lauryn effie

The Chicago Diet

I work at a bar, a pretty swanky one. The kind where the cocktails are hand made and a martini costs at least $15.00.

Tonight I overheard a group of girls, at my swanky bar, talking about the Chicago Diet. My grasp on their diet is this: they drink coffee for breakfast, don’t eat all day, smoke, then replace their dinner with a shot of Jameson and a cigarette.

Easy peasy.

Ha!!!! I can’t think of anything worse than this diet…. and I’ve lived here for 10 years.

These girls are not swanky. They’re retard dummies asking for Jamo Neat and waters at my ‘bar’.

Raw Detox: Day 7

I was shocked at how easy this cleanse was.  Eating raw food seemed impossible but really it was fun trying out recipes I would never normally try. 

Aside from shedding a few pounds, four actually, the detox provided more important lessons I needed to learn.  The most important life style change I need to make is waiting until I’m hungry to eat.  Typically I’ll wake up and eat right away, this detox has taught me to slow down and wait for my body to tell me to eat.  I appreciated eating breakfast once I was hungry and the food seemed to be more filling. 

The easiest change in my body to pin point was my energy level.  I wasn't bouncing off the walls with atomic energy but I did notice a difference waking up and after meals.  I didn’t feel as if I needed a nap after eating and waking up was more of a pleasure that dragging myself out of bed.

My biggest cravings were for foods that I saw in my fridge and pantry: hummus, tofu, cheese, tortilla chips, coffee… the trick to that I suppose is not having them around when you start. duh. ;) 

With Independence Day and my friends coming in town the cleanse ended late Sunday night around 1am, instead of Monday morning.  However, the minute they leave Monday I’m going to start the cleanse over. 

Who wants to do it with me?