I’m in Sedona, Arizona this week with my dad for a Yoga retreat.

This is a glimpse at what my next few days are like until Friday… yoga twice a day, some sort of full body exercise then life coaching. I know it sounds a little hokey but in order to become a teacher you need at least 200 hours of yoga training!

Yoga teachers are not just exercise instructors, as most people see them now. They are very knowledgable about the body and spirit, they help us overcome weakness, illness, depression, stress, they are great speakers, they have a nurturing soul, an open heart and not to mention bomb ass bodies!

I’m certainly not any of these things but I’d like to be one day. ;)

According to my Google Analytics, there are about 50-75 people who look at my blog a day (not including duplicate entries).  This means they have to actually click out of their Tumblr dashboard and ‘visit’ my page.  For me that’s a huge number!  You mean 50 or so people want to know what I’m up to?  It’s incredibly flattering.

On Tumblr, I have 450 followers and about 10 or so who 'like’ the majority of my posts.  I just want to say to you guys, that little gesture makes me happier than the 50 people who just look at my blog. :) It makes me feel like you actually read the post or are genuinely interested.  Even if you’re not- it feels nice.

I really like my followers, well the ones that I know.  You all are supportive, interesting, and just plain cool.  Thanks guys for making my day- everyday

xx. L

ps.  The pic is Korean Banana Milk.  The Big Guy, along with the majority of Korean’s I met LOVE it.

Here’s the best email I’ve gotten all day… followed closely by one from visionsofviolet who said my blog was awesome. :)

A note from the Big Guy that reads, “thought it would be fun to have our engagement/wedding pictures taken at Salvage One so we could have a pic like this :)”

We’re not even engaged (yet) and he’s dreaming up ideas of where and how to take pictures.

I agree, Salvage One is a huge a vintage/ antique warehouse here in Chicago that we love and it would be absolutely perfect for us. ;)

This is how you know your boyfriend adores you

I got a little note in my message box a few days ago, “Saw this and thought you’d like it.” Since it was a link* from anon. I thought it would be fun to show you what they sent. :)

Thanks anon.  I guess you’ve noticed I fancy the Chicago flag. :) Unrelated: I’ve also grown affectionate for bar soap, which may make me weird, but I actually prefer it to squeeze soap. ha ha.

*You can purchase the soap from, obviously one of my preferred ways to shop.

This is an email that just swirled across my inbox, making my day that much better. :)

An associate at my local Jewel-Osco on Southport asked me if I had time to fill out a survey… typically I would say no, even if I had the time but today I was feeling extra dandy and I really I had nothing pressing going on, so I did have the time.

I went along filling it out normally and then got to the end, where they asked if I had any additional comments and suggestions. Well, I did.

So I told them about an older man in Dairy who is always stocking yogurt- that he is very kind and helpful. I also let them know that I would like to see more apple varieties. Ha ha ha! I’m no apple expert but there are some I prefer over others and where I was looking I only saw Red Delicious and Granny Smith. As you can see from the email above, I was weaving around the wrong apple section, they in fact do have more apples!

Thank Keith for making my day and my Jewel-Osco shopping experience more personal. I look forward to calling you over as the Assistant Manager to help me find the Honey Crisp and Pink Lady Apples. :)

Working at a brunch restaurant does have it’s perks.

Check out this week’s pancake flight. I know they’re themed and but you can try them out until the 18th at any Orange location in Chicago.

  1. Sweet guava infused sour cream topped with fresh pomegranate.

  2. White chocolate ganache on cakes with raspberry coulis and dark chocolate covered grapes.

  3. Strawberry flavored pancakes topped with Mexican eggnog whipped cream, strawberry yogurt jello and sprinkled with red sugar crystals.

  4. Red Delicious apples simmered in champagne topped with passion fruit whipped cream and dusted with powdered sugar.


Did you know there’s fewer than 3,200 tigers left in the wild?

I sure didn’t. I don’t usually pay much attention to the bus stop ads but this ad for The World Wildlife Foundation caught my eye.

I’m not asking you to go out and adopt a tiger but maybe the next time there’s an opportunity to donate you will.

Think about it… some high-schools have almost 3,000 people. I think the members at my gym in Chicago exceeds all the wild tigers in the world!

Found at Diversey & Paulina. Chicago,IL