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I thought about the whole thing with Snowdrake’s mother for a SPLIT SECOND and I drew this in result of that. Current situation: Not Fine.

Also, doodled this to lift my spirits cause thinking about these background characters ruins me:

The World Is Lava Part 3
  • Ryan: Hey, Gavin? Should we go there and explore?
  • *Gavin hits Ryan and kills him*
  • Ryan: Gavin? I'm coming for you.
  • Gavin: *giggling* You're coming for me? Why?
  • Ryan: Oh, I'm not gonna win. But I can hurt.
  • ~one minute later~
  • *Ryan sneaks up behind Gavin and tries to murder him*
  • Ryan: Hey, Gavin? Remember when I said I was coming for you?
  • Gavin: *running away* Yeah!
  • Ryan: I'M COMING FOR YOU!!
  • Gavin: Don't come too hard!
Fidget Toys And Where To Find Them Part 3!

Part 1
Part 2

Fidget toys are fun little distraction toys to play with when you need to avoid self harming, occupy your brain for a bit to stop negative or obsessive thoughts, or just do something monotonous to relax. These fidgets are a little more expensive than past ones, and are highly recommended among the stim community!

1. Crazy Aaron’s Thinking Putty!
It comes in insanely pretty colors. I love the Super Illusions because they are the perfect texture for me, and very glittery.

2. Plasticine Transparent Slime
While I haven’t tried it myself, it comes VERY hiighly recommended!

3. Lava Lamps!
These are my FAVORITE visual stims, I adore them. And this listing has a bunch of color options.

4.Glitter Lamps
Similar to lava lamps, but the lava is replaced with glitter! I love these too. I had trouble finding a listing with many colors, so this one CHANGES colors!

5. Floam
I’m not a huge fan of Floam. It’s basically putty/slime, but the pieces of foam give is a crunchy texture that a lot of people like, but I don’t.


Monet week: Day 4 -  Color!Monet
Monet’s color palette is mostly green and orange, switch those colors! Or, if you like, you can revamp her color palette all together.

Sry for taking so long with this. The party’s been over for a while and here I come with this thing..!!

10 impresionantes fenómenos naturales

1. Relámpago Volcánico

Los penachos volcánicos producen inmensas cantidades de carga eléctrica y estática. En raros casos, esto puede provocar una violenta tormenta eléctrica.

2. Arco Iris de Fuego

Los arco iris de fuego se forman por la luz reflejada desde cristales de hielo en nubes muy altas. Los halos son tan grandes, que a menudo aparecen paralelos al horizonte con solo algunas secciones de la refracción completa.

3. Lava Azul

Sólo ocurre en Java, Indonesia, en el volcán Kawah Ijen. Esta lava no es exactamente azul por sí misma, sino por la combustión de gases sulfúricos en contacto con el aire a temperaturas superiores a los 360°C que lo hace parecer azul. Expuesto al oxígeno presente en el aire y provocado por la lava, el sulfuro se quema fácilmente, y las llamas resultantes brillan con un tono azulado de noche.

4. Pilares de Luces

Las columnas de luz son visibles en zonas extremadamente frías como Rusia. La luz es reflejada en cristales de hielo casi perfectamente planos y lisos, lo que resulta en este extraordinario efecto.

5. Lago Natron

El agua alcalina del Lago Natron (Tanzania) tiene un pH aproximado de 10,5 y es tan cáustico que puede quemar la piel y los ojos de los animales que no están adaptados a él, sin embargo, aún posee un próspero ecosistema de marismas.

6. Playas Bioluminiscentes

El brillo de estas ondas en las playas de la isla Vaadhoo, en las Maldivas, proviene de microbios marinos llamados fitoplancton que brillan en la oscuridad.

7. Torres de Vapor

El área de Hverir, Islandia, es tan geotérmicamente activa que produce altas solfaratas de vapor y gas.

8. Arco Iris Blanco

Estos arco iris se forman en la niebla, en vez de la lluvia. La condensación refleja poca luz y, como resultado, los arco iris aparecen blancos. La ausencia de color en estos arcos de niebla es causada por gotas de lluvia muy pequeñas… Tanto, que genera un cambio en la difracción de la luz.

9. Nubes Mastodónticas

Las nubes mastodónticas solamente se presentan donde hay fenómenos de oclusión, por lo que la nube de tormenta queda aislada en altura, sin corrientes ascendentes ni descendentes importantes.

10. Icebergs Rayados

Estas hermosas rayas se forman cuando las grietas en el iceberg se llenan de agua, la cual se congela tan rápidamente que no forma burbujas. Las rayas se pueden tornar verdes cuando hay presencia de algas en las paredes de la grieta.

anonymous asked:

I dont find u intimidating so i guess i'll just list reasons for that? 1) probs taller than my current and past form but wont hurt me; 2) lava looks rly pretty; 3) isnt mean at all; 4) adopted me, no take backs now; 5) is nice to his anons (see 4); 6) willing to share info and memories to siblings and fellow divines; 7) is not perfect but doing his best; 8) wants smooch but doesnt want to burn; 9) i would love to give him smooches tho; 10) wonderful to talk to - 🐢

Ooh, this works too!!

1) I stood around 5-6 meters (16-19 feet) depending on the number of arms in my true form, and in this current form, I’m but a measly 1.6 meters (5′3″). I dunno if I would be taller than you in either form, but I absolutely would never hurt you. I’d probably just carry you around in my fuckton of hands. (Seriously; I had anywhere from 1-3 sets of arms depending on the memory, and that means anywhere from 2-6 hands.)

2) Lava is indeed really pretty. It’s also really hot.

3) I’m glad you think such of me!

4) Why would I ever try to take it back? I have adopted you and you are my child from here on out.

5) I love my anons! I always try to tag every ask I get from a specific anon with something individual so I can find them again later if they sen I’d another ask. I remember my anons. You all are the reason I get on here so often.

6) I know how hard it can be to remember things at times, so I always want to help wherever I can in that regard. That said, I’m not good with remembering details a lot, but I’m okay with names.

7) That’s all you can as for from anyone, right? As long as you are doing your best, that’s good.

8) I’m still crying about that. Luckily, @mioamit found a way around the burning! Cheek smooches!!!!!

9) You may give me smooches if you so desire!

10) I’m squealing! I’m so glad you like talking to me; I love talking to you too!

Thank you for making my night, especially after what happened at work earlier. I hope your night/day goes well, darling. Take care. I’m probably going to head to sleep here soon.

Cool Date Ideas: Xena Edition (Part One)

Credit to myself,Tania, and Ana

1. Almost getting crucified. (Cooler date idea: getting crucified.)

2. Jumping in the lava. (Cooler date idea: BEING the lava.)

3. All six seasons on DVD.

4. Becoming the ruler of Hell.

5. Not dying again.

6. Realizing you’re thespians together.

7. Killing Joxer.

8. Painting yourself blue and howling at the moon.

9. Killing each other’s children.

10. Giving birth to a half-demon.

11. Turning into a giant eagle and BIRDTEXT.

12. Sisters doing it for themselves.

13. Giving birth to Callisto’s reincarnated soul.

14. Saving your soulmate gal pal from being eaten by cannibals, by giving her over to the cannibals.

15. Being inside Xena.

16. Kissing Lao Ma for breath intake.

17. Stealing her dead body back from the amazons.

18. Stabbing Caesar because he’s being an egotistical ass.

19. Throwing fish at your soulmate gal pal.

20. Killing a horse and drinking its blood.

21. Friendzoning Hower the Heterosexual with her help.

22. Becoming an eternal flame for her.

23. Getting Brunhilda-zoned.

24. Trading her whip for a frying pan.

25. Becoming an archangel to save your demon soulmate gal pal, and then ending up becoming a demon yourself and making Eli get you out of this mess.

26. Getting possessed by a Hindu deity named Tataka.

27. Licking her face.

28. Kissing for spit.

29.  “Doing it” for the greater good.

30. Using her hair as bait to catch your fish foe Solaris.

31. Fishing with diamonds.

32. Giving up the way of love to save your soulmate eternal gal pal from certain death.

33. Dying together for once.

34. Buying boob daggers together.

35. Dragging your soulmate one and only gal pal throughout Greece.

36. Ironically eating caesar salad.

37. NO, I’M LIVIA.

38. Falling through a hole (”What is it with you and holes?”)

39. Fisting a fish together.

40. Spending her birthday solving a murder in your mother’s inn.

41. Spending 25 years in an ice tomb coma with her.

42. Riding Valkyrie horses in the sky together.

43. Defying the laws of physics to board a cursed ship for her.

44. Protecting your soulmate warrior gal pal’s body while she’s inside a little girl.

45. Keeping your hands off her tomatoes.

46. Not letting a man close enough to do her.

47. Major love fest.

48. Eating nut bread together and dictating a choir.

49. Boob ambrosia.

50. Reading all the fan fics.