until junior year if they’ve been best friends since preschool.
🐾Creme brulee!
🐾Never once seeing Chad carry around his own books around school.
🐾Darbus dancing with Wiley the mascot at the end of the first movie and then starting a conga line.
🐾You were always right there next to beside me.
🐾One of the nerdiest girls in school who secretly loved dancing was actually able to become the head cheerleader in senior year.
🐾They play an Aly & AJ song during the afterparty in HSM3.
🐾Also you can hear Lucas Grabeel singing when Ryan and Sharpay are drving to Lava Springs.
🐾I Don’t Dance.
🐾HSM was so awesome that the cast of Camp Rock dressed as them for Halloween.
🐾Robo Rob.
🐾Remember when we first sang together? Like kindergarten.
🐾We’re not Charlie’s Angels, ok?
🐾Go dra…go dra…go dray…? Dray…? Dray ma…?
🐾Knowing that whenever Gabriella calls Troy blushes.
🐾Troy’s red and white shirt that appears in every movie.
🐾The obligatory shirtles Zac Efron scenes.
🐾Knowing that East High randomly keeps posters of its current basketball team in the halls.
🐾Every single line of the song High School Musical.
🐾Once a Wildcat, always a Wildcat.

Do you ever stop and sob a little bit over the significance of Troy and Ryan’s yearbook notes to each other?

Troy’s message to Ryan is:

What does Ryan do throughout both High School Musical 2 and 3? He continues to support Troy. In HSM2, Ryan compliments Troy on something that none of Troy’s friends, or his girlfriend, were willing to praise him for,

he doesn’t accept an apology from Troy in regards to the Lava Springs talent show, because he knows that Troy has nothing to apologize for,

and he convinces Troy to get out onstage to perform in the talent show for the boosters from the University of Albuquerque with a song that is in Troy’s range.

In HSM3, Ryan is the team mascot, and executes dances and backflips to encourage cheering for Troy and his teammates,

he compliments Troy, once more, 

he’s there to show his support for Troy when Gabriella moving to California to accept the enrollment into the Stanford Freshman Honors program causes Troy to slip into a melancholic state, 

and he takes Troy aside to personally assist him with the choreography for the school musical, never once expressing any irritation with the brunette boy.

Ryan tells Troy:

What does Troy do? He gives Gabriella that emotionally charged speech, “Kids that I used to just pass in the hallway…

we're friends, now. And, we’re supposed to be doing a show, together”,

after imagining Ryan staring at him.

Then, he convinces Gabriella to come back to East High with him. He and Gabriella perform, much to Ryan’s delight,

Troy perfects the choreography that he struggled with, again, to Ryan’s delight.

And, Troy and Ryan throw their arms open wide to take each other into a hug.

Their actions seem to have been directly inspired by their yearbook notes to each other. 

This… This is about as close to a canonical romantic relationship in a Disney movie as it gets, you guys. These two boys mean a lot to each other. This is absolutely indisputable. 

Troy was lead to believe- by Gabriella- that Ryan was trying to move in on Gabriella and steal her from Troy.

Gabriella breaks up with Troy.

The next time that Troy speaks to Ryan, he apologizes to him for all of Ryan’s hard work choreographing an act for the Wildcats in the Lava Springs talent show seemingly going to waste,

expresses that he’s “looking forward” to watching Ryan play baseball, and caps it off with-

FYI: Troy was single, at this point in the movie. 

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Fic request: riarkle + star-gazing 😊

Title: A Brilliant Shade of Blue.

Okay so I got a little carried away and this one is kinda long. I kinda like it though. (I apologize if there are any mistakes).

I want to thank @grenadinehart for recommending me the record “Atlas” by Sleeping At Last which is what I listened to while making this fic. Thanks Clare. :)

Requests are open so if you want to send in a prompt from this post feel free to do so!


The first time Riley and Farkle star-gazed was in the fifth grade, on Riley’s eleventh birthday. Riley had never been close with anyone else in the fifth grade, mostly because Maya and Farkle were the only one’s who understood her. She didn’t need anyone else, it was always her, Maya, and Farkle. And It always would be.

“Ladies,” Farkle greeted, cramming himself through the bay window . Riley didn’t think he would ever stop doing that, and she didn’t want him to, “Happy birthday, Riley. I got you something I thought you might like.”

“Really?” Riley’s eyes gleamed, “what is it?”

“You have to close your eyes and only open them when I tell you. It was too big to wrap up.”

Riley was giddy with excitement, Farkle and Maya had always made her birthday exciting because they cared. Because they were the best of friends one could ask for.

Farkle placed something large on top of Riley’s lap as she positioned herself on the bay window seat, her feet swinging from anticipation and her eyes squeezed shut.

“Okay, you can open them now!” He exclaimed, adjusting the present in her lap. Riley popped one of her eyes open, looking at Farkle and sticking her tongue out before opening both of them and looking down at the present sitting in her lap. She couldn’t believe her eye as she stared at the telescope in amazement. “Farkle, it’s amazing… I can’t believe you got me this, how did you know I wanted one?”

“Because I know you, Riley,” Farkle gave her a cheeky smile, “I thought we could try it out tonight, considering I spent three months allowance paying for it,” he titled his head a little more, making his long hair fall in his eyes. Riley’s eyes widened, three months allowance? She couldn’t accept a present worth that much. It was Farkle, after all.

“Farkle, I can’t accept this, it’s too expensive,” she protested, already settling the telescope onto the floor.

“Riley, you have to keep it. Think of it as a present for both of us.”

Riley pursed her lips, looking at the pleading boy before nodding once. What harm would keeping a telescope do? It was for scientific purposes, of course .

That night they sat outside Riley’s apartment steps, it wasn’t the comfiest, but it was beautiful out, and the summer air chilled just enough for Riley’s favourite comfy sweater and her bunny pajamas. Farkle sat on the step beside her, adjusting the telescope before settling it in between the both of them.

Maya had decided to stay in and was sleeping in Riley’s bed. Riley didn’t mind; it seemed as though, star searching was Farkle’s and Riley’s thing. And maybe it always would be.

“Okay I adjusted it so you can take a look,” Farkle directed, moving the telescope closer to Riley. Riley looked into it, gasping at the sight. It was beautiful to see everything up close.

Farkle smiled at his very own sun sitting in front of him; he was more interested In Riley than any planet or any star in the sky. For scientific purposes - of course .

Riley pulled away from the telescope, staring at her best friend, Thank you Farkle, this means a lot to me.”

“Of course. All I ever want is to make you happy.”

9 years later.

Riley and Farkle were in their second year of university , and it was the night Riley planned to confess her feelings for Farkle.

She jumped into the driver’s seat of her car , leaving at the same time she left every Friday night. Exactly at 8:00 p.m to arrive at 8:30 p.m. The drive was long, but Riley didn’t care; all that mattered was that she got to see him once a week. She carefully settled her telescope in the passenger seat, before starting the car.

The whole drive consisted of Riley rehearsing what she would say to Farkle and how she would say it. Her palms were sweaty against the wheel, and she thought so much about what she would say that she was sure she’d go insane.

Finally, she pulled up to the street where his dorm room was nearby located. She got out of the car, taking a few breaths of the cold, fresh air. You can do this, Riley.

She walked up to the dorm room , her hands shaking as she lightly knocked on the door, revealing a messy haired Farkle who gave her a lazy smile; Farkle had his glasses on, and it only made Riley more nervous because he looked so good.

“I brought the telescope,” Riley awkwardly announced while holding it up.  Farkle led her through the dorm and room and up to the rooftop. Riley didn’t bother asking where his roommate was; she already knew that usually on Friday nights he went to his visit his girlfriend. Just like Riley would go and visit Farkle.

When Riley first started going to Farkle’s place, Maya would ask her if she could come along, and Riley would get all flustered and shyly decline. Maya eventually figured out Riley’s thinking and stopped asking. Because she knew, and she understood. The only person who was totally clueless was the boy standing next to her.

Riley halted at the top of the roof; Farkle had strung lights up this time -  whether it was a romantic gesture or not, Riley didn’t know. There on the rooftop laid a single blanket.

She was going to sit on that blanket, and tell him she loved him; tonight. She turned towards him, giving him an awkward smile before settling the telescope down, and then settling herself down as well.

“Do you want a drink?” He asked, the cool breeze ruffling his already messy hair.

“Do I want a drink?” She frowned, slightly confused.

“Yeah, we have some wine -“

“Since when do you drink wine?” Riley interrupted, amuse evident all over her features, still, though, she nodded. Maybe it would ease her worried mind.

“I don’t… I got it for you,” he added awkwardly, before rushing into the house to get the bottle and some glasses .

Riley stared up at the sky, silently praying tonight would be okay. That no matter what happened, they had to be okay. Because they were Riley and Farkle.

Farkle came out a few minutes later, his hands full with two glasses and a bottle of wine. He plopped down beside her, a small smile revealing itself, “you know if we get caught drinking up here, we’re screwed.”

“They’ll have to take us alive,” Riley remarked, smiling up the stars while Farkle smiled down at her. She took a sip of the wine, the refreshing, bitter alcohol easing its way down her throat and she finally relaxed. She settled her glass down, before lying on the blanket.

“Do you think it’s weird that we’re both twenty-year-olds in college who are single?” She asked, not daring to look at him.

She could feel his eyes lingering on her, though. “ I don’t know - I think we’re both at the stages of our lives where we have everything we need. Sometimes everything we need, turns out, to be right in front of us.”

The words made her chest tighten until she was sure she wouldn’t be able to squeak out a single word - but somehow, she did. “Yeah, I guess you’re right,” she paused, “do you - do you think it’s possible to see someone differently after a long period of time?”

She took a deep breath, the words spilling out of her mouth all at once, and she couldn’t stop, her brain wouldn’t let her. “For example, the way something may seem as though it’s a dull grey in a certain lighting but then you open the blinds and it’s a brilliant shade of blue, and then you realize, it was always a brilliant shade of blue, you just weren’t looking at the bigger picture. Maybe because you didn’t know how to. Maybe because you were too scared to.” She didn’t know where she was going with this. She didn’t even know if what she was saying made sense.

Farkle glanced over at her, puzzled, “Did something happen with that guy you went on a date with a few months ago who you said was boring?”

“What?” Riley jerked her head towards him, that was not the response she expected, “no - no.“

“Then who is it? And don’t say no one. I know you, Riley.”

They were still looking at each other, and Riley was sure he could see through the words. If only he could read her mind, so she didn’t have to say all the words she’d been dying to tell him for months, but never could. No. She needed to tell him, because if she didn’t, she wouldn’t get another chance like this. Something told her that now was the right time.

“You’re my brilliant shade of blue, Farkle,” she whispered, her eyes searching his. The strung up lights illuminated his face and made Riley gulp, fearful that someone could look so full of life and so haunting.

Farkle stood up abruptly, leaving a vacancy between Riley and him, “no, I’m not.”

“What do you mean you’re not?” She frowned, her breath becoming shallow as she watched him pace back and forth frantically.

“I’m not. Because If I were - then that would mean -“

“I love you?” she raised her eyebrows, she wasn’t afraid anymore. She didn’t feel like she had to be.

“Riley you don’t love me - trust me, I have loved you for a very long time, and I don’t think it’s possible that you can just -“

“I do.” She insisted, nodding. She walked up to where he was pacing, stopping before him. “Forget about everything you used to know, or what you thought we were, and just think about it for a second. Can’t you picture it? You and me, together. Haven’t you ever wondered what it would be like?

It was a loaded question. Of course , he wondered what it would be like to be with her. He wondered If her kisses were made of molten lava or spring fields. He wondered what It would be like to trace those lips with his fingers. He wondered what it would be like to get lost in her every words. He shook his head; maybe it was just the alcohol getting to him.

“You can’t ask me that, you already know the answer.”

“I am done lying to you, Farkle, I have loved you before our twelfth grade graduation , and back then you with Anna, so I kept my mouth shut. Because my happiness may be important, but It’s not as important as yours. I wanted you to know the truth, though, because if I hold it in any longer, I think I may explode.”

Farkle looked at her in bewilderment; he had no idea what to say, or how to simply react.

“You don’t have to say anything. I know it’s a lot to take in, and I don’t want you to feel like I’m putting weight on your shoulders because it doesn’t change anything. That is unless you want it to. We are adults, and it’s stupid to keep things from each other when we’re best friends.”

Farkle nodded carefully, and seated himself back onto the large blanket, before tinkering with the telescope. Riley watched him carefully do so, and she almost  crawled in a corner out of embarrassment.

“So that’s it? You’re just going to sit back down and pretend none of this happened?” Riley crossed her arms over her chest, glaring at the back of Farkle’s head.

Farkle glanced over his shoulder, “you told me I didn’t have to say anything,” he remarked, which just made Riley glare more. Farkle rolled his eyes, “come here.”

Riley hesitated before sitting down next to him, and Farkle scooted closer to her, moving the telescope between them. “You and I both know there are billions of stars in the universe and I’ve spent half of my life observing them and knowing every little detail about them, and somehow they never seem to compare to the star right in front of me. You.” He cleared his throat, “the point is, that I’ve always been in love with you, Riley. I’m not sure where the hell this is going to go or how we’ll make it work but I do know that I want to try because having you love me back could be the best thing that’s every happened and -“ he looked at her amused expression, “- and I’m going to shut up and kiss you now.”

“Good idea.”

Riley expected to wake up to Farkle still entangled with her, but instead found him with a concerned expression near the balcony; his face turned into a frown.

“Anna, I’m so sorry your mother is sick. Do you want me to come pick you up so we can see her together?” He paused, waiting for her response, “It’s not a burden at all, I know you’d do the same.”

It was the way he said those words to her that made her heart hurt and she felt herself spinning out of control.

Riley quietly gathered up her things, hoping Farkle wouldn’t notice her leave. She walked through the dorm and to her car until she somehow managed to get into her seat and break down into a sob.

She would step back. Because he deserved the best. Because she wanted him happy. She did not think she was the best for him.


Riley wandered through the school hallways, her heels connecting with the floor, making a clicking noise with every step. She wanted to take those damn heels off and throw them at someone.

Tears ran down and over her purple dress, but she didn’t care. She didn’t care that it was prom, and it was “supposed to be” the best day of her secondary studies, and she didn’t care that her date didn’t even bother to show up. No, she didn’t care at all. Because caring meant she’d completely fall apart . She hurried out of the school and onto the school soccer field, glancing behind her to make sure no one saw her. She was tired.

She bent down onto the field, the cool wind ruffling the grass slightly. She didn’t care about the dress which she paid four hundred dollars out of her pocket or the hair that took her hours to do. Why did it matter, anyways? When it was all for impressing someone who didn’t even have the decency to show up.

It was never about her date, a voice in her said. It was about distracting herself to keep eyes from lingering on Farkle. Farkle - her best friend. The boy she had slowly come to realize that she had feelings for over the years. But he was dating someone else, so Riley dated as well, in the hope she would be able to move on because Farkle deserved to be happy. After all these years, he deserved nothing more than to be happy.

So she didn’t tell him that she was going outside because she was upset because she knew he’d join her. And she wanted him to have a wonderful time with his girlfriend, even if it meant she lied down in the grass and star-gazed alone, for the first time.

Three weeks later.

Riley fidgeted in her bridesmaid’s dress, the light blues complimenting the flower crown which laid on top of her head. It was Katy’s and Shawn’s wedding, and she wanted to be happy for them, she did, but when Shawn told her last week that he invited Farkle a few months ago, Riley began to panic.


“Repeat that again, because I swear I just heard you say you invited Farkle,” Riley’s eyes widened and her breath becoming shallow.

“Riley I’m so sorry -“ Shawn apologizes, but Riley just stares at him in shock.

“I’ve been trying to avoid him for the past three weeks and -“ her voice came out rough and exhausted, “I love him. I’ve been trying to get over him.


It was selfish of her, to be worried Farkle would show up. She had nothing to fear, she told herself. She looked down at her speech once more, reciting the words about love over and over. She wanted to forget about him.

Maya came up behind her, looking at her best friend in the large mirror which covered the whole side of the wall. Maya gently placed Riley’s hair over her shoulder’s; it was a loving gesture, something she did when trying to comfort her.

“Breathe, honey. Everything is going to be okay,” she assured. Riley turned her head to look at her best friend. She hoped Maya would be right. Riley tried to think about something else; it was Maya’s mother’s wedding, they should be celebrating.

Shawn hurried into the room , adjusting his tie before asking, “are you both ready? Do you have your speech ready for later? You’re both dressed?!” His nervousness almost made Riley giggle despite the situation. Katy was great for Shawn, and Shawn was great for Katy. She still remembered the time she helped to set them up.

“Yes, Shawn, everything is going to be fine.” She was mentally telling this to herself, also. He nodded vigorously before speeding out of the room, clearly busy with other things.

Three weeks. That’s how long it had been since Farkle and Riley talked. It was her fault, of course . She knew when Anna called the next morning telling him her mom was sick that he would get back together with her, so she left before he even got off the phone, and didn’t answer his calls. She him happy, and somehow, she always felt wedged in the middle. Anna was her friend, but she loved Farkle. And after that night - she shook the thought away.

Riley looked in the mirror to find Maya observing her, sympathy evident on her face. “Whatever happens, you got me.”

They were five minutes into the ceremony and Riley was already wiping the sweat off of her forehead. Every few minutes she would glance around the room, searching for Farkle. She took a deep breath, trying to focus on the priest speaking but it was so difficult.

The ceremony blurred, and the guests cheered as Shawn and Katy sealed the vows with a beautiful kiss.

After that Maya gave a beautiful speech which left everyone teary-eyed, as well as Riley’s father who sat next to her a long with Auggie and her mother. Riley’s eyes widened when she finally heard her name. She was to give a speech, as well, and suddenly all the words she wrote down - those words she’d been having such a hard time remembering were tossed away and left with nothing but a blank space.

She fumbled out of her seat, standing before the large number of guests who were staring at her. Her mouth became dry and her hands sticky with sweat. She held the glass of champagne in her hand, and almost tipped it over from her lack of balance. Say something, Riley. Just start talking and maybe everything will be okay.

She closed her eyes before speaking, and the words flowed out of her like a river, “When I first met Katy, she was just Maya’s mother to me, but now I realize she’s more than that - she’s Shawn’s whole world. I guess I never really understood what love was until recently, and I’m still figuring it out but, I know what they have is real, and genuine, and I’ll tell you why -” she looked around the guests, before finding dark blonde hair and piercing blue eyes staring back at her, and her voice went out like a light. Her hands were shaking now, the glass in her hand was suddenly pulled out by Maya, who gave her a reassuring to look to continue from her seat below.

She couldn’t keep her eyes off of him, though. Looking at him made her stomach twist with pain and she wanted nothing more than to run and hide. She looked beside him to find Zay and Lucas sitting beside him, both with awkward smiles on their faces. Of course . Wherever you find Zay and Lucas, you find Farkle. She tried her voice again and hoped it wouldn’t fail her.

“So um-” she laughed nervously, which filled the silence of the room , “I’ll tell you why their love is real.”

She took a deep breath before continuing, Farkle’s eyes still locked on her own, “because they have something special , and you can see it in their eyes, in their laughs, and their smiles. Each gesture is crafted by the gods of the stars. When Shawn smiles at Katy, It is a smile made for her and her alone. I think it’s amazing to find someone who knows all your flaws and embraces them with their whole being, someone to be your best friend and the love of your life. Someone, who doesn’t give you the stars, but lies there and watches them with you. And that’s all you need; someone to lie there and watch the stars with you.”

The room was still silent as Riley let out a loud breath as everyone watched her every move, but she’s still only looked at him. Farkle. At the boy who always promised he’d be there for her. At the boy who she would visit every Friday at his dorm room so they could go on the rooftop and gaze up at the stars. At the boy who loved her since first grade - and slowly, the boy who she realized she loved, too.

Everyone in the glanced around the room, confused expressions on their faces, except for her five friends, her parents, and her uncle, who knew that as much as the toast was about Katy and Shawn, it also had a double meaning.

Riley slumped down into her seat which caused a roar of applause, if only they knew what they were applauding. Riley’s cheeks turned a bright red as she realized what just happened - what she just admitted.

A  few more toasts were made before the dancing began. Riley slumped lower in her chair, hoping no one would ask her. Of course , with her luck, a guy who she assumed was Josh’s friend asked her to dance.

“Hi,” he greeted, giving her an awkward wave. He was cute, she supposed, as cute as a boy could be when you were in love with someone else. Riley was half in a daze as she gave him the most awkward smile - she didn’t want to dance, but sitting there looking miserable didn’t seem like a good option, either.

“Did you come over here to ask me to dance?” she asked, giving him a fake smile. It was the best she could give.

“Uh, yeah, I mean, if you want to…” he rubbed the back of his neck, looking down at his feet.

“Sure, why not,” she agreed, finally removing her from that seat, before walking towards the dance area.

Josh’s friend put his arms around her waist, and they swayed to the music. He kept looking at her, trying to start a conversation, but Riley was looking around the room, trying to connect her brown eyes with her favourite blue ones. Maybe he left, Riley. Maybe he heard your speech and realized he didn’t feel the same way, so he left.

Riley sighed, forcing herself to look at the guy in front of her. She was dancing with him. “So you’re Josh’s friend?”

“Yeah, I’m Alex. He told me to ask you dance.”

“Oh,” she frowned, pulling away from him.

“No, I mean - It’s not because you’re not pretty, you’re very pretty and seem nice, It’s just I thought you were with someone,” he shrugged, glancing at her.

Of course , he did. Everyone at the wedding saw and heard the damn speech she gave. “What no I’m completely -“

“Dance with me.” it was more of a demand than a question, and she knew whose voice it belonged to. It came from behind her, and she spun around to meet Farkle’s gaze.

“What?” she wanted to hear him say it again.

“I said, dance with me.” Her friends stood in the background, anticipating her answer, like watching an intense movie. Riley almost rolled her eyes at the situation.

“Please dance with me,” he whispered, touching her shoulders gently, and suddenly she was shocked back to life.

“Okay,” she murmured, nodding. She glanced down at his hand which was now in front of her, waiting to be held. She looked back up at him, her eyes gleaming before finally placing her hand in his own. It seemed as though stardust flowed through her fingertips and down her body until she was weak in the knees. He pulled her against him, and all the memories of every single touch came back to her. Neck kisses, jaw kisses -

She shook it away, trying to focus on something else. She looked around the room , seeing many people staring at her and Farkle, including her Shawn and Katy. She wondered If they planned for this to happen, all along.

“Farkle, what exactly are you doing?” she questioned, her perfectly formed brows slanting, “we haven’t talked in months, and after you had got back with Anna I got the hint -“

“With Anna?” his look mirrored her own, “why do you assume I got back together with Anna that morning? You left. Not me. Because you were afraid.”

Farkle cautiously pulled her even closer, their bodies only a few inches from each other. “I was never afraid of loving you, Riley. I’ve spent my whole life loving you. Don’t you understand that?”

Riley didn’t understand - she didn’t understand why. Why was her best friend so patient with her, why did he look at her like she was the sun, nothing seemed unique about her, in her mind.

Why do you love me?”

Farkle gave her a look of absurdity, before pulling his hands away from her waist, and suddenly they were the only two on the dance floor standing still. Their friends gave them curious glances.

Farkle didn’t utter a word as he walked away from her, and towards Shawn. She watched their interaction curiously, trying to make out words with no such luck. Shawn was nodding his head and putting a hand on Farkle’s shoulder, directing him towards the stage.

Farkle stood up on the small stage, tapping the mic lightly before picking it up. He looked around the crowd, searching for those familiar big brown eyes, and as soon as he found them, it was like a key locking into place.

“I just wanted to give one more speech for the bride and groom tonight,” Farkle announced, submitting the guests into a cheer, “I wanted to add onto -“ he looked at Riley, acting out a confused face, “Riley, is it?”

Riley gave him a dirty look, which was returned with a sluggish side grin, “Yeah, Riley. I just wanted to add onto her toast earlier about what love is.”

Riley’s eyes widened, he was going to embarrass them both if he kept speaking. Please stop talking, Farkle. And stop thinking. Her parents from their seat turned to look at their daughter, as well as Josh and Auggie. They all knew the truth, anyways. Riley fidgeted in the spot she was standing, hoping that maybe he would decide to spare her dignity and sit back down, but this was Farkle they were talking about.

“I used to think science could explain everything, even love, and as it turns out, I was completely wrong. How it’s possible that even in every situation, every road, two people will always find their way back to each other? How do you explain that? You can’t. Because no one can define love because it’s something you feel, because there is no scientific explanation for it. Just like Katy and Shawn know. Just like I know. I’ve known from the day a little first grade brunette walked into my life, but it took her a little longer, and that’s okay. Because we’ll always find our way back to each other, no matter the obstacle.”

Farkle put the mic down, the room so deathly silent that Riley was scared to breathe. Breathe, Riley. Farkle didn’t look anxious or nervous though, he just walked straight off the platform, his eyes never leaving hers until they were only a foot apart . “Don’t ever ask me how could I possibly love you. There are so many reasons why and I -“ he stumbled on the words, “I can’t even explain half of them but just know that I love you, Riley. I love you so much.”

“But what about -“

“Anna and I never got back together. When her mom was sick I was there to comfort her, but she never wanted to get back together with me, she wanted someone to talk to, and I was there. It’s been really hard for her, Riley. Why have you been avoiding me?”

“I wanted you to be happy. You’re always so worried about my happiness and for once I wanted to return the favour. I wanted to step back just like you did all those years. That’s why I stepped back at our grade twelve graduation - and then three weeks ago when we -“ Riley cleared her throat, unable to say the words, “I didn’t know what to do. And then when Anna called the next morning I panicked because I thought of all the times you stepped back. You’ve always stepped back.”

Farkle shook his head, before saying the words Riley thought she’d never hear. “Stop stepping back, Riley,” he insisted, “because the only person in this entire universe that’ll make me happy is you.”

Riley didn’t say anything for a few moments and instead captured his hand in her own before pressing soft kisses onto his fingertips in between the words, thank you for loving me.”

Farkle’s face softened as he moved his hand out of hers to cup her face, his thumb rubbing against her cheek. “And thank you for loving me.”  

“I want to take you somewhere.”

Riley and Farkle drove up to a little creek nearby Farkle’s school . It was a thirty minute drive, but it ended up being worth it, in the end. Farkle turned the key to shutting off the engine, before reaching over in the backseat to grab something, “Can you close your eyes?” he asked. It reminded her of her fifth grade birthday.

Riley hesitated, wondering what on earth was so important that she would have to close her eyes for, but she did so anyway.

Farkle struggled to haul the object over the back front seat before carefully placing it on Riley’s lap. “Okay, you can open them now.”

Riley opened her eyes to find a beautiful telescope on her lap, and she almost bursted into tears. The telescope was sturdier than the one he bought her all those years ago, and much larger. On the side was her name, engraved. She turned her head toward Farkle, amazed, “did you plan this whole night accordingly?”

Farkle stifled a laugh, “Well, I am a planner, Riley.”

Riley rolled her eyes, “I’m serious.”

“Fine,” he shrugged, “I bought the telescope a while ago, I was going to give it to you when I saw you after that night - but you kept ignoring my calls, and I thought I’d bring it tonight, just in case.” He observed her, wondering what was going on inside that brain, “did you - did you use the telescope I got you in fifth grade with anyone else?”

She jerked her head towards him, her face revealing an offensive expression, “no, never. That’s our thing.”

He nodded, gazing up at the sky, silently praying to the stars that Riley Matthews would stay by his side forever. “So do you want to try the new one out?”

Riley squealed, “can we?”

“Of course.”

Farkle went to the car to bring out the two blankets he put in the trunk and put one down on the sturdier part of the hilltop, and the other around Riley’s shoulders. Riley moved the blanket around both of them, huddling into him, both of them taking turns looking through the telescope.

Their bodies formed a constellation in the jet black sky. One that represented promises and love. One that would remain in it for as long as they lived.

thatwolfboy  asked:

For the character head canon meme, Troy Bolton and Ryan Evans from High School Musical, and Brady from Teen Beach Movie.

And, @aure0liin, who wanted 3 random headcanons about Troy.

Troy Bolton

sexual orientation headcanon: Bisexual

gender headcanon: Male

mental illness / neurodivergent headcanon: Troy has major anxieties about his future, and disappointing others and not living up to their expectations for him. This could easily become a full-blown anxiety disorder. He displays hints of self-loathing, as well, and is also prone to depression, tending to slip into stupors, particularly when things are going wrong with Gabriella, where he shuts down and forgets to eat. 

3 random headcanons:

Troy relives Gabriella breaking up with him at Lava Springs in his nightmares. Sometimes, she doesn’t look back when she runs away from him. 

His best subjects in school are Math, Science, and English. 

Gregory Peck’s portrayal of Atticus Finch in the film version of To Kill A Mockingbird (Troy’s favorite book, according to the official HSM3 yearbook) was the first male that Troy admired in a way he couldn’t quite understand or slap a definitive label on. It wasn’t until he started questioning his sexuality during senior year, and because of his relationship with Ryan, that it finally clicked for him. 

Ryan Evans

sexual orientation headcanon: This isn’t a headcanon so much as it is a canonical fact, but- gay. 

gender headcanon: Male

mental illness / neurodivergent headcanon: Ryan has a bit of an inferiority complex from years of being eclipsed by Sharpay in all aspects of life, and a seemingly learned tendency to suppress his negative emotions, which can lead to a whole slew of health problems both mental and physical. Based on his mother’s throwaway line about her “aversion to scales”, and Ryan’s close relationship with her, Sharpay’s quip that her weight is “about 105[lbs.]″, and Ryan’s close relationship with her, and Ryan wearing t-shirts, polos, and even layers under the scorching hot New Mexican summer sun, to the point that he has visible tan lines near his collarbone and upper arms, I headcanon him as having an eating disorder. I tend to lean toward bulimia, since he’s shown to have a sweet tooth in canon. 

3 random headcanons:

He’s slightly nearsighted, hence the squinting he occasionally does in the films, and him struggling to read the message “GO DRAMA CLUB!” on the basketball team’s shirts. He doesn’t realize this until after graduation, when the entire Evans family goes in for a routine checkup and he fails the eye exam. 

He knows how to mix drinks, thanks to having to do so for Sharpay’s numerous get-togethers with her trios of gal pals. 

Gene Kelly in Singin’ In The Rain was Ryan’s sexual awakening. 


sexual orientation headcanon: Bisexual
gender headcanon: Male
mental illness / neurodivergent headcanon: I can’t really think of anything, though it does seem that he grapples with low self-esteem, and feelings of inadequacy. 
3 random headcanons: I’m not familiar enough with this series to really provide headcanons. I’m sorry. :(


Thank you both so very much for asking!

High School Musical: Sharpay Evans [ENTJ]


Extroverted Thinking (Te): Sharpay knows how to get what she wants. She is confident, bold, and assertive to the point of being aggressive. Her songs are great demonstrations of this (“Bop to the Top” and “I Want it All”, specifically). She constantly bosses people around and becomes vicious when her plans fall apart (as seen in HSM 2 when she sees Gabriella at Lava Springs).

Introverted Intuition (Ni): She has clear vision of what she wants, whether it’s to be the star of the musical or to win Troy over. She has a knack for knowing which strings need to be pulled in order to get what she wants, as well, for example, telling Troy about Gabriella’s Honors Program letter and telling Ms. Darbus what a good idea it would be to reschedule the callbacks to a time that will make it difficult for any competition to be there.

Extroverted Sensing (Se): This is best demonstrated in her flashy sense of style and love of performing. The way she moves on stage, the way she sings and dances, and her ability to live in the moment while performing are examples of how she uses Se. 

Introverted Feeling (Fi): Sharpay sees herself as a unique individual, and prides herself on it. Her actions are based on what she wants for herself with little regard with who else will be affected. 

The main choreographer for High School Musical 2, Charles Klapow can be seen in almost every dance sequence with a long, dark mohawk. In “What Time Is It?”, he is in the basketball dance, and he does a handshake with Troy before he sings, and is wearing a red short-sleeved shirt over a white long-sleeved shirt. In “Work This Out” he is in a green Lava Springs shirt and work pants, in the middle of the three men with pepper grinders, during “Everyday” he is wearing a silver vest over a pink shirt who dances across the line crossing paths with Martha, and in “All For One” he is wearing a blue deigo tee with red trim, seen dancing with a girl in yellow (Miley Cyrus).

This week has been undescribable. As part of the summer school “Biosignatures and the Search for Life on Mars”, I’ve explored the breathtaking nature of Iceland and listened to astrobiology lectures with 40 young scientists from around the world. We have visited volcanoes, lava fields, hot springs, waterfalls, and I’ll blog about those amazing places and people during the summer!
This picture was taken at Goðafoss.