Ricky Kasso: Satanist Slayer

Satanism has been subjected to intense criticism ever since it was popularized by figures such as Anton LaVey, but statistics show that homicides motivated by occult beliefs have always been extremely rare in modern times. The case of seventeen-year-old Ricky Kasso of Long Island is therefore an anomaly, yet continues to be one of the most horrific examples of ritual murder in living memory.

Ricky Kasso was born and raised in New York, and his childhood was an unexceptional one. Its only when Kasso discovered a book on Satanism at his local library that his personality became unstable, and he drew the attention of his peers and authority. He became a heavy recreational drug user and skipped school to listen to heavy metal music whilst reading books on witchcraft. Neighbors were shocked at the way Kasso would scream “Hail Satan!” at passing pedestrians, and he earned a reputation as a bully. Kasso even formed a cult that dedicated itself to Satan and bragged to friends about conducting blood rituals at the infamous house in Amityville where Ronald DeFeo murdered six members of his own family.

In June 1985, when Kasso was seventeen, he confided to a friend that he wanted to sacrifice a victim to Satan in order to increase his power. Kasso decided his target would be fellow drug enthusiast Gary Lauwers, who Kasso believed had stolen bags of PCP and mescaline from him. Alongside two other friends from the cult, Kasso lured Lauwers into a lonely patch of woods with an offer to get high. The four teenagers took hits of LSD and gathered around a small campfire, until Lauwers annoyed Kasso by trying to leave because his mother would be worried about him. Kasso took out a knife and stabbed Lauwers in the chest, while the two other boys held him down. Kasso demanded Lauwers’ say “I love Satan”, but when the unfortunate boy said “I love my mother” instead, Kasso gouged his eyes out with the knife. When Lauwer’s was dead Kasso covered his body with leaves and fled the scene.

Ricky Kasso could not resist bragging about his crime, and two weeks later he was arrested for murdering Gary Lauwers. An autopsy of the body revealed the victim had been stabbed between seventeen to thirty-six times in the chest, with five of the wounds peircing his lungs and heart. Kasso claimed he had heard Satan telling him to kill Lauwers in the form of a crow, and laughed when he heard Lauwer’s funeral would be closed-casket due to the state of the body.

Unfortunately justice wasnt served for Gary Lauwers; Kasso hung himself in his prison cell while awaiting trial. The two other cult members involved in the brutal murder recieved lesser sentences.

In 1984, Richard “Ricky” Kasso, also referred to as “The Acid King”, murdered 17-year-old Gary Lauwers, while tripping on LSD. Along with two other friends, he lured Lauwers in the woods and stabbed him repeatedly. During the attack, Kasso wanted him to say “Say you love Satan”, as he was a satanist himself, but Lauwers refused, so Kasso kept attacking him until he was dead. He was arrested approximately 18 days after the murder, because he bragged about it to other people, saying it was a human sacrifice to Satan, and then hanged himself shortly after the arrest.

Ricky Kasso also known as “The Acid King”  murdered 17-year-old acquaintance Gary Lauwers in Northport, Long Island, New York on June 16, 1984. Despite the advanced decomposition of the corpse, which had been left unburied, the Suffolk county medical examiner could still find 32 knife wounds, in the face, back and neck and he had his eyes gouged out. He had been boasting about the killing  to his friends calling it a human sacrifice to Satan. He claims he killed because a black crow brought him a message from Satan. Ricky committed suicide on July 7, 1984 two days after his arrest

hannibalthecannibal  asked:

Will you write a song for Ricky Kasso or at least tell us your thoughts and feelings on Ricky Kasso?

I wouldn’t write a song for Ricky Kasso, because he murdered his friend, so honestly, to Hell with Ricky Kasso. I don’t find murderers romantic and usually if I’m writing a song that involves murder I’m trying to see things through the victim’s eyes, or the eyes of the people who grieve them. It’s undeniable that there’s a sort of cryptic poetic allure to how all we really know of Ricky Kasso is the two seconds of footage where he turns to the camera, sure ok, and then within 24 hours he takes all his secrets to the grave, I get that, if that’s as far as we look it’s intense and enigmatic; and the details of the crime are lurid and horrible, sure, I know; but Gary Lauwers died horribly. He probably stole Ricky’s dope, but nobody deserves to be tortured and killed. That’s what’s real. I’d guess it was years before Gary Lauwers’s family could go a whole day without crying, knowing how senselessly their son or brother or nephew or grandchild died. I don’t imagine you ever get over that kind of loss. I can get down with a ballad about Jesse James robbing from the rich and giving to the poor and maybe killing a few people along the way, even if the real story might not measure up. I can think about Billy the Kid dead on that porch in New Mexico wishing he’d lived his life a little different. But Ricky Kasso? Nah. That guy doesn’t get a song.