lava cat

Moriva d'emozione per musica, libri e film ma le persone le erano indifferenti, provava nei confronti delle persone l'indifferenza di un gatto verso il mondo quando con la zampa si lava il musino.
—  Lucrezia Beha
signs in hell

Aries: o shit am i here bc of that time i told my mum to suck a fuck or that tim-

Taurus: why cant i have a fucking chair just to sit in for 5 minutes ffs 

Gemini: ha shit

Cancer: um yes i want to speak to satan about the quality of the food here 

Leo: I cant stop sweating omg omgomgomgmog gmogm *freaks out*

Virgo: I was selling dank memes not drugs ffs 

Libra: yo satan,,, hit me up on twitter my @ is 

Scorpio: yeah but is there wifi i want to watch the rest of this new anime i’ve b-

Sagittarius: omg i need a mirror i can feel my face melting im not even joking

Capricorn: soo where am i supposed to, like, release my bladder

Aquarius: is there cool cat lava dragons here? my mum used to tell this story-

Pisces: wtf why what omg why am i here i need to get out *freaks the fuck out*

This is a commission I did for someone. I am not really known for my traditional art but the customer had purchased some of my older traditional work from me a while back and it sparked interests in a commission. They described a dream to me about a lava cat they once had long ago and asked if I could recreate the lava cat for them. I won’t lie, I’ve never even attempted to paint lava, let alone try it traditionally since I am so rusty at it. Excuse the crappy picture too, I was too lazy to get my dslr out so used my iPad instead for a quick photo.