• Lauren Mallard, moments before Cecil came through the studio door to fuck shit up for her and Kevin:Daniel? Is that you?
  • Cecil Palmer, upon hearing that something is about to come through the studio door:Carlos? Carlos is that you?

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Imagine if Lauren and Daniel were getting it up and funky in the break room, and Daniel takes off her shirt aND RIGHT AS HE DOES DEIGO BURST IN, HOLDING ON TO KEVIN WHO HAS HIS SHIRT UNBUTTONED AND they just stop and they all just look at each other, Daniel trying to cover up Lauren, Lauren trying to explain, Kevin embarrassed and hiding his face in Diego's chest and Diego just goes "Well this is going to be interesting"

So, The Sims 2 Ultimate collection is free right now, so if you want it, download it while you can.

Anyways, I made up one of my favorite couples (based on designs by videntefernandez) and…well, here’s some of what’s happened so far.

Lauren, apparently down on her luck, plots how to reclaim Strexcorp while Daniel washes his dishes in the bathroom sink.

Lauren debates whether to paint the mainbox yellow or orange, while Daniel is chased by a swarm of bugs.

Daniel demonstrates he has no concept of human personal boundaries.

After making himself a sandwich, it occurs to Daniel that he doesn’t eat food.  He reflects on his existence.