Silver Lining || Alela & Laurita

It seemed that only minutes ago, the two had been conversing on the ship. Now, it was late, hours after they first arrived at the apartment. The Adept, unable to continue writing her own report, knew that it was time to stop. She had done a great deal of it, which was more than she aimed to do. She only meant to start it, but she was in the midst of finishing it.

Only then had she remembered that Laurita had been there. Once they started working on their reports, she had only seen him once or twice. Her work had engulfed her, making her unaware of her surroundings.

She had the feeling that it would seem rude of her not to speak to Laurita before resting. He had let her stay there, after all. With this thought in mind, she stood up, and made her way into the room which he had been staying in, to find it empty. The Adept looked around from where she stood, to finally find him, standing out on the balcony. She walked out onto the balcony, and stood near him.

“I am assuming that you completed most of your report…?” Alela immediately felt a bit annoyed with herself. She had no idea what to say to him, so she had said whatever first came to her mind.

lauritatohm asked:


we were to accidentally touch lips:
[] Continue the touching of the lips.
[x] Discontinue, but smile.
[] Discontinue, and be thrown in to a feeling of awkwardness.
[] Discontinue, and walk away.
[] Discontinue and express distaste or shock.
[] Discontinue, but then immediately recommence.

you hugged me:
[] Return the favour.
[x] Allow you to continue.
[] Return the favour.
[] Resort to physical force to remove you from my person.

You asked me to go out on a date?
[] “Certainly!”
[] “I’m afraid not.”
[] “Allow me to check my schedule.”
[x] “I think that’s doable, allow me time to decide.”
[] “We have in the past.”
[] “Your memory must be faulty; we are currently dating.”

In addition

you should:
[x] “Write to me.”
[] “Join me for a spot of fornication.”
[x] “Speak with me more often.”

[] “Stop in for tea.”

[] “Cease harassing me at once.