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Imagine: Taking the Batfamily to go see Moana!


Also, this was made from the perspective of Poly!Batmom.

    -Batmom being super excited to watch a movie about a Polynesian princess!

     -Chiefs daughter really, but she’ll take what she can get.

     -Batmom shows up in a lava lava and shark tooth necklace, even has her shell necklace too. 

    -All the kids just getting an endless amount of snacks.

    -Like the fucking bill came up to almost 500$, if not more. 

    -Taking FOREVER for them to find their seats, because there’s like 15 of you.

     -Let’s see, it’s Bruce and batmom in the middle, Damian right next to Batmom, then Dick, then Jason, and then Alfred’s on the other side of Bruce with Tim next to him, followed by Barbara, Cassandra, and Stephanie. 

     -Of course because it’s BRUCE WAYNE, he rented out the WHOLE theater. 

     -Also, Titus came because who’s going to say no?

     -Everybody’s talking about how cool the previews are.

     -“What the fuck, did Disney forget that Cars is a kids movie?”

     -”Watch your god damn language, Jason.”

     -”Sorry mom.”

     -Batmom is almost already crying during the short.

     -Batmom being absolutely ecstatic when Moana first appears. 

     -Everybody is paying the upmost attention to Grandma Tui telling Moana and the kids the story of Maui.

     -Batmom almost crying when Pua almost drowns.

     -Everybody just loving Maui singing “You’re Welcome”.

     -Jason just smirking when Maui keeps throwing Moana off the boat.

     -Bruce really loving Chief Tui.

     -Alfred personally loves grandma Tui (and you can bet you sweet ass he cried when she died.

     -Everybody cried when she died. Everybody. Even Titus whimpered. 

     -”These coconuts are really kinda cute.” Damian muttered into Batmom.

     -”I agree.” she mutters back.

     -”This crab is literally me.” Cassandra pipes up.

     -“His name is Tamatoa, Cassandra, and he’s a Polynesian GOD!” Tim comments.

     -”I don’t give a shit, he’s literally me.”


     -A chorus of snickers. Mostly Jason.

     -When the fuck did Batcow get here?


     -A chorus’s of “SHHHHHH”

     -Damian cuddling up to Batmom. 

     -Batmom cuddling up to Bruce.

     -Dick audibly gasping when Maui breaks his fish hook.

     -Tim (and everybody else agreed the second he said it) wanted to punch Maui in the face for screaming at Moana.  

     -Cassandra, Barbara, and Stephanie all kind of cuddling up next to each other.

     -Like these batgirls are in a little bat huddle, it’s so fucking cute.

     -”Mom, is this really what is’ like?” Tim asks.

     -”Yes, Tim. 110%.”

     -”That’s really cool.” Stephanie says.

     -Batmom couldn’t help but smile.

     -Everybody’s heart drops when Moana is dodging all the fire balls.


     -”I’M SORRY I WON’T DO IT AGAIN.” Jason also screams.

     -”What a goddamn twist.” You whispered under your breath. 

     -The Batfamily has cried at least 3 different times this entire movie. 

     -Batmom coming out of the theater so proud and all smiley.

     -”Bruce look at me.”

     -”Yes babe?”

     -”I wanna meet them.”

     -”Who, Sweetheart?” 

     -”Dawyne Johnson and Auli'i Cravalho.”

     -”Whatever you want.”

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This is my basic EDC for the most part, and I don’t leave home without them. Sometimes I’ll carry my Kershaw Cryo II BW instead of the ZT at work, but the ZT goes with me outdoors. I do have a wallet and flip phone, but usually they stay in my jeep, only going with me when I have to go to the store or make a call (no texting). I usually have a bit of cash on hand as well. My Ocean Jasper pocket stone is kind of like those new “fidget” toys like the spinners and such, I just like the feel and energy it gives off. Chewing tobacco is a habit I picked up in my cowboy days and still enjoy, and also makes a great offering when out in nature. I revised this photo from my previous post.

Mind Control AU!

I’ve been playing around with this idea for a while now. Now that I have more free time, decided to finally get things rolling.

What is this?: This AU takes place not too long after the events in My Fair Hatey. Leaving Sylvia in the middle of the night, Wander sets off to see Dominator. After sneaking onto her ship, he was surprised to see a happy overlord that was pleased to see him. After a few words, Dominator gives him a gift. What she claims is a lava necklace. The gift tightens around the nomad’s neck and after a few electric shocks, he’s out.

Months have passed since Sylvia last seen Wander. When she happens to stumble upon him on a nearby planet, she is overjoyed. Little does she know that her buddy is out on a mission to destroy her.


Dominator: Same as the show if not more cruel.

Wander(Soldier 1 ): No longer the friendly, happy go lucky do-gooder. Wander is a colder, less caring version of himself. All the wonderful memories he once had have been replaced with images of being Dominator’s trusty aid. All he wants is for her to be happy even though she can’t say the same for him.

Sylvia: Not differing much from the show. Due to what’s happened to Wander, she’s a lot more patient and kind than usual.

Small Tidbits

- Dominator trained Wander over the few months of being separated from Sylvia

-The collar around Wander’s neck is more than a controlling shock collar. It gives Wander the ability to use Volcanium/Frostonium X; he also can form a suit close to Dominator’s but he rarely ever uses it.

-The Hat doesn’t work for Wander anymore. But not like Wander would notice; he can’t remember the hat being magic.