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This is a PSA.

Teen Wolf did not die with the finale. Most of us are still here giving you the stories that Jeff Davis couldn’t give you. Because they are OUR stories. We pour our hearts and souls into telling the tales of the characters we love so much. That you love too.


So, if you love teen wolf. Don’t desert the writers/editors/creators and lovers. Keep the show alive, it doesn’t deserve to die like this.

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  1. Who was your first favourite trainee(s)?
  2. Who is your favourite trainee(s)?
  3. What are your top 3 performances?
  4. Who is your favourite bromance / friendship?
  5. Who deserved more screentime?
  6. Who would you want as your best friend?
  7. Who do you think is an underrated trainee?
  8. Favourite vocal position evaluation performance?
  9. Favourite dance position evaluation performance?
  10. Favourite rap position evaluation performance?
  11. What was your favourite concept evaluation song?
  12. Who is your favourite singer?
  13. Who is your favourite rapper?
  14. Who is your favourite dancer?
  15. Top pick(s) for meme?
  16. Who has the best visuals?
  17. Which segment did you like the best - ghost prank, arm wrestle, punch king, sports day?
  18. Favourite introduction video.
  19. Meringue time or hidden box? Top picks?
  20. Most heart-touching moment.
  21. Most heart-breaking moment.
  22. Choose your squad members.
  23. Who is your Wanna One bias?
  24. Who is your Wanna One bias wrecker?
  25. Who do you think would be a good leader for Wanna One?
  26. What concepts do you want to see Wanna One do?
  27. If you could add one member into Wanna One, who would it be?
  28. Super hot or Hands on me?
  29. Kang Daniel - pink hair or brown hair?
  30. Park Jihoon - wink or jeojjang aegyo?
  31. Lee Daehwi - on stage or off stage character?
  32. Kim Jaehwan - laugh or vocals?
  33. Ong Seongwoo - baegopa or slate ?
  34. Lai Guanlin - swaggy rapper or maknae?
  35. Yoon Jisung - meme or hyung?
  36. Hwang Minhyun - seonho or jaehwan?
  37. Bae Jinyoung - shy or confident?
  38. Ha Sungwoon - vocals or dance?
  39. Unpopular opinion.

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El Masters as Vines??

Ebalon is a Ipomoea alba, also known as Tropical white morning-glory, bearing moonflowers.

Denif is a Vitis tiliifolia, which can be referred to as a water vine, and produces grapes.

Ventus is a Clerodendrum thomsoniae, also known as the Clerodendrum bleeding heart.

Solace is a tomato vine.  

(Lune…. I think the anon meant the short funny videos, but this misunderstanding is so fantastic that I’m gonna queue it anyways instead of having you redo it…. ~Mod Ash)

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Hey! What are your thoughts on the new Great Wall movie starring Matt Damon?

I find it a bit of an interesting case because I’m all for supporting an International film, Asian director, and a film with a large Asian cast BUT at the end of the day it’s just another movie that perpetuates the WHITE SAVIOR trope which we all know, hate, and are tired of.

Matt Damon seems oblivious to why his role in the film is controversial but at least he stated that he is willing to listen and is open to understanding why it’s being perceived that way. He’s not denying it like Scarlett Johansson who claims that she would never take a role from a PoC yet does it for ~feminism~

This film is director Zhang Yimou (who stands by his film), this is his first American/English speaking film. I believe that in order to appeal to the Western and Asian market, it was believed that if they cast 3 Western actors in the film (Matt Damon, Pedro Pascal, and Willem Defoe), it would appeal to the Western audience. His interview with Entertainment Weekly makes it clear that he knew that if he was gonna make a Hollywood movie… he was gonna have to make a Hollywood movie… 

“First and foremost, this is an English-language film, and a Hollywood blockbuster. It was already very clear in the script phase. This is a Hollywood monster movie and needs to be made in that style. I don’t want to change that approach, and there’s no need to do that. What I really want is to bring Chinese color and cultural background to the worldwide audience through a film language that they are familiar with.”

So I get it. I get why Matt Damon stars in this film. I don’t understand why he has to play the lead though. Wouldn’t it make sense if he played a secondary character? The other two Western actors in the film play secondary roles in the film. I don’t think Matt Damon’s role should be the lead. Why does the white man have to save China? He’s only the lead because… you know it… I know it… Hollywood is racist. Even though the cast is predominately Asian, do you really think it would’ve gotten made without Matt Damon starring in it? No. 

But it is dope that Zhang Yimou wanted to make a film he believed was authentic to Chinese culture and he gave Asian actors an opportunity to work in the Western market but the problem is that ultimately, he sold out in doing so. 

Also while I’m at it, I’m just gonna rant about how racist the American marketing of this film is! This is the US poster for the film!!! How embarrassing??? Who thought this was a good idea??? Just Matt Damon??? And then it spits a few facts about The Great Wall of China… smh…

It’s like The Sapphires movie poster controversy but they don’t even show a single PoC on the American promo art I’ve seen for this film!!!!

Now look at the Chinese marketing for this film! Even the Western actors got their own individual character posters (not pictured but they did!!!). The American market does not value the Asian actors in the film because they’re “unknown” in America. It’s insulting because these are International stars too! Just because they’re not white or on Game of Thrones doesn’t mean they don’t have name recognition. I mean the film stars Lu Han, a C-Pop/K-Pop star who was apart of one of the biggest boy bands in the world! Andy Lau has made a name for himself in the Chinese film industry and where is his top billing on the American poster?! The American market FAILED to showcase these actors in their promo art and reduce them to unimportant characters regardless of how big or small their roles are in their OWN trailer which is absolutely disappointing. 

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Everyone talks about how Undertaker has lovely eyes, but nobody seems to realize that Lau has pretty eyes too. One example of proof is in book 5 in the manga, when Lau talks with Harold West and Meena.

Lau’s opened eyes are indeed a rare sight.

But I still prefer Undertaker’s eyes. Since he’s a shinigami his eyes are more interesting, I’d say. And the scar and his white lashes make them quite unique.  ;)


this series of images is going down as some of the funniest pics of got7 ive ever seen because based on just this alone you can see that mark fucking tuan has forgotten his passport. the amount of stress and panic that can be felt here is so fucknkg fun ny i can’t stop lau ghing

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Has Madam Red, Francis, the undertaker, Diedrich, Lizzy, Edward, and Lau figured out that our Ciel was not the first born real Ciel?

From the evidence I’ve seen:

Madam RedMust have. The way she looks him over when he shows up at the hospital, the wording she uses when she’s playing chess with him, even how she acts and what she says when they later confront each other as adversaries. Particularly what she says when she’s poised to stab him… that he should never have been born… that’s because no one was expecting twins; he really was this unexpected extra at the time. A bonus gift, but also an extra burden. She should know, since she nursed him back to health every time he got sick, and that must have been quite often. And they must have played against each other at chess countless times. She seems to know exactly which twin she’s playing chess with during the Jack the Ripper arc. She had no expectations for him to return to the manor, claim the earldom, pick up the watchdog post, or even seek revenge. Real Ciel would have been expected to do that, but not the younger twin. The earl explains quite honestly why he’s returned and accepted these burdens. He even vague-explains what’s so unusual and useful about Sebastian, and I don’t think he would have told this to just anyone… not even Aunt Frances, and definitely not Lizzie.

FrancesProbably not. I’ve never noticed her say or do anything to suggest she’s figured it out. Plus, unlike Madam Red, she seems to have not spent nearly as much time with the Phantomhive children. Looks like the Midfords had a tendency to just let Lizzie play at Phantomhive Manor without them, since they are never shown in any of the flashbacks of Lizzie and (real) Ciel playing.

Undertaker Definitely. He must have realized it (almost) immediately. He must be severely near-sighted, but he’s not that blind. Just like with Madam Red, Undertaker says things in a way to suggest he knows, and the earl doesn’t really seem to hide it from him. The fact that he tells Undertaker he chose to wear the watchdog collar speaks volumes.

Diedrich Highly doubtful. Of course he knew there were twins, but he’s spent most of his time in Germany, so he probably never got to know them well.

Lizzie Not originally, but now she must. She spent a lot of time at Phantomhive Manor, but it seems that she mostly played with real Ciel outdoors, possibly while the earl stayed inside, too sick to play outside… let alone run around the manor grounds. Besides, she was real Ciel’s intended, so it would make sense for her to focus on bonding with her future husband. That said, she sure had some serious doubts when the earl returned and claimed to be Ciel. He seemed shorter, frail, and kept forgetting to call her Lizzie instead of Elizabeth. Her true fiance would not have made such a mistake… and kept making it over and over to the point that she would feel the need to say something about it. Then they celebrated Easter (a bit late) after the Campania fiasco. She was testing him by saying she’d decorated her own egg, as usual. She’d never actually done that before, and he failed the test… miserably. Still, she didn’t want to admit to herself she’d been accepting a lie all this time. So, she wonders what could have possibly happened “that month” to make him not realize she’d never decorated her own egg before. Faulty memory? She had become so good at rationalizing everything and making herself believe she was somehow wrong about her doubts. But things must have changed around the time she decided to stay at Sphere Music Hall. She visits real Ciel/Lord Sirius there. Blavat has told her who-knows-what, but there is probably at least some truth in it. It’s possible that she’s now had conversations with real Ciel leading up to the events of ch’s 129 and 130. Whatever she now knows, it must be why she told Sebastian that “she alone” could “not return to that side”. She had trusted the earl, and he’s now lost her trust (for now, anyway).

Edward Nope. Even if he didn’t have “Edward vision” (only focusing on Lizzie), he never spent enough time with the twins to tell them apart. Even once the earl returned, he spent minimal time with Edward. Didn’t even know Edward attended Weston. Edward likely treated real Ciel about the same - didn’t really want him to take away his precious little sister.

Lau No way. Lau apparently didn’t join the “aristocrats of evil” until after the earl became watchdog. In fact, Lau probably has no idea there were ever twins.

Thanks for the ask! :)


Chlaus Highly doubtful. Just like most others, he would have spent more time with real Ciel, since the kid was being groomed to take over for Vincent and was more likely to be out in public with Vincent, too. And, like Diedrich, he seems to have spent most of his time out of England. Italy for him.