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The volcano Piton de la Fournaise on Reunion Island in the Indian Ocean is driven by a hotspot, much like Hawaii, It regularly erupts hot, basaltic lava in fire-fountain eruptions and the whole island is constructed out of eruptions like this. It had some spectacular eruptions in 2016, and here’s its first awakening for 2017. Some really good fire fountaining combined with glowing lava flows at night.

Tadah! A few Pyropes and their strict trainer Lava Plume Agate! ( my new bb )
 The three Pyropes on the left are available for adoption if you want them and you can change them up a bit if you wish though i do request you keep them fairly similar to their OG design. Ill let you know when theyve been claimed

Ill draw a reference for Lava Plume Agate probs tomorrow tbh. 
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The dwarves are lauded for their craftsmanship, and the city of Orzammar is one of their finest works. Orzammar lies at the heart of the Frostback Mountains, deep underground. The city arcs outward from the royal palace, which is built around a natural lava vent, continually fountaining liquid rock, which both lights and heats the entire cavern. 

 The topmost tier of Orzammar is home to the noble caste, with their palaces fanning out in both directions from the court of the king, as well as the Shaperate, which serves as a repository for all dwarven knowledge. 

 The lower tier is the Commons, where the merchant caste holds sway and where the finest works of Orzammar’s craftsman are for sale. In the center of the river of lava, connected to the Commons by a causeway, are the Proving Grounds, a sacred arena where the dwarves, by ancient tradition, settle their disputes. 

 On one side of the fiery river are the ruins of old dwarven palaces, fallen into disrepair, which the locals call Dust Town, now home to the city’s casteless. On the other side of the river are the Deep Roads, which once joined the sprawling dwarven empire together, but now, after centuries of darkspawn incursions, are largely sealed off. Nearly all knowledge of this network of underground passages has been lost, even to its builders. 

 ──From “In Pursuit of Knowledge: The Travels of A Chantry Scholar”, by Brother Genitivi


Piton de la Fournaise volcano on Reunion Island produces pretty regular, spectacular eruptions and another started just recently. Take a drone delivered view across the fields of basaltic lava rivers as they spread out from the crater, and you even get to hear the sound of the fire fountaining at one point.

Lava Plume Agate !
The strict trainer of igneous formed gems like Pyrope and obsidian. This agate is not afraid to whip you into shape but can also be a friend for you to confide in. She is strong and passionate. Very determined to make you who you’re supposed to be.
She hones a barbed whip which flickers with flames at every lash.
She is stationed inside a large volcano base.

Feel free to fuse with her, draw her, or ask questions about her !


On January 23, 1973, a fissure ripped the island of Heimaey open, releasing a fountain of lava on the tiny Icelandic town of Vestmannaeyjar, known as the “Pompeii of the North.” The fissure that opened followed several tremors, and the resulting eruption lasted five months and left a 660-foot volcano, called Eldfell, in its wake.

Peter Holliday’s gorgeous photos in Where The Land Rises are remote and ethereal, and feel a bit melancholy even if you don’t know the story of what happened there. They convey the vast desolation of a tiny island in a vast sea, and the quiet of the snowy landscape. 

Read more about Holliday’s project and check out more photos.

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Alistair: “Hey Mori, can you h–”

Mordred, sleep deprived and 0.2 seconds from fainting because there are lava pouring out of fountains outside the Orzammar inn: “If it’s not important kindly shut the fuck up.”

Alistair: :(


Volcanic searchlight

Villarica (AKA Pucon) has been erupting for several months (see, and while the activity remains low key with seismic tremor, glowing craters and some lava fountaining, the smoking mountain is still producing some fantastic visual effects. Here a beam of red volcanic light is shining brightly up towards the clear winter stars over the Andes, that great chain of mountains born of the subduction of the Pacific oceanic plate under the South American continental one. The current alert level is only yellow, and we’ll keep you posted if things change. In the first photo our hime island universe’s two largest satellite galaxies, the large and small Magallanic clouds are clearly visible as the cloud like objects, one just to the right of the beam and one seemingly in it.


Image credit: Agencia Uno

The Weeping Goddess

When freshly erupted lava cools very quickly as it flies through the icy air (some 1200 degrees cooler) or drips into the oceanic waters it freezes so fast that instead of the usual crystals a volcanic glass forms (see, and for a variety of examples). Pele’s tears are most often quick frozen droplets of lava from a gas driven lava fountain, a common expression of basaltic volcanism with its fluid and runny product. Named after the Hawaiian goddess of smoking mountains, it is a common sight in volcanic regions.

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Hearts on fire…

It’s Valentine’s day today, and in celebration of the love that keeps our human world turning we share with you some fountaining lava pushing its way up through the edifice of Kilauea in Hawaii. As it rises, the pressure drops and gases come out of solution, powering the jets of lava in much the same way as the frothing wine in the champagne bottles many couples will be cracking open tonight. We wish you a happy, love filled day, whether married, with partners or single.


Image credit: D. Griggs, USGS.

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Footage of the 1950 eruption of Mauna Loa, with a major basaltic lava flow and lava fountains in the background.