lava plain


Timelapse view of lava moving on the plains near Pu’u O’o, Hawaii. The hill in the distance is called the “Pali”, it is the mark of a large normal fault created by part of the island sliding out towards the sea. Lava cascades over the Pali on its way to the ocean during the eruption. This is substantially sped up from how fast Pahoehoe lava typically flows.


One more lava flow video to close out #volcanoMonday. Pahoehoe lava flowing on the plains of Kilauea - you can watch the surface get slowly crinkled up as the lava cools off at the top then bends the cool layer. Also worth watching - check out how the surface of the lava flow rises up - we call this “inflation” of a pahoehoe field. As lava tries to move forwards, the crust on top holds it back causing pressure to rise and lifting the crust, until there is another lobe that breaks out at the front to relieve the pressure.