lava plain


Timelapse view of lava moving on the plains near Pu’u O’o, Hawaii. The hill in the distance is called the “Pali”, it is the mark of a large normal fault created by part of the island sliding out towards the sea. Lava cascades over the Pali on its way to the ocean during the eruption. This is substantially sped up from how fast Pahoehoe lava typically flows.

phantomrenegade300  asked:

Im with you in this multiplayer thing i love playing mario games with my lil bro and we love going the mario and luigi team because well we are brothers and we are very hype to play this game to just find out that he gets to be a hat its no fun we loved mario tennis mario strikers and even 3d world we played it completely and loved it nintendo its very good at making people or family bond together let it be by throwing my bro to the lava or just having plain fun odyssey shouldve had luigi as 2p.

I agree. like maybe there should be an optional easy mode for 2 players like the gold tanooki, offering invincibility (which essentially what Cappy is) but totally avoidable if you want to just play normally 

but forcing to to play as a restricted Cappy will be a non option for a lot of players who want the whole experience. Like i couldn’t play with my sis in that mode, were both in our twenties and want to play a game not be babied lmao


One more lava flow video to close out #volcanoMonday. Pahoehoe lava flowing on the plains of Kilauea - you can watch the surface get slowly crinkled up as the lava cools off at the top then bends the cool layer. Also worth watching - check out how the surface of the lava flow rises up - we call this “inflation” of a pahoehoe field. As lava tries to move forwards, the crust on top holds it back causing pressure to rise and lifting the crust, until there is another lobe that breaks out at the front to relieve the pressure.