truly do not understand when people ship kelso/jackie

ok yes ashton/mila are SO ADORABLE together but they are not their characters

i’ve always loved watching s5-6 because of hyde/jackie, but lately i’ve been watching s1-4 a lot and it just goes to show how truly dysfunctional kelso/jackie were! 

  • he cheated on her with multiple girls “just making out” (pam macy)
  • he took another girl to prom
  • he cheated on her longterm by entering a physical and emotional relationship with laurie
  • he dated laurie after they broke up
  • he admitted what he missed most about jackie was being bossed around / on a short leash.. not her
  • after she kissed that cheese guy and said she wasn’t sorry because she was still upset that he cheated on her in the past, he realized that he cheated on her because she constantly put him down and didn’t make him feel good about himself

that last one is huge. i mean !!! yes kelso was a total ass to jackie by cheating etc, but it just shows that there were issues in their relationship beyond that. emotional issues! jackie didn’t treat him how he deserved, either. 

and did you notice that while jackie and hyde date, she doesn’t do this to him ?? never says, “steven, you idiot!” or degrades him? the worst she does is, like, tell him to shave his beard. 

hyde doesn’t let himself be bossed around. he challenges her. she’s his equal, not someone putting a “leash” on him. it’s a healthy relationship.. especially as time goes on and they grow up more together.

until the writers ruin it but. had they progressed like ACTUAL people it would’ve been endgame