lava heads

favorite rt extra life moments

  • geoff giving jack a kiss instead of slapping him
  • live appearance by x-ray and vav
  • painting with bob ross (ft. miles luna)
  • matt bragg getting his head shaved
  • jack getting his beard shaved
  • story time with levar burton
  • gavin destroying his mouth with a super hot sauce
  • matt bragg and jeremy smooching (for the kids)
  • blaine getting his chest waxed (for the kids)
  • kerry and miles slow dancing to ‘how could this happen to me’
  • michael and gavin drinking a gallon each of color-coded milk
  • the internet paying to burn ryan’s awful dad shoes
  • live action amiibo death match
  • gavin watching himself make out in a live action short
  • jack, then jack and blaine truffle shuffle
  • the national disaster of #2spooky2k15
    • beard hair sandwiches
    • kigurumis everywhere
    • cheese master gus sorola
  • glamor shots from ryan the model guy haywood and others
  • alan ritchson and the mac and cheese disaster
  • michael jones
    • eating (and agreeing to vomit up on camera) 12 lava cakes
    • getting his head shaved
    • getting kicked in the face during twister, while in the middle of filming a movie 
    • getting fucking tazed (for the kids!!!) 
  • every time jack gets emotional at the end of the stream because of how much the community gives and because of how good the team backing him is

The Inner - Mitchell Davis 

can i just say that i love all of my fellow lava head bloggers?

like, all of you guys.

because i really, really do.

it’s so great to have people to fangirl with.

and people who understand my livelavalive obsession.

yeah, so, you guys are awesome.