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Protector (Peter Parker x Reader)

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You were picked up your textbooks and notebooks, hugging them to your chest and walked briskly out of the classroom. It had been a long and terribly boring school day, as most school days were at the end of the year. The popular guys were pissing off the teachers and talking loudly, the more fashionable girls were Snap-chatting in class, and the teachers were fed up with everyone but still sane enough to give out detention slips. You balanced your binders on your knee while trying to open your locker as quickly as possible, eager to get on the bus to go home. It was Friday, and school was ending next week, much to everyone’s relief. A text from Peter just minutes before had left you in good spirits; he asked to come over like always for a Friday night movie marathon with Michelle and Ned, set with popcorn, ice cream and junk food of every kind. Stuffing things into your backpack and slamming the locker shut, you started down the hallway. The loud chatter from other students passing you gradually got more quiet as people in the very front of the school grew deadly still and began to crowd around something, blocking the entire hall. Whispers and muttering broke out, students everywhere desperate to get to the front where pushing and shoving your small form. Suddenly, a loud, collective gasp came from somewhere in front, followed by laughter and something being banged against what could only be a locker. You huffed loudly, just wanting to get to the buses until-

“Parker, Parker, Parker…” The students in the front chanted, jeering even louder now. Your eyes widened and the breath left your lungs. You shoved people aside, ignoring their grumbles and cursing to break into the inner circle. Another loud metal bang echoed, almost drowned by the loud laughter. Charging through row after row of high schoolers, you ignored the sharp jabs to your stomach from different restless kids. Maybe it isn’t him. You think, already knowing the answer. C’mon Peter, please don’t tell me it’s you out there. Reaching the inner circle, you desperately tried to squeeze between the line of tall guys that stood in front. You duck down, finding a little crack between the wall of jocks to look though. Sure enough, Peter’s beat up sneakers were just visible as he was pushed backwards against the line of lockers.

“How’s that Parker?” Flash Thompson’s voice rang out, angry and arrogant. “Wanted to taste the floor today, didn’t ya?” You hear Peter groan loudly, probably attempting to fight back.

“Hey, leave him alone!” Ned yelled, also trying to help his friend.

“Let me handle this Ned.” Michelle warned, and you calm down a bit. Michelle could help- she was very scary when needed. “Wait ‘till I get my hands on that son of a bitch.”

“What are you going to do?” One of Flash’s friends taunted. “Bore us to death with some nerd science?” Michelle snarled, losing her cool. Poor Ned had to grab both her wrists to hold her back.

“Hey Parker,” Flash announced, lifting Peter off the ground by the hem of his t-shirt. “Why are you so annoying, eh Parker?”

“A-all I did was tell you to s-shut up.” Peter retaliated, squirming. “Not my fault you have the temper of a bull with anger issues.” Flash grabbed Peter’s hair and slammed his head against the lockers. This made anger boiled in you like hot lava, making your head fill with thoughts of how to brutally murder Flash. You pushed even harder against the blockade Flash’s friends made, only managing to kick them in the heel. Fuck that. You think, absolutely enraged. The teachers just had to be in a meeting right now.

“Puny Parker,” Flash teased, cruel and unforgiving. “No wonder you hang out with the losers. D’you really think the Liz Allan would go out with you? Good thing you gave up on that, right? How does it feel to be such an epic loser that you hang around them!” He pointed to Ned restraining Michelle.

“And that other weird girl, what’s her name?” Flash asks. “Bet she only hangs around you ‘cuz she feels sorry for your ugly ass!”

“Leave them out of this! Leave her alone!” Peter yells, swinging his arms to punch Flash.

“Aww, does Puny Parker have a new crush?” Flash cooed, fake pouting. “Gonna go home and cry to your aunt and uncle? Oh wait-you can’t ‘cuz your uncle’s dead. Probably killed himself when he saw what a little bitch he had as a nephew-”

“ENOUGH!” You roared, finally forcing your way past Flash’s ogre friends. Stomping over to him, you let the backpack fall to the floor with a ‘thud’. The students became silent, watching the scene that was unraveling before them. Flash was so shocked he dropped Peter, who slumped against the lockers. You rush to him and drop to your knees, taking his face in your hands and inspecting it. Peter mumbled something about being fine, but his bleeding lip and bruised cheek said otherwise.

“You’ll be alright Peter.” You soothed, wiping the hair from his forehead. “Can you breathe okay? Not going to pass out, right?” He nodded weakly, face growing pink from embarrassment upon realizing that everyone was watching them.

“Okay-umm…” You glance at Ned and Michelle, then help Peter up, slinging his arm around your shoulder. “Y-you’re going to be okay. I’ll make it okay.”

Limping Peter over, you slip his arm off your shoulder and let Ned hold him up. “Take him to the storage closet.” You plead. “Stay there-I’ll be there in a bit.” Michelle nods solemnly and begins to shout at people to make a path. You slowly turn to Flash, a new fire in your eyes.

“What gave you the right?” You ask quietly, your voice a dangerous calm. “What gave you the right to treat him like that Flash?”

“Hey shorty, don’t start.” Flash says, smirking down at you. “Don’t even pretend you can hurt me.”

“Maybe I can’t hurt you, although rest assured that I really, really want to.” You hiss spitefully. “You envy Peter, don’t you?” Flash’s grin slips off of his face and he growls, cracking his knuckles.

You continue, not intimidated by his actions. “You envy Peter because he’s smart enough to be a damn nuclear physicist,” Your voice is rising steadily, reaching the point of near shouting. “And the only job you’ll ever get is serving food at FUCKING MCDONALDS!” Pinching the bridge of your nose, you calm down a bit, feeling about ready to physically explode.

Flash steps closer to you, his red face looking down at you menacingly. “Are you threatening me, you little-”

You cut him off almost immediately, standing on your toes to seem taller. “Am I threatening the great Flash Thompson?” You announce sarcastically. “Hell yeah I am. Don’t think I didn’t see the S.O.L. cheat paper in your backpack. Y’know how much trouble that can get you in? Forget detention, dumb-ass. That’s worth expulsion from school.” Flash paled visibly, stepping back from you.

“You wouldn’t-”

“Oh yes, I would!” You snapped, flailing your arms around wildly. “I can have you expelled faster than you can say your own name. So how about-” You walk up to him and jab an accusing finger at his chest.

“You leave Peter, Ned and Michelle alone-” You poke him a bit harder, taking another step forward. “Stop being such an asshole-” Another sharp prod to his chest.

“And if you ever hurt Peter again, I’ll make the rest of your high school years a living hell!” You shout, pushing Flash back forcefully. Then, picking up your backpack and spinning around on your heel, you stomp away, leaving the stunned highschoolers behind.

The hallways are a blur as you break into a run, sprinting to the famous storage closet that is often used as a hideout or meeting place. You skidded to a halt at the familiar grey plaque on the wall that read “Room 201: Storage”. It takes three quick knocks, a pause, and another two for Ned to open the locked door. You dart inside and take in the sight before you. Peter looked nothing short of terrible; his lip was still bleeding profusely and there was a nice sized cut on his head that made the hair stick to his forehead, staining it a dark red. It hurt you how utterly defeated he was. Remind me to kill Flash later. You think scathingly. Michelle elbows Ned in the side and stares pointedly at the door. When Ned gives her a confused look in return, she rolls her eyes and pushed him out of the storage closet, giving you a hopeful smile before shutting the door.

“Why didn’t you clean up?” You ask, keeping your voice calm.

“I was waiting for you to come.” Peter murmured faintly.

“Peter…” You trailed off, picking a roll of paper towels off a shelf.

“It’s pathetic, I know.” He said, hugging his knees to his chest. “Maybe-maybe you shouldn’t hang around me… You’ll just become another target for Flash.”

“Peter, you’re the smartest person I know…” You start, crumpling a paper towel into a ball. “-So why are you being such a dumb-ass?” Peter looks up, surprised at the change of tone.


“You heard me. Stop being stupid.” You dab gently at his forehead with the ball of paper towels, seeing him wince at every touch. “How could I ever want to stop being around you, hmm? You’re a freaking awesome guy, smarter than anyone else I know. You’re kind and funny and fucking amazing, okay? And Flash won’t even come near us any more unless he wants to be kicked out of school.”

Peter chuckled slightly. “Knowing how you get when angry he probably pissed his pants. Twice.”

“Don’t dodge the topic.” You said coolly, throwing the bloody towel away and getting a new one. “Why do you think you’re not enough? Why don’t you understand how much I-”

“Because-because I don’t know!” Peter said exasperatedly, throwing his hands up in defeat. He was trying to keep it together but the way his voice cracked when he spoke told you how he really was. “You’re you, and I’m just me! How could I possibly be enough for someone like you, huh? Spider-man is the hero, he’s the one who saves people and climbs walls! I’m Peter fucking Parker, the loser who couldn’t even save his-”

You wrap your arms around him, effectively shutting him up. Both of you stay still for a while and you refuse to let him go until his breathing evens out. After hours, or maybe just seconds, Peter sighs in content against your hair, slumping into your body and relaxing. Your hand weaves through his brown locks, gently tugging and pulling, making him whimper softly.

Before you could even think what you were doing, you pulled away for a second and brushed your lips against his jawline ever so lightly. Peter froze and his heart rate began to speed up again.

“Spider-man is great, really he is. But Spider-man’s no Peter Parker.” You say in a rushed whisper, placing his head on your shoulder. “Peter Parker is this fantastically nerdy guy with endless science jokes and big geek glasses and-and he never fails to make his friends laugh, and he may just be the dictionary definition of perfect! That’s how you are, Peter. Just a big ball of freaking adorable dorkiness and it should never be any other way.”

You could feel Peter smile against your shoulder, rubbing his nose against the fabric of your shirt.

“You’re amazing too y’know.” Came Peter’s muffled reply. He moved his head to speak clearly. “You scared Flash Thompson. That’s worth at least a Nobel Prize, being that bad-ass. And you’re better at science than me.”

“Wow Peter, no big speech for me?” You say, laughing slightly. “Fine then. We’re both pretty impressive, huh?”

Peter dug his face back into your shirt and hummed.

“D’you want to go to your place and just chill for awhile?” You ask hesitantly, scared he would freak out over the kiss and say no. Peter beamed brightly and nodded.

“Sure. Stay the night?” He replied, feeling a lot better now. The iPod in your pocket dinged and you saw a text from Michelle explaining that she and Ned were going to skip movie night just this once. You rolled your eyes at the wink emoji that she kept sending.


If anyone were to walk into the living room of the Parker residence at about 11:30 p.m., they would have seen a girl and a boy asleep soundly on the couch, the TV still playing old episodes of Teen Wolf. The two teens were, of course, a hopeless mess of tangled bodies. Both your hands were entwined in Peter’s hair and one leg was thrown over his hip while his arms were wrapped around your waist, his head against your chest, pulling you closer. At around 12:45 a.m. Peter’s hands would move lower to a less innocent place on your body and by 2:20 a.m. you had both rolled over so that you were now on top of him, your head in the crook of his neck. At 4:30 a.m. you sighed in your sleep, peaceful and happy.

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Part 1 (x) In case you missed it ;)

Part 3 (x) Because some people- can’t even. (Pun, entirely, intended)


As they spiraled around and up the lava filled volcano, Classic dodged some on-coming flaming rocks that came out of it’s top, as Modern Sonic circled the stage upward.

Classic took the more direct but dangerous route, it was faster, but it also meant certain doom if he didn’t watch himself and act fast on reflex.

Jumping from rock to rock, he found that some were dummies or, in otherwords, would cause him to slide down and take longer.

At long last, Classic made it up before Modern, and as he looked behind him to double check his surroundings, he looked inside the volcano and gasped.

A metallic dragon was battling Amy, but she looked on her last few breathes, as she wearily swung her hammer before taking courage and jumping on it’s head, only to have it drop into the lava.

She screamed a moment, flailing her arms before something spin dashed into her, knocking her away from a devastating fall.

She hit the back of the volcano and passed out, as he slid down the rocky wall with one hand gripping the sliding rocks around him and the other trying to hold on to her.

Once down, he worried he may have hurt her, seeing scratches and other such injuries before he angrily turned to the dragon, as it sprayed up lava from it’s head coming up, the magma also formed the tight, flying flame rocks that would form due to their mass spiraling into a ball form.

So.. it was the dragon that made him loose so many rings and lives on that climb up here!

He clutched his fists, and began to fight it, kicking and spinning the rocks back at the head, before jumping on a spring conveniently located at the foot of the lava crevice-like dome before homing attacking the robotic eye when a spring would click out like a door, and the head would fall flat down.

After the boss battle, the dragon roared it’s head and slowly departed into the lava, shutting down and blasting an explosion that triggered the full revival of the volcano.

When Modern made it, he was shocked by the explosions, “Woah! Guess I missed all the fun.” he didn’t seem cheery about that, because he frowned with his teeth showing, looking for Amy above.

But it ended up that Amy was on the floor level with him, and he turned to finally see her, still limp on the ground.

He raced to her at once, as Classic Worriedly dodged sparks of fire burst from the mouth of the volcano, before turning around to look at the two.

Sonic, almost as if in disbelief of her condition, lightly rose a hand over to her face, lifting her head to tilt it toward him.

He then let it down gently and shook his fists so mightily, that even his head lowered with the tremor of the earth, but he barely noticed upon his own dread at not being there for her.

“What happened!?” Sonic spun to Classic, “You got here first. Spill!”

His frustrations came off aggressively, and Classic wasn’t gonna take any of that.

Surprised at first, he widened his eyes slightly and stepped back, almost like, ‘dude, chill.’ before his true attitude came through and he folded his arms, turning his head before seeming to explain himself with gestures, but clearly acting like it wasn’t a big deal.

In greater rage, Sonic reached forward and grabbed his younger self, who started kicking back as the two struggled on the ground.

“Don’t act you’re better than me!!! You hurt her!!!!”

Video game noises spat out from Classic, clearly not putting up with his modern’s deal and starting to fight him back, a stupid brotherly wrestle of punches and kicks unfolded, before the volcano really did start spitting up more and more lava, rising from it’s mouth, getting close to overflowing… near Amy!

Modern Sonic shoved his younger self’s head down, “For once, think more than yourself! You knocked her out, do you not get that?!” He lowered his head down to get the point across, but the two were letting off steam from the stress of everything they’ve had to go through so far.

Classic fought back, having his face smushed but cried out a growl of annoyance before arching and leaning his back so far that he tucked his hands over his head and under his shoulders.

He kicked up like a break dance move, and shoved Modern Sonic’s face all the way back down, having him completely unable to guard against that.

Classic, seeing Modern now face down on his back, leaned down with his hands on his hips, before performing his signature ‘win’ animation and then give the camera a wink and a thumbs up.

Sonic groaned, rolling his eyes as most of his anger was gone and lost by now…

Then worry struck.


Shoving Classic off of himself, he rose up and started darting towards her.

Classic fell backwards but sprung up again, looking upset by that treatment as he sat down, before his tail was smeared with lava flow, and he leaped up in a firework of rings.

He rubbed his tail before turning to look at the lava so close to his head a moment ago, and gripped it, gulping.

They were distracted!

“Amy!” Sonic out stretched his hand but the earth beneath him had already melted away from where she lay…

“Darn!” he bite down before looking around, seeing the wall beside him was cleared from some rocks.

“Hmm..” He glared down, getting ready to jump as he seriously began to plan this daring rescue.

Jumping after gaining some speed on the now almost completely gone, rectangular earth piece, he jumped to the wall and scaled it, running along in a parkour style before spinning and flipping around, landing on Amy’s floating island.

The earth rocked and he almost fell in, but jumped forward to grab Amy, looking back to see her drap over his shoulder and the earth still a moment after flipping and rocking back and forth to balance itself.

Sonic looked up, half supporting himself with just one arm and the other up on his shoulder where Amy was.

He got up on his knees, looking back to Classic, who was now on a little island too.

“You got any bright ideas?” He looked calm, but his face showed he was a little worried, holding Amy now with both hands over one shoulder.

Classic looked down, his eyes shifting, before scrolling up to look around, and scanning possibilities.

He suddenly heard a roar beneath his feet, and lifted one comically, before smiling a huge open grin to Sonic.

He jumped up, spreading his legs as he put his fingers to his mouth, whistling.

This triggered the last remaining bits of energy left in the broken Dragon, as it started to roll it’s head up from beneath, it’s long neck pushing the lava up, and with it, the gang as well.

“Whaaaa!!” Modern Sonic cried out as they were lifted in a strange way up and out of the volcano, the Dragon breaking the surface with it’s blinking eye, about to flicker out, and half of itself destoryed in the explosion, causing it to twitch and have half it’s armor off, looking like a robotic skeleton.

Finally, the neck snapped and the flickering light of the dragon finally faded to nothingness as the dragon’s head fell to the depths of the remaining eruption.

Sonic jumped with Amy and then reached for his other, who gripped his hand and hung on from behind.

Modern Sonic got everyone down, but tripped over a sliding rock, something he had forgot was a thing in this stage, and the three tumbled the rest of the way down.

Falling flat on their faces except for Amy, the two shook their heads before looking up, seeing Amy roll off a cliff.

“AHHH!!” the two freaked out and charged, jumping off and racing down the cliff to grab her again.

“Why does this always happen!?” Modern Sonic, with eyes moving small and big in his panic, was referencing the fact that Amy couldn’t be safe for more than 5 minutes.

He grasped her arm and pulled her close before falling through the trees, Classic slicing his way through branches to make the fall not so painful, before letting them get caught by a his own hand.

Before then, Sonic had fully brought Amy over him, pushing her close, gripping her head to himself, and lowering his head. With eyes shut, he almost thought that could be the end, and a thought of prayer that Amy might at least make it skimmed his racing, adrenaline pumped, thoughts.

He reached up, looking for Classic and grabbed the hang, hearing him call out to do so.

The two swung and Sonic lifted a leg to push off a tree and land fairly decently.

He then immediately shot his head up, shaking Amy.

“Come on, come on! If that didn’t wake you up, then what will!?”

She lay motionless, as Classic hopped down, and slowly walked over to her.

“…This… this doesn’t make any sense.” Sonic started to look around on the ground, leaning back as if defeated. “She can’t… she couldn’t be that far out of it. Why is she not… What… mmm.” he swallowed hard, fear crippling his words, as he suddenly felt a deep feeling of loss and anguish wash over him.

So immediate was this tangible emotion that it gripped his chest and made it hard for him to breathe.

“..Amy…” he barely got the words out, it was so faint, as he slowly lowered her to the ground. “What have I done..?” he put his hand over his face, hiding any reading the audience could give as to his emotions.

He lowered his head as he hovered over her, before Classic looked to him, seeing something he never thought he woudl see in himself.


But this was more pure, more holy almost, the way he dealt with deep sorrow and pain.

Classic looked down to Amy then.

A angelic look of non-existence…

He bent down and put his head up to her mouth and nose, closing his eyes to listen.

She was breathing.

He looked back up to himself, as if not understanding.

Why was he so wrought with pain when she was still okay?

Classic pulled her a little from under him, as Modern turned to peek through his fingers, just trying to breathe right.

He lowered his hand when he saw Classic lightly stroking the middle ridge between her eyes.

He waited, not sure what he was thinking…

Classic then lightly stroked her ears, and looked for a response.

“…L…Little me..” Sonic was about to scold a bit, thinking it weird before the gentle touch actually stirred her.

Classic tilted his head, before smiling.

Modern looked amazed.

“Not even… that ruckus… woke her up but… that… that did?” He was still finding it hard to catch his breath, but couldn’t help and chuckle and shake his head down at that truth.

He reached and pushed off his raised knee, getting up as he walked over, getting his communicator, clicking it on.

“Tails, I need readings on Amy’s condition. Think you can get that off her tracker?”

Classic, almost having fun with this game, lightly ‘boop’d her nose.

“Emmm..mmm..” she slowly twitched, gently as if in a deep sleep, but her body was truly sore and her dress tattered.

She really did get a slam force on that spin dash, but in Classic’s defense, he was only trying to save her life.

Classic’s smile turned a smirk, as he raised his eyebrows to look back at Modern, wondering…

If he’d get mad…

“Right. Heart rate? That’s good, I guess.Critical for anything? Wow… she can take a hit. I-I mean I always knew THAT b-b-but still-!…” he was facing his back to the two, but grew nervous for some reason.

“Thanks, Tails. I’ll bring her back as soon as I can for further recovery.” he clicked the communicator off, turning around.

His quills bristled at the sight.

Classic Sonic was laying, completely chillaxed, right beside her; gently he flicked his fingers over her bangs and got her to turn her head more towards him, and opened his arms for the embrace as he held her head, turning his face to the side and closing his eyes, lowering his head before blinking up at Sonic.

Ohh… he was asking for it…

“Ehem.” Modern Sonic folded his arms, and looked ticked. “And what, do you suppose, does that look like?” he raised an eyebrow, tilting his head.

Classic cozied on up more to her, scooting himself, before smirking more mischievously as he flicked his finger under her chin, then gave Modern Sonic a look.

“Quit it!” Modern shot his arms down, and reached to remove him.

Classic dodged the swipe for him and raced off, before turning around mocking him with his hand on his nose like, ‘You can’t catch me! Sucka!’. He then reverted to acting like he was holding and loving on Amy, before sticking a finger in his mouth and hacking, showing he hated the idea of it all before fanning his older self as if saying, ‘Nasty, nasty! Gross, gross, gross! I’d never!’. He turned his head and squinted an eye in disgust, accusing his older self of liking her a little too much than just regular old fondness.

Sonic bent down by Amy, before glaring at Classic’s tauntings, lowering his head with a deep, serious look of annoyance.

He then picked Amy up, carefully, and looked her over to make sure she was okay.

He nodded when he figured it could all be something that could heal, given the right amount of time.

“Phew~ No broken bones.”

Classic mimicked a broken heart.

Sonic twitched, before looking away, then down back at her, as if ashamed again.

“…” he moaned a sigh, looking away and walking off before taking off in a sprint.

Classic, confused on him not responded, was baffled a moment before something terrifying skimmed his thoughts.

He gripped his head and started hitting his feet on the ground, making annoyed sounds of disapproval.

What if he was in love!?

The thought made him grip his throat, shaking his head, as if he’d rather be DEAD than love Amy Rose!

-Later in game~-

Sonic returned to the HQ only to hear that Amy had left without anyone knowing, and in great anger he tried to storm off and search for her, thinking her foolish for doing another stupid mission on her own again, but was stopped by the team.

Having a long debate, it was convincing to see that the team were going to hold him home, and wait the night out for her to come back.

Upset, and under the impression she was truly avoiding him, Sonic tossed and turned in his bed, thinking of ways to get passed his ‘guard dogs’ outside, before suddenly becoming very sleepy.

Unknown to Sonic, his drink was given a sleeping remedy, and he flickered his eyes out, his last thoughts on running to find Amy again.

Later that night, as Classic slept on the floor with an arm over his head, he heard Sonic’s Miles-Electric in his room turn on, flickering and making some phone ringing sound.

He yawned, before getting up and wiping his eyes, seeing his other had slept in, but not knowing he wasn’t stirred because of the powerful dosage given him.

He yawned and got up, clicking the answer button he had learned how to do and watched as the screen was black, and looked puzzled at it.

He tilted his head.


It was so gentle. So faint.

He recognized it at once, but turned to see she had turned off her video chat, and it was only her voice he could hear.

He looked around, confused as to why, but tapped the screen to try and indicate he was still there.


He raised his hands in frustration, clearly unable to communicate if she couldn’t SEE him.

He looked around the screen, before clicking his video on, and seeing a small square where it showed his face.

He smiled widely, glad he could figure out this strange, futuristic device, and proudly moved his shoulders side to side in a little happy movement.

“..Oh? Classic?” She giggled, “I wasn’t expecting you..”

Her voice was like a sigh, and Classic was surprised it was so soft. Usually, it had quite a force behind it.

He tilted his head, trying to hear what was around her, and hopefully get an idea of where she could be.

Forest? There was a lot of bugs… maybe if an owl hoot’d he’d be more precise on WHERE or WHICH forest…

But nope. There was only a breath released that sounded like weary exhaustion, and he picked the device up to sit down where he was laying, letting her speak, he guessed.

I… I was kind of hoping to go to voicemail.” she admitted.

What was voicemail?

Classic made a face, turning his mouth to the side.

She giggled, apparently seeing it in the dark lit room, since the light of the screen was bright enough a green to see.

He stared into the darkness, wondering why he couldn’t see her, and looked around to try and indicate he wanted too.

He tapped the screen again.

Sorry.. I… I’d rather not…” she admitted, but then continued with another soft inhale.

I need.. some time.”

Well, we all do.

Sonic made another, more insensitive face, not putting up with Amy’s crappy excuses.

He mimed how his older self really didn’t like her avoiding him, and how he really wanted to talk with her about why she was acting this way.

He then mimed Metal Sonic, using his fingers to push his eyes wider and stare into the camera, trying to reflect Metal’s red eyes as a prominent indicator that that’s what he was talking about.

“...So you heard..

He shook his head, looking back at the screen, a little more innocently.

Not all of it… but you heard, still. Which means…”

He heard too.”

Classic Sonic was growing upset and easily frustrated with all these stalling, secretive codes that he couldn’t catch on to.

Spill it, lady!

Classic Sonic tapped the screen harder, pouting to reflect a more physical look of impatience.

She giggled again, “Not now… but soon. I need to… I just need to be alone right now.

Classic Sonic thought about Modern, and slowly rose his head to the bed, remembering…

He looked tenderly back to the screen, and gathering strength, he closed his eyes and licked his lips.

“…You hate being alone…”

She was surprised, guessing by the mini-gasp he heard from her, that he could talk.

Cool guys only speak when dramatic effect is maximized.

And you have too. He winked to the audience.

Heh.” she turned on the video.

Looking down, he noticed she was laying down, her face on her side and half hidden, but noticed the tree roots on the ground she was around.

He quickly scanned the area, before looking over her to make sure she was okay.

She seemed fine.

I don’t know how to say this but...” she smiled lightly, before deep despair showed on her face, and she looked away.

Just tell Sonic… Tell him… I never meant to… to…” she sighed, “I’m sorry.” she closed down the Miles-Electric as she seemed about to cry.

Classic Sonic freaked, clicking the buttons and trying to turn his ‘show’ back on before looking upset.

Why are girls so fond of leaving everything in a conversation open for interpretation that will never be gotten?

He smashed his head on the device, groaning…

The next morning, he was much more willing to search for Amy then last time, and gestured two thumbs to himself, stating through the gesture to trust him. He knows a good forest where tree roots grow large and above ground…

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"Uhm, p-please don't tell any of the other marines, but.... I-I think you look really cool! Especially your dance moves! Y-you actually remind me a lot of one of my comrades, Jango... a-anyway! If we fight I'd probably still have to bring you in.... b-but until then, please keep being cool!!"

“Alright! You may be a marine, but i appreciate someone who likes my dance moves. They’re pretty SUPER, aren’t they? You seem like a pretty cool person yourself, miss marine. Always be yourself and don’t let that lava head get to you. Your pretty SUPER in my book!” He poses.

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Help I was watching videos of scenes in Injustice 2 and when it was a scene with Blue Beetle and Firestorm my sis asked why Firestorm head look like Squidward's in that one episode of Spongebob when they powers and the lava came out his head thingy and now I can't stop thinking about it.


So I wrote the following when I was either drunk or high…. probably high… and I just…. think it’s so fucking funny and pseudo deep hahahaha but I remember what I’m trying to say but like it’s funny that I’m so stereotypically high…. I’m too much sometimes… anyways here’s my high poem about how i feel when I’m high or when I’m sad and high I don’t remember that well (I edited a bit for readability):

Like a river of lava flowing down my head over my chest and down my bosom and into the or of my stomach

a beat washes over me

inside myself is bursting with feeling and energy and focus.

However the world around me was lagging and dimming it to felt so big.

Both works ((worlds)) flight ((fight))to keep each other in its kingdom thinning ((thinking)) he were the enemy

Idk what that last line meant but it sounds good lol also I refer to my feelings with he pronouns that’s interesting

Find the Light - Part 4

Words: 3662
Dean x Reader
Warnings: mildly graphic descriptions, angst/grief, language
Summary: Sam and Dean rush to get to Y/N, who has been taken, in accordance with their plan to kill the remaining Djinn.
A/N:This is part of a series! Read the other parts first! (Part 1 Part 2 Part 3) Ya’ll might want to maybe have a tissue handy for this part… *whistles nonchalantly* *walks casually away* *runs*

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You moved your head hesitantly, cringing against the intensity of the pain that was spreading it’s hot fingers out from the base of your skull. You tried to reach around with a hand to touch the back of your head and were met by the cruel sensation of rough rope restraining you again; your arms were pulled taught above your head. Now your eyes snapped wide open and you squinted up at your hands. The ropes weren’t yet cutting into you but the feeling was all too familiar.

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Make You Happy (Austin Carlile Fluff)

could you please do one where y/n is stressed from work cause a co-worker was rude to you and other problems at work. you come home almost crying. Austin and your 2 year old son are playing. and they notice your upset. Austin takes care of you and your son tries to help as well. Lots of cuteness and fluffiness please! :3

A/N: Sorry It’s so short

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Joe Sugg imagine || Cheer up, Buttercup! ||

Anonymous said:

can you do one where Joe is having a bad day and y/n is the only one who can make him feel better, thank you! 💕 :)

- - -

“Are you fucking kidding me, come on!” You heard someone snap darkly as you walked around the corner of the courtyard surrounding the hotel you were staying in for VidCon.

Looking forward you seen Joe Sugg looking up at the sky with anger and you couldn’t help but glance up yourself seeing nothing but a blue cloudless sky. “What’s the matter?” You asked walking up to him still looking up cluelessly.

You knew Joe, having met and made videos with him a handful of times over the years gone by, but you lived a fair distance apart and while you texted and conversed regularly you’re schedules were usually conflicted to the point where hanging out was impossible – though you did lunch a couple times, the only time you really physically got to see Joe and a lot of the central London crew was usually a convention.

“A fucking bird just crapped on me.” Joe said darkly, turning from his side standing position to face you and he gestured to the left sleeve of his denim jacket. “Ohh…” You said seeing it before he pulled his jacket off leaving him in a white t-shirt.

“Yeah, this fucking day as been nothing but an absolute mare.” His voice was still angry but you knew it wasn’t directed at you. “Uhm, Joe?” You looked at your watch, “yes?” He sighed a little. “It’s only eleven o'clock in the morning…” You pointed out looking from the face of your watch to him and he looked defeated.

“See? It’s been so crap that it feels like it’s been an entire day.” He sighed.

“Oh, come on now.” You said putting your arm around his shoulders your hand came up and scratched his head lightly between the locks of his soft hair consolingly. “Cheer up Buttercup.” You added giving him a smile.

Looking at you with a sideways glance, you could see he was trying his hardest not to smile.

“Oh, oh, what’s that I see? A little smile starting? I think it is… A little smile.” You said adoringly watching his lips twitch at the corners before he bite his bottom lip stopping it from happening.

“Come on… Let’s go back to my room, we can soak your jacket and you can tell me all about why today has been such a mare, up until right now when I strolled into your life.” You tried sounding as vain as possible wanting him to crack a smile.
“Fine.” He nodded as you both strolled into the hotel together through the automatic doors, taking a left down a hallway from the front desk to the elevators, the double doors opened as you both stood back letting Shay and his pack of children walk off, before you got in and pressed the ‘9’ for the ninth floor.

Your arm was still around Joe’s shoulders as you waited for the right floor, you both walked to the end of the hallway where your room was.

Sliding your keycard through the reader, you had to take your arm away to push the handle down and open the door. “It’s messy – don’t judge me.” You glanced at him, he laughed a small laugh.

“I’m sharing a room with Caspar … And I live with him, too – remember.” He pointed out. “True.” You laughed, as you walked in and the door closed behind the both of you.

“Here.” You said taking Joe’s jacket from his hand into the washroom, you ran the tap and found a clean wash cloth cleaning the bird droppings from the jacket before putting the plug into the sink, letting some lukewarm water fill it just a bit.

“Hey – maybe it was a seagull whose seen the UK version of Spongebob’s movie and didn’t like your performance – he thought you portrayed seagulls wrongly.” You giggled, looking to the washroom door frame where Joe was leaning watching you.

“Maybe.” He nodded, a smile still trying to happen but he kept fighting it. “I’m really using my best stuff here Joe, you’re killing me.” You admitted leaving the sleeve of the jacket in the sink. “We’ll let that soak a bit.” You nodded, following him out of the washroom. “Thanks.” He said.
“No problem, least I could do.” You assured, opening the mini fridge in your room, you held out a bottle of Fiji water in his direction. “Thanks.” He said again.

“That’ll be nineteen dollars and eighty-six cents.” You joked taking one for yourself and he breathlessly laughed a little, sitting on the edge of your double bed as you lent against the desk in the room your Macbook was closed on.

“Alright so… Spill it – why’s today been horrible?” You asked, twisting the cap from your bottle.

“I dunno where to start.” Joe rubbed his forehead. “I like the beginning – it’s my personal preference, tried starting at the end a few times before but ehhh – not really my thing,” you explained before looking up seeing Joe was staring at you with a raised eyebrow.

“Sorry, continue.” You urged.

“Well, I had a video scheduled to post today on my vlog channel but it didn’t post, so I went to manually do it – the audio was all screwed up. I deleted it, went back to the file in Final Cut and deleted the entire thing, no idea where the hell it went but it’s gone.” He said dully. “Then, I go to get breakfast this morning – locked myself out of the room, where’s Caspar? Fuck knows!” He dramatically gestured around the room.

“Awh, Joe.” You said sympathetically.

“Anyway.” He muttered, “finally get back into my room and I’ve been talking to this girl right? I met her on Industry day.” He explained. “She sent me a Whatsapp asking if I’d meet her at the Star Bucks down the street, of course – of course I was like oh yes, awesome Sugg!” He muttered and you nodded listening, your chin resting on the bottle you held.

“Went down there, waited nothing, messaged her – nothing… Finally I was about to leave and she messaged me;” his voice changed to a higher pitched one; “,'ohh sorry – something came up.’.” and his voice went back to normal. “Fucking – ugh. Then I walk back here and a bird shits on me.” He nodded, finishing his story, looking up at you.

You couldn’t help but laugh a little bit to his dismay. “That is… All horrible Joe, all horrible and I feel for you.” You moved from the desk, leaving the bottle of water on it and sitting on the end of the bed beside him.

“But; think about it this way.” You cleared your throat, “your computer could have died and you’d be screwed completely, at least only a files gone missing. You got back into your room, some hotel person sick of Youtubers could have been a bitch about it and not helped you out.” You pointed out. “And as for that girl, well – screw her, you don’t need her in your life. She doesn’t know what she’s missing.” You put your hand on his shoulder, “Mister Joe fucking Sugg! She’ll be kicking herself about missing that coffee date later while you have a hundred girls lined up waiting for a chance to have a coffee date with you.” You assured.

“And it’s a bird. It crapped on your jacket at least it wasn’t your hair, right?” You asked him, watching him closely.

“You’re right.” He nodded and you laughed, “I know I usually am – it’s a gift I was blessed with.” You grinned.

Finally, Joe laughed a true laugh and smiled looking at you. “There we go! There’s that Joe Sugg smile I know and love!” You poked his cheek making him smile even more. “I knew I’d get me a Joe-Smile eventually.” You nodded proud of yourself.

“Thank you, (Y/N).” Joe laughed.
“Oh no, thank you Mister Sugg for bestowing me with the great honour of your smile.” You made a slight bowing down gesture with your body and hands. “

“Okay, okay – stop.” Joe nudged you lightly, still smiling. “But really.” He cleared his throat.

You had stopped being a torment and looked at him. “Thank you, you’ve made me feel better and that’s no easy task. I think you might be the only person who can do it.” He lent in and kissed your cheek. You blushed a little. “Oh well.” You said waving him off, “Awh – look whose smiling now.” He teased you and you flipped him off. “Ohh, hey – that’s just mean.” He put his hand over his heart and you rolled your eyes. “Oh please, spare me.” You giggled.

“Spare you from what? Burning because your in such close vicinity of someone sooo hot?” He fanned himself.

“Yeah – that’s exactly it Mister Lava.” You shook your head. “Glad you’re back to your old self.” You smiled.

“All thanks to you, how can I repay you?” He asked and you pulled a thinking face. “Ice cream.” You grinned.

favorite rt extra life moments

  • geoff giving jack a kiss instead of slapping him
  • live appearance by x-ray and vav
  • painting with bob ross (ft. miles luna)
  • matt bragg getting his head shaved
  • jack getting his beard shaved
  • story time with levar burton
  • gavin destroying his mouth with a super hot sauce
  • matt bragg and jeremy smooching (for the kids)
  • blaine getting his chest waxed (for the kids)
  • kerry and miles slow dancing to ‘how could this happen to me’
  • michael and gavin drinking a gallon each of color-coded milk
  • the internet paying to burn ryan’s awful dad shoes
  • live action amiibo death match
  • gavin watching himself make out in a live action short
  • jack, then jack and blaine truffle shuffle
  • the national disaster of #2spooky2k15
    • beard hair sandwiches
    • kigurumis everywhere
    • cheese master gus sorola
  • glamor shots from ryan the model guy haywood and others
  • alan ritchson and the mac and cheese disaster
  • michael jones
    • eating (and agreeing to vomit up on camera) 12 lava cakes
    • getting his head shaved
    • getting kicked in the face during twister, while in the middle of filming a movie 
    • getting fucking tazed (for the kids!!!) 
  • every time jack gets emotional at the end of the stream because of how much the community gives and because of how good the team backing him is

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What are the Nordics reaction to their 2p's?

APH Denmark: Den would actually probably try to fight his 2p. He would be so angry at the fact that his 2p is so negative about everything. However, when he attempted to throw the first punch, his 2p would be so disinterested that he would just dodge it and walk away. This would just make Den even more furious to the point where he would probably just explode.

APH Finland: A lot of people would probably think he would be afraid of his 2p’s intimidating presence, but I think he would actually be able to hold his own against them. However, his 2p would probably get a little pissed off at his perky attitude. After the initial interaction, Finland would do his best to be friendly. But I think they would just do their best to avoid each other so the front yard doesn’t turn into a sniper practice lot.

APH Sweden: Sweden would be more uncomfortable around his 2p than he has ever been around anyone else. Normally he is the one that intimidates people, but I think his 2p’s sweet, yet dangerous, smile would really unnerve him. His 2p would purposely cling to him like they were best friends, but he would constantly try to shy away. 

APH Iceland: Would probably get along with his 2p the best out of all of them. I think he would almost secretly admire his other half for being a total badass. His 2p would be a bit of a bad influence on him though, because he would try to convince ice to do stupid things like pull pranks on people and dump lava buckets over his head for fun.

APH Norway: Norway thinks his 2p is the number one most annoying person in the world. Like even worse than Denmark. His 2p would refuse to leave him alone, and would talk his ear off all day. Eventually I think Nor would catch on to the slightly insane tone in his 2p’s voice, and would resort to hiding in a closet for his own safety…

I just made my OC and i was wondering if you could review it for me, the colors are WIP.

Sorry about all the words on the page, this is going on some other sites too.


Name: Lamphra (Lam-pher-ah)

Gender: Female

Age: 24 human years

Height: 5'2

Monster Type: Lava Lamp

Location: Hotland but travel’s to Snowdin for her job at Grillbys. 

Hobbies: Making lava lamps, molding glass, and singing.

Fighting style: When she cracks her knuckles the lava flows out of the cracks and hardens to form gauntlets.

Likes: fishing, swimming, snow, music, bartending

Dislikes: Cleaning, Waking up in the mornings, breaking up bar fights (in the human world), snorting when she laughs.

Friends: The regulars at Grillbys, Alphys, Guard #1 and #2, NiceCream guy, River Person.

Enemies: Flowey

Relationship/crush: single and ready to mingle but does have a crush on Grillby (she has a thing for glasses and suits)

Personality: Can make friends just as well as any monster. She tends to put her foot in her mouth and can end a friendship quite fast. She never cleans and loves to sleep, so she gets the cleaning jobs if she slacks off at work. She plays music at the bar at the week’s end and host’s karaoke too! She gives warm hugs to people who look sad and will give them a glass gift in hopes it will help. She is very sarcastic some times and loves puns, bad jokes and the occasional perverted joke when Boss man isn’t near.

Other info:

-Lava forms in her head than travels down to her glass body.

-Her body is made of a hard glass, and when her body heats said glass up it makes it more bendable allowing her to move easy.

-She tends to get scolded by Grillby a lot when she slacks off on the job, and works after hours to clean up because of it.

- Has a twang in her voice and snorts when she laugh’s.


sorry if its too long!


all i gotta say is add more depth in them thunder thighs ya know

-Mod Chara