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vessel by Brooke Shaden
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The Icelandic highland can be a barren place. 

Because of cold climate the vegetation’s growing period is only about two moths every year and the formation of soil very slow.  The mountains have left endless amounts of ash, sand and lava in the area but in between you can find beautiful spots covered in bright green  moss

If you dream of exploring the great outdoors, observing raw nature and volcanic phenomena, Iceland is undoubtedly one of the best places for this type of adventure

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Landmannalaugar - nature reserve on the edge of lava fields in the Icelandic Highlands

Sometimes Cas just talks.

Dean thinks it might be a side-affect of Falling–that after losing the hugeness of a Grace, there’s too much experience and knowledge to keep it all bottled up.

Well, that, and humans generally like to tell stories.

So Dean listens. And in the early hours of the morning, when he closes his eyes after a roll in the hay, Castiel paints the night sky of the Sahara desert across his eyelids, speaking lowly of the cold and heat and the people who live there. 

Cas talks about Spain, and Paris, and Pangaea. About Australia before it was Australia. About Chile. Lebanon. Malawi.

“What’s your favorite place?” Dean asks one night.

Cas says, “Iceland.”

It’s not what Dean is expecting.

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Pahoehoe lobes inflate and occasionally a small new lobe breaks out, timelapse view, on the edge of the active lava fields, Hawaii. This clip is probably 5-10x faster than real time. This lava is over 1100 degrees C. It cools rapidly at the surface when exposed to air, then that crust is broken through and refolded by the lava flowing underneath to create the folded, ropy pahoehoe texture you see on top.


Mercy, the landscapes in this shot are spectacular.

“Nord” is an aerial adventure that was captured entirely on Drone. All footage was captured during a summer trip to Norway and Iceland in august 2016. Despite some weather and timing problems (we really wanted to see everything at once since this is our first trip in such a picturesque paradise) I’m looking forward for a second trip to enjoy the sunsets, auroras, take some hikes in the mountains, shoot some timelapses and make a selfie with a puffin.

Landmannalugar is in the highlands of Iceland at the edge of a lava field, which was formed in an eruption around the year 1477. The area is known for its rich and colorful rhyolite mountains; painted yellow, golden, brown, grey, red and green. Rambling lava filds, blue mountain lakes and soothing hot springs

Right by the campsite you can enjoy a relaxing bath in a natural warm pool which was created when many hot and cold springs in the area combined and the small stream you cab see here is actually warm

I love this place and I try to go there every summer and spend a day hiking in the area