laurzz6 asked:

Hey, I just wanted to say how wonderful I think S2SL is! I've been seeing it springing up all over my tumblr and I couldn't not donate. I followed all the guidelines, i.e. forwarded my confirmation email etc, and just wanted to say what a wonderful cause I think it is! Big hugs from the UK! :)

Thank you so very much!!! For your donation and your kind words. I am so glad you came across s2sl! :) 

Caroline was an amazing little girl, and hopefully one day no other kid will have to die from DIPG or any other cancer for that matter! So thank you so so much! 

laurzz6 asked:

so, peggysrogers told me about your super kind words about me and I had to come and see for myself! thank you so, so much for thinking of me- you may have been too kind about me and my dl fanfics though haha! I am very flattered and you made me blush! you were very sweet in what you said - it means a lot! hope you're having a great day! :)

ahh! oh my gosh, credit is due where credit’s due and i’ve always loved your fics so when that ask popped up in my box your name was the first i could think of!