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Remember that post I made explaining that the henchmaniacs sometimes bully Dipper? That’s uh- probably not a thing anymore. 

Besides someone has to instill Dipper with self-confidence and that someone’s not going to be Bill for a while

Bill’s mostly frustrated because auuugh it’s so hard to make Dipper LIKE him but everyone else makes it so easy it’s almost like you have to treat someone like an actual person to gain their respect or something what the hell is this


Collin and Keiy!!! The childrens of Idle and Siren. Gosh!! I struggled to make those designs. Fucking art block. But I managed to do it.

Collin belongs to @extreme-op-wuff

Keiy belongs to @reyindee ( me )

Lord Dominator - Acrylic Paint

She a bitch but I love her :’v *cries on the floor*
I don’t really know what to say about this. Mh, I did this in three hours in total I think? I took my time for details /sbaf/ especially the lava. I wish I could be more patient for a background /resbaf/
I just love to draw her, she’s so funny :’D

Illustrations like this may become a type of commission ;w;

I hope you folks like it/

So…..I have been too busy to go in the woy tag lately,but I have noticed a few people talk about how Dom is being, “oversexualized???’

…I’m just gonna post my opinion below a ‘read more,’ sorry if it’s a bit rude, you can have your own opinion, but please hear me out when I say this.

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(Drive Drabble #7)

Author: Mikala
Characters: Scott Lang x Reader
Word Count: 745
Warnings: Literally none, I’m pretty sure. 
Author’s Note: Here’s the seventh and final fic for my “Drive” Drabble week! The prompt @bovaria provided for me was “The floor is lava.” Thank you guys so much for all the support you’ve given me while doing this theme week! Emma and I have agreed that this is definitely something we’d like to do again in the future! 
Previous Drabbles: (#1) (#2) (#3) (#4) (#5) (#6)

(This isn’t a gif but look how cute they are omg)

“Daddy, can Y/N play ‘the floor is lava’ with us when we get to her house?” You glanced in the rear-view mirror for a moment, which was angled so that you could see the backseat where Cassie sat. She was clutching that god-awful stuffed bunny in her arms, peering expectantly up at the passenger seat where her father sat. You focused your eyes back on the road as Scott twisted around to answer her.

“Well, sweetie, I think you’re going to have to ask Y/N that. And conveniently, she’s right here,” he said, patting your shoulder softly for emphasis as he turned back around.

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anonymous asked:

Do you ship any bloggers with snk characters?

No, of course not! *fan art of me and erwin spills from my pockets* That would be silly! *hide death note where I’ve scribbled the names of my rivals*

Guys please the volcanos from the Lava short weren’t even sexualized there is nothing wrong with a heterosexual volcano couple that only has obvious genders as a result of the singing voice and the facial features of the volcanos.

You want to be mad at something being sexualized when it shouldn’t be?

Here, check out this pizza from this commercial

Here is a sexualized inanimate object that you should be wondering for what reason it even exists. This is on television. I see this every day. It’s a slice of pizza making passes at a man. Every day I see this piece of pizza put it’s pizza hand on it’s wildly inappropriate curvy pizza hip and yell at a man for not wanting her as much as a real life lady who is sitting five feet away.

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But this is the problem????

This isn’t even sexualized. Do you see boobs and heavy makeup on that volcano? Really? Do you. Yeah, it’s obvious that’s a girl volcano. But it is obvious in the most gentle, nice, not weird way possible. Sure, could have been two boy volcanos. But it’s not, and it’s really not a big deal.


Calm down.

Darkhorse Comics was having this ‘draw-yourself-as-a-bender’ contest for Nickelodeon. I really wanted the LoK artbooks they had for first place so I had to do it! 

I was inspired by LoK’s 1920s fashion but wanted to take it a few decades later from the 20s to their world’s equivalent of the 1940s

So here’s me as a lava bending bad guy!