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Sweet Seacrest Blue

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A/N @dancingalone21 I entered Lau’s AU Funny Quote Challenge, with the Quote, “It takes two to have, you know, hardcore sex.” From Dean. Quote will be in bold.

Warnings, suggested smut, very suggested, rude customer service, booze, virginity.

Reader POV

I stood behind the bar, looking at all of my waiters, letting out a sigh of relief, glad everything was finally running smoothly. I had just gotten my bar up and running, barely, when we had our grand opening, my waiters were still being trained, and I was having to bartend.

That’s when he showed up, his green eyes showing interest as they scanned my bar. I smirked slightly, pouring a shot of whiskey for the man right in front of me, he seemed old, with salt and pepper hair, and beard.

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This guy has been through way too much shit caused by both “fans” and agency.

This is a time where Kpop fans can truly show what Kpop-family is. An idol neglected by the agency he’s signed to, where he has been for 9 years (which may I add, is before older groups like 2NE1, F(x), 4MINUTE, BEAST and SHINee even debuted. In fact, SNSD debuted the same year he debuted at SM).
Can we all just agree to help him out? Whether it is him wanting to leave SM, or him wanting to release his music.

“I…only have my fans left. If you see this message, please speak for me. My agency doesn’t listen to me.”

Let’s speak for him.

anonymous asked:

Hey! What are your thoughts on the new Great Wall movie starring Matt Damon?

I find it a bit of an interesting case because I’m all for supporting an International film, Asian director, and a film with a large Asian cast BUT at the end of the day it’s just another movie that perpetuates the WHITE SAVIOR trope which we all know, hate, and are tired of.

Matt Damon seems oblivious to why his role in the film is controversial but at least he stated that he is willing to listen and is open to understanding why it’s being perceived that way. He’s not denying it like Scarlett Johansson who claims that she would never take a role from a PoC yet does it for ~feminism~

This film is director Zhang Yimou (who stands by his film), this is his first American/English speaking film. I believe that in order to appeal to the Western and Asian market, it was believed that if they cast 3 Western actors in the film (Matt Damon, Pedro Pascal, and Willem Defoe), it would appeal to the Western audience. His interview with Entertainment Weekly makes it clear that he knew that if he was gonna make a Hollywood movie… he was gonna have to make a Hollywood movie… 

“First and foremost, this is an English-language film, and a Hollywood blockbuster. It was already very clear in the script phase. This is a Hollywood monster movie and needs to be made in that style. I don’t want to change that approach, and there’s no need to do that. What I really want is to bring Chinese color and cultural background to the worldwide audience through a film language that they are familiar with.”

So I get it. I get why Matt Damon stars in this film. I don’t understand why he has to play the lead though. Wouldn’t it make sense if he played a secondary character? The other two Western actors in the film play secondary roles in the film. I don’t think Matt Damon’s role should be the lead. Why does the white man have to save China? He’s only the lead because… you know it… I know it… Hollywood is racist. Even though the cast is predominately Asian, do you really think it would’ve gotten made without Matt Damon starring in it? No. 

But it is dope that Zhang Yimou wanted to make a film he believed was authentic to Chinese culture and he gave Asian actors an opportunity to work in the Western market but the problem is that ultimately, he sold out in doing so. 

Also while I’m at it, I’m just gonna rant about how racist the American marketing of this film is! This is the US poster for the film!!! How embarrassing??? Who thought this was a good idea??? Just Matt Damon??? And then it spits a few facts about The Great Wall of China… smh…

It’s like The Sapphires movie poster controversy but they don’t even show a single PoC on the American promo art I’ve seen for this film!!!!

Now look at the Chinese marketing for this film! Even the Western actors got their own individual character posters (not pictured but they did!!!). The American market does not value the Asian actors in the film because they’re “unknown” in America. It’s insulting because these are International stars too! Just because they’re not white or on Game of Thrones doesn’t mean they don’t have name recognition. I mean the film stars Lu Han, a C-Pop/K-Pop star who was apart of one of the biggest boy bands in the world! Andy Lau has made a name for himself in the Chinese film industry and where is his top billing on the American poster?! The American market FAILED to showcase these actors in their promo art and reduce them to unimportant characters regardless of how big or small their roles are in their OWN trailer which is absolutely disappointing. 


i feel like amber’s first tweets are related to henry’s…ugh. what the hell’s up now, sm?? they’re really screwin’ over people like this again. support henry +amber, b/c someone’s tryna hack her ://

i kinda just want my faves to leave sm, even if that means the end to my ultimate bias group :’/

- amber never got to finish Crossing, nor release any other music for herself that WASN’T for sm station
- i hope she doesn’t receive backlash for these tweets…
- luna had to drop Five Course Love, a musical which SHE was supposed to take the main role in AND was really anticipating
- victoria’s agency in china is working her too damn much
- krystal…other than Keds and other modeling gigs, i don’t even what she’s doing??
- sulli’s still under sm’s contract and i haven’t seen her act since her leaving; modeling, yes, but otherwise, she’s not really continuing off her career well

- i don’t follow henry or super junior, but they are one of sm’s eldest musical acts and should be respected just as much as the younger generations, receiving more opportunities to showcase their talents. i know at the very least that henry is a great composer of his music and instrumentalist along with his singer title, so he’s definitely more than capable to bring a solo comeback to sm’s lineup ever since his last (which! i heard was TWO. YEARS. AGO)

Consider: Lau/Soma

  • They’re both adorable. 
  • Lau doesn’t deserve Soma in any way or form but Soma is a literal piece of sunshine who loves him and Lau is wEaK. 
  • Lau seems so okay at hearing about Soma’s religion (just remember Weston), Lau and Soma having meaningful talks about the universe, even though Lau isn’t a particularly religious person. 
  • The Meena Angst they have in common (Ran-mao killed Meena and his husband so you have that). Like they’re so fluffy and adorable together but Lau Has a Secret that would destroy everything and it’s angsty. Just think about it. 
  • Lau corrupting Soma’s innocent lungs with his drugs. 
  • Lau can’t keep up with Soma’s sexual drive. Hilarity ensues. 
  • btw, interracial couple without a white person, I’ll leave you that. 
  • They would spend such a good time together like jesus. <3

Okay but while the idea of Lau having a bunch of weapons hidden on him is funny (”impractical number of weapons” is one of my favorite tropes), please imagine Tanaka doing the same thing.

Modern AU where he has to go through the airport metal detector five or six times before it stops beeping.