lava jump


Star Wars worlds : Mustafar 
Mustafar was a small volcanic planet located in the Mustafar system, situated between two gas giants in the Outer Rim Territories that was aligned with the Confederacy of Independent Systems during the Clone Wars and later taken over by the Galactic Empire after the Techno Union was nationalized at the conclusion of the conflict.

Interactions with Mini Earp:
  • *Alice Michelle is around 6 years old now and is a precious cute smol*
  • Alice Michelle: *runs into room* "The floor is lava!" *Jumps onto couch*
  • Nicole: *Effortlessly scoops Waverly up bridal style* "And now you're safe from the lava."
  • Waverly: "What about you?"
  • Nicole: "I'm the unkillable lesbian so I guess I'm fine." *Shrugs*
  • Wynonna: *Jumps onto Nicole's back piggyback style*
  • Wynonna, Waverly, and Nicole: *All fall down into a heap*
  • Nicole & Waverly: *Exchange "Let's kill her" looks*
  • Alice Michelle: "Haha I win!"
Fire Emblem Fates Private Quarters sentence starters

“Did you need some music to relax to?”
“I would love to hear the story of how you fell in love…”

“I’m glad we’re finally getting the chance to know each other.”

“Is this about the thing I broke? I am SO sorry!”

“I brought you a snack…Oops.”

“thanks for inviting me over…and for not asking me to clean your room!”

“Thanks for always being so nice to me…”

“I know we’re friends, but I’m still happy to work for you.”

“I’ll always walk by your side. And hopefully not trip you constantly.”

“Care for a cup of tea? I brought a hot kettle just in case.”

“I though you might be famished, so I brought you some refreshments.”

“Do other guests get the same sterling treatment here?”

“When we’re together like this, it feels just like old times.”

“Would you mind if I hide out here awhile?”
“Thanks to you, I am still alive. Thank you, my friend.”

“I shall dedicate every waking moment to securing your health and happiness.”

“I hope you like talking about animal husbandry and cooking…”

“I’m not sure it’s good for me to be seen in here…”

“Teaching you to pick a lock won’t take long, but I gotta ask… Why?”

“I can think of a few people who’d hate to see us being friendly like this.”

“Y'know, if things had turned out differently, we could have really gotten to be friends.”

“I’m glad you invited me here. I really needed a break.”

“If this is how it is, I’ll get my slippers. We can all cuddle.”

“What’s with all the racket in here? Are you playing the drums or something?”

“Why did you invite me here again?”

“I finally feel like I can trust you. What? It’s a compliment!”

“I Really appreciate you offering to help. You give the best advice.”

“Your room is so nice… Thanks for giving me a tour.”

“If you don’t mind, maybe we could spend more time together. Is that selfish?”

“You make me want to try my hardest to be a better person!”

“You sent for me? Well, I’ve got a few questions to ask you too.”

“That seemed completely pointless, But I’ll give you the benefit of the doubt.”

“I’m sorry that you’re totally wrong about everything.“
“I know you wanted to talk to me about something, but I forgot what it was…”

“I wonder how you’d look in something new?”

“I don’t like being inside. I’d rather be outside training.”

“Shall I perform for you? Reciting poetry is one of my gifts…”

“My room was dark. You don’t mind if I sleep in here…do you?”

“Do you have anything to eat? I’m starving!

“I really miss my family sometimes…”
“Hey if you’re ever lonely… I’m here.”

“I’ve never felt so taken care of. I wouldn’t mind coming here more often…”

“Ok. Let’s hear your latest knock-knock joke. I hope it’s good.”

“You’re not going to lecture me on my temper again, are you?”

“I Brought some more face paint like you asked.”

“It’s brave to summon me when I’m all worked up. Are you ready to fight?”

“I’d be glad to help you with some chores. It’s no trouble at all…”

“Nothing is more important than training, but I suppose one must also rest every now and then.”

“Did you have a long day? Let me rub your head.”

“Just tell me who I need to kill to make you happy, sweetie.”

“What are you doing? You’re obviously not studying.”

“Are you ready for our tickle fight?”

“I’m planning to chat up some girls later. Mind if I run some lines by you?”
“This has been fun, but I need to get in some dance practice today.”

“You know what would look great on you? The blood of our enemies!”

“Next one I slay in battle is all for you!”
“You’re not going to make me play that game again, are you? I won fair and square!”

“I brought the poison like you asked. Do you want to taste it? A sip won’t kill you.”

“You didn’t summon me here to braid your hair, did you?”

“Who did you want to exact revenge on this time? Go ahead… you can tell me.”

“You seem nervous. Was this meant to be a date?”

“If you don’t have anything planned for tonight, I can think of a few suggestions…”

“It’s so revealing to see your room like this.”

“I’d offer to give you a massage, but…. I might break you.”

“You need a jar opened or something? No problem.”

“I am ready to administer Justice!”

“Tell me…. Does a vigorous romance keep you young at heart?”

“I hope you’re grateful to have such a safe haven.”

“I don’t know why…but I get exited every time you invite me over!”

“This was fun. Ok, bye.”

“Your room is looking really clean. Here. Let me sprinkle some dust around for you.”

“I’m ready to plan our next prank. So who’s the unlucky guy this time?”

“Kind of you to have me over. and not to clean, right?”

“May I assist you? We must keep your things in working order.”

“I’m here! Where are the appetizers? What kind of party is this?”

“It’s so weird to be a guest and not the host. I think I like it!”

“Your party games are the silliest. I’m taking notes…”

“I don’t need any divine insight to know we’ll always be friends.”

“I’m home! Are you going to ask me about my day now?”

“I’ve been rehearsing our duet. Should we do some vocal warm-ups?”

“Are you going to show me your drawing? I’d love to see your artwork.”

“Are you going to teach me that tune you were whistling?”
“I just clocked out. This won’t take long, will it?”

“Shall I brew you some coffee now? I could use some too.”

“I have up on a nap to come visit you… and I’m glad I did.”

“Are we here to chat, or is there something I should be apologizing for?”

“I’m glad we got to talk. It helps me forget about the bad stuff.”

“I picked some fragrant herbs for you… wanna smell?”

“So are we going to hang out…together?”

“Maybe i’ll bag a bear soon. I’ll bring it here if I do!”

“I came all the way here, so you better make it worth my while. A few cupcakes will do the trick.”

“Why would you invite me over during snack time? Snack time is sacred!”

“Let’s play! The floor is hot lava. Quick! Jump on the bed!”

“I didn’t realize this would be such an…informal…get-together”

“Is it customary for people to spend together time like this? I wasn’t aware…”

“You summon me here / For some poetry lessons. / Too bad you’re hopeless.”

“How very tranquil it is here. I wish the world was the same.”

“Wow. This room really IS a mess. You should really let me help.”

“I hope I’m the only one you invite back here….”

“I know I don’t NEED to put a spell on you…but I think I’m going to anyway.”

“May I look at your book collection again?”

“I wish you’d let me help you decorate. Some of these fabrics are so dreary!”

“All right, here’s my greatest beauty tip: love yourself, no matter what ugly things other people say.”

“Did you just invite me here to tease me… or what?”

“We’re not planning on staying up all night telling each other ghost stories, are we?”

“Anytime you want to clean, just ask me! We might find some lint!”

“Your room is huge! There’s tons of space to play!”

“I love hearing about your dreams.”

“I swear that when I achieve true transcendent power, I will use it in your service!”

“I’m here for my singing lessons. I know… I’m hopeless!”

“Do you want me to do the cheer-up dance? It will turn your frown upside down!”

“Whew…it’s hot in here! I’m just gonna take off my–Oh, sorry. Is that not appropriate?”

“You know what this place needs? Kitten posters!”

watching this and i want to scream????? 

  • apparently sanha bleaches his hair every three days ??? fantagio this can’t be healthy 
  • bin’s wearing a shirt that has ‘merman’ on it asdfjlKJAHSDLK time to cry
  • bin wanted to be a swordsman but then after that he wanTED TO BE AN ASTRONAUT BECAUSE HE LOVES SPACE I’M YELLING
  • lmao bin saying that he wants to go to space maybe when it’s possible when he’s 70-80 and the mc telling him to earn enough money first lmAOOOO
  • apparently there are three point dances to baby:
    • ‘gentlemen’ actions like spraying perfume (the first part) and cuffing their shirts (the last part)
    • ‘saying hello’ in the slidey chorus part (‘a butterfly,’ rocky says, ‘but also like, don’t come near my face’)
    • the ‘butterfly dance’ because rocky made it (i assume this is in reference to the ‘the floor is lava’ jump)
  • mj describing i’ll be there as a ‘goodnight goodnight’ song and everyone cackling and correcting him & bin: “it’s every minute u bitch” and everyone laughing again becaUSE IT’S DREAM NIGHT SON
  • mj choosing because it’s you as his fave song
  • eunwoo picking i’ll be there and lie 
  • mj interrupting to ask if he could eat the watermelon LOL
  • eunwoo telling him to go ‘goodnight goodnight’ after eating i live for savage eunwoo
  • IM CRYIGN everyone singing i’ll be there acapella 
    • but rocky just snorting to himself instead of singing and jinjin slapping rocky on the neck 
    • mc: ????
    • rocky: ‘everyone’s singing but then i’m hearing jinjin sing and he goT THE MELODY WRONG’
    • jinjin: ‘i’m a rapper!!’ :D
  • now they have games 
  • eunwoo not being able to rip the sticker off the board properly LOL
  • they’re singing baby in different styles 
    • mj about 2 sing baby in the style of troT!!! members complimenting that he’s good at singing trot
    • mj slapping him on the neck sAme
    • mj slAYING HIS TROT
    • jinjin saying it just sounds like a 變熊 version (?? idk what this is)
    • rip vivi 2k17
    • eunwoo doing an idiot version (do u remember donggu from that one astro play where dongmin put on those weird glasses and acted like an idiot)
    • astro dying of laughter 
    • rip astro 2k17
    • jinjin clearing his throat because someone suggested a nursery song style and he’s abouT TO FALSETTO IT 
    • jinjin’s voice cracking i’m cryign
    • he’s not falsettoing it he’s just screaming i’mlauggh i love jinjin
    • saucy wink
    • rocky about 2 drop a saTOORI VERSION I’M !!
  • sanha has to act something out and everyone has to guess
    • sanha flopping around 
      • everyone guessing different types of birds
      • mj: “pufferfish???”
      • sanha: yEs
    • seal sanha + doggo sanha 
    • cat sanha
      • everyone guessing ‘cat’
      • eunwoo: ‘aoa sunbaenims????’ ibtch whAt
    • sanha being a gorilla
      • everyone saying ‘gorilla’
      • mj: ‘ROCKY ROCKY ROCKY’
    • sanha being another type of monkey (?)
      • everyone guessing different types of monkeys
      • mj: ‘ROCKY ROCKY ROCKY’ 
      • sanha acting out a third different kind of monkey (i think orang utan???)
      • mj: ‘ROCKY ROCKY ROCKY!!!!!’ 
      • mc: whY IS EVERYONE ROCKY
      • also mj: ‘SANHA’ asdfasjdf
    • sanha being another bird (?)
    • bunny sanha + lion sanha + koala sanha
    • caption: “go to the zoo, you’ll fit right in” HAHAHHAHAHAHA
  • next game: astro has to pick 2 members and say 5 sentences that will move the viewer’s heart (??? flirting w the camera?)
    • bin volunteering mj
    • mj, reciting the chorus of baby while rubbing his lip
    • astro: ‘stoP RECITING BABY LYICS’
    • mj: godMAMA
      • “you believe in oppa, right?”
      • “you should only look at me”
      • mj stopping becauSE EVERYONE KEEPS LAUGHING AT HIM
      • “sunbae, i love you”
      • “noona, daTE ME PLS”
      • “aunty, you’re really pretty!!”
      • conclusion: i love mj
    • mj volunteerING JINJIN I’M CRYIGN 
    • jinjin taking deep breaths
      • jinjin: ‘darling…’, smirking then bursting out laughing a,dfjhasadh
      • bin: ‘IM GON PUKE’
      • jinjin: ‘let’s go out & get coffee!!’
      • jinjin, grabbing rocky’s neck: “do u want 2 kiss me”
      • everyone begging him to redo it 
      • jinjin: ‘next time i’ll be better to you’
      • everYONE BEGGING HIM TO REDO EVERYTHING & jinjin pretending not to hear
      • jinjin, sending a heart kiss: i love u!! and everyone finally acknowledging it as the first sentence
      • jinjin: what do you meAN I FINISHED ALL 5
    • them volunteering eunwoo instead 
    • ‘manhwa version!!’ and astro singing the shalalala~ backing track
    • eunwoo: ‘actually… i’ve liked you for a long time from afar… date me?’
    • astro clapping in defeat nobody can beat the king of flirting
    • also astro: ‘why am i uncomfortable suddenly’ saMe
  • last one: who’s the best at taking selfies?
    • nearly everyone pointing at sanha 
    • bin pointing at himself then sanha LMAOOOO
    • eunwoo pointing at himself LOL
    • eunwoo changing his vote to rocky
    • sanha getting 4 votes and rocky getting 2 becauSE HE VOTED FOR HIMSELF
    • baby sanha demonstrating his 4 cut fairy i’m so !!!!! my heart is !!!!!! he’s so pure!!!!!!
    • everyone posing for a photo and mj beaming and bin doing the three claw baby bear thing my heart is weeping i love that pose so much
    • eunwoo winking and jinjin being cute!!
  • this is singularly the most ~astro~ video i’ve watched this week i’m crying i love it 

there’ll probably be subs out there somewhere but meanwhile this is what i can do rip i wish i had translating software and time because this is the funniest shit everyone needs to watch it

anonymous asked:

47 49 with older damian wayne x reader please.

#47 The floor is lava, and #49 If I win you do whatever I tell you too for the next 24 hours. Prompt list~ Awwww yessss some Damian love~

You walked into the living area of the manor to see your lovely boyfriend Damian. You froze on the staircase as you saw what he was doing. Now he wasn’t just sitting on the couch, oh no, he had one leg on the coffee table and the other leg still touching the couch. You opened your mouth to ask what he was doing but he interrupted you.

“The floor is lava.” Damian tell you

You jump onto the closest thing to you which ended up being the railing of the stairs. You moved so you were sitting on it and looked at Damian again who was now standing on the table.

“Were you playing this alone?” You asked him and he shook his head.

“Drake said it before he left.” Damian told you and you nodded

“How about we make things interesting.” Damian grinned and you smirk

“I’m listening.” You said and you carefully jumped to the other railing.

“If I win you do whatever I tell you too for the next twenty-four hours.” Damian smirked at you

“And if I win, you have to do whatever I tell you for the next twenty-four hours.” You countered back

“It’s settled, whoever touches the floor loses.” Damian said

And so the battle had begun. Since you two never set any rules, anything was fair game. You two threw pillows at each other or plain out just tried to push each other off. This had gone on for four hours, but neither one of you were giving up.

You sat on a small table were a vase used to be. It now sat in your lap while Damian sat on the staircase railing. You two stared at each other, four hours, four whole hours have past and you two showed no signs of breaking. This was a very extreme game of the floor is lava.  Bruce walked into the room to see you and Damian sitting in unusual positions and raised an eyebrow.

“Is the couch broken?” He asked and you giggled

“No Bruce, were playing the floor is lava! Loser has to do whatever the winner says for twenty-four hours.” You told him and looked inside the vase

“How long has this been going on for?” Bruce questioned as he walked toward you.

“Four hours.” Damian replied

“Four hours? I’m impressed at your dedication.” Bruce said and stopped in front of you.

You squinted suspiciously at him and he took the vase out of your hands. Bruce wrapped his arm around your waist and threw you over his shoulder and set the vase back in its spot.

“Bruce don’t you dare.” You warned and he chuckled

“Don’t do what?” Bruce asked innocently and you slipped closer to the floor

You yelped and held onto the back of his shirt. You wondered if he was actually going to drop you or not. You hoped he wouldn’t. Bruce moved toward the couch before dropping you onto it.

“Don’t stay up too late you two.” Bruce said as he left the room off to do Batman stuff.

You laughed as you watched Bruce leave and let out a sigh. Damian still remained on the railing and you now laid on the couch.

“You give up yet?” You called over to him and he shook his head

“Not in the slightest.” He replied and you nodded your head

“Then this game is never going to end.” You chucked and sat up

You two heard the front door open and turned to see Dick walking into the room. You smirked and looked at Damian before jumping off the couch and onto Dick. Dick stumbled at the sudden force and held you in his arms bridal style. Damian glared at you, very mad about how his brother was holding his girlfriend.

“Hey, Dick! How was your day?” You asked him innocently as you wrapped your arms around his neck.

Dick chuckled and shut the door with his foot. Dick looked at Damian glaring at them and smirk.

“It’s so much better now that I have you in my arms (Y/n).” He replied and kissed your cheek.

And it was at that moment that Damian snapped. Damian jumped off of the railing and went up to Dick. He grabbed you out of his arms and stomped up the stairs with you. You laughed and turned so you were looking over his shoulder and waved Dick goodbye.

“Night Dick I’ll explain everything in the morning!” You called over to him and kissed Damian’s cheek as you entered the bedroom

“I win.” You smirked triumphantly

“You won the battle but I’ll win the war.” Damian told you and shut his bedroom door.


Have a bunch of reactions nobody every asked for.


◄ Zen ►

………………THE FLOOR IS LAVA????! *jumps onto the nearest table and strikes a selfie*

◄ Seven ►

*reflex of a cat, makes an agent 007 move, sliding on a table and falling off the other edge*

◄ Jaehee ►

The floor is…? *stares at the ground, confused af*

◄ Jumin ►

*raises Elizabeth becAUSE HE CAN DIE SHE CAN NOT*

◄ Yoosung ►

THE FLOOR IS- *tries to find a chair, slips and epically falls with a loud BANG sound*

◄ Saeran ►

W-what?! *panickly jumps onto your back almost breaking your spine???*

◄ V ►

…I don’t see any lava though

◄ Vanderwood ►

*the most dreadful glare you’ve ever seen ur gonna pee onto ur panties*

anonymous asked:

The members playing "the floor is lava" at extremely inconvenient times

(I love this so much. If I die today, I want to go out writing this.) 

~ The room was tense. Eyes were darting around the room. At any given second, the stakes could spike up. Noodle was squatting on the table and leaning forward onto her hands. She was ready to pounce at any moment. 2D was on the back of the couch and gripping it so tightly is knuckles were white. Murdoc was hunched on top of the fridge like a cat while Russel was standing in the middle of the floor. “What the hell are y’all doing?” Murdoc hissed in response and Noodle explained. “THE FLOOR IS LAVA HURRY UP AND JUMP ON THE COUCH BEFORE YOU BURN!” 

~ Russel quickly jumped onto the couch and panted, “WHAT THE FUCK I COULD HAVE BURNED?! WHY DIDN’T YOU WARN ME SOONER?!” Murdoc chuckled and turned to face Russel, “Every man for himself, Russ.” With that said, Russel looked at 2D, who was right in from of him. Russel suddenly smirked and grabbed 2D but his shirt and lifted him above his head. “THERE CAN ONLY BE ONE!” Noodle jumped up and screamed, “RUSSEL, NOOOO!” In slow motion, Russel threw 2D on the floor. Gasps were heard as well as Murdoc laughter.

~ As 2D hit the floor, he let out a fake scream and squirmed around for a few seconds before playing dead. He laid there with his tongue sticking out and his legs and arms straight up in the air. “Russ, why? HE WAS SO YOUNG!” Noodle cried out. “I’m not about to lose to that knuckle head.” By this time, Murdoc was on his back laughing so hard he held his stomach. “OH SATAN! That was too good, Russ.” He sat up and wiped a tear away. “I don’t know why you’re laughin’, Mudz. You’re next.” Russel began to chuckle as a hard force knocked him backwards  onto the floor. “NO ONE KILLS MY BROTHER EXCEPT ME!” Noodle had kicked Russel onto the floor which left her on the couch. Russel rolled around screaming before going silent.

~ “Guess it’s just you and me now, old man.” Noodle snickered. Murdoc looked very offended by Noodle’s words. “Old man?! You better watch your mouth, young lady!” Noodle stuck out her tongue, “Make m!” Murdoc growled and jumped from the top of the fridge to the island counter in front of it. Noodle then jumped from the couch, onto a stool, then on top of the counter with Murdoc. She immediately swiped her foot across the counter taking out Murdoc’s legs. He fell with a dull thud noise and growled again. “I’m not going to play nice.” Noodle laughed, “When do you ever?” They both laughed and while Murdoc closed his eyes, Noodle kicked him square in the chest and watched as he fell to his death into the boiling lava. Noodle started to jump around, “HA! I AM THE CHAMPION!” The rest of the band mates got up and laughed. “You killed your father.” Russel chuckled. “Doesn’t matter, still won.” Noodle giggled as she jumped off the counter.

~ Suddenly the front door opened to reveal a very angry Damon Albarn. “WHERE THE BLOODY HELL IS THAT ALBUM I ASKED FOR?!” The band looked around nervously and Murdoc chuckled, “Shit, I knew there was something we had to do today…”