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  • JACK YER A MASSIVE GOOB. a goob i admire a shit ton bc somehow you are handling multiple muses completely flawlessly and i? would like tips? i can’t even handle two and you’re barely breaking a sweat?????? im shook
  • okay this is gonna sound particularly gooby but like……. its so nice seeing ppl talk about their aus w/ enthusiasm??? i see you comin up w/ so many new aus for ur muses, and informing the dash that u have Planned A Pain ( esp. when it’s iggy my god. i get this vague sense of fear and a need to wrap the bird son in 10 blankets tho i’m 100% excite for whatever u planned )
  • teach me how dnd works pls i see u talkin about it all the time n ur so exicted about it and its so Cute

The second years cheering Ennoshita up || HQ!! S2E18

The Art of Escapism - Part I

After a traumatic experience, Reader wants to escape, will Spencer go with her?




Right so I had an idea for a one shot, that has now become a three parter? What can I say, I am FULL of surprises. So this series is about the hardships of working at the BAU, and it is going to go in a direction that may be surprising. Wait and see! Lol. One part will be uploaded a night, with the final one on Friday.


Word Count- 1311

Triggers- Kidnapping and Torture?

‘See you later, guys!’ you shouted to the team, as you stepped off the jet. ‘I just need to pick up some files from the office.’

The BAU agents waved you goodbye, as they piled out into their cars, ready to go home and spend time with their loved ones. You picked up your go bag and glanced at Spencer Reid, who was waving awkwardly at you before running his hand through his brown curls and getting into his car.

Oh, how gorgeous he was. The moment that you laid eyes on the handsome doctor 18 months ago, you hadn’t been able to see anyone else in the same way. You were absolutely terrified of rejection, however, and would rather live in the blissful obliviousness of not knowing Reid’s feelings than to be hit with the awful realisation of unrequited love.

You made your way into the carpark and went to put your go bag in the front seat, when suddenly, you felt a sharp pain on the back of your head. You crumpled to the ground and the world faded into darkness.

‘Has anyone seen Y/N, today?’ Hotch asked the team, striding into the bullpen.

Morgan shook his head. ‘It’s not like her to be an hour late. The last thing she said to me last night was that she needed to go and get her files before heading home.’

‘Wait,’ Reid gasped. ‘Aren’t those the files she needed?’ He said, pointing to the stack that was residing on her desk.

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