I became, in other words, more like Holmes than the man himself: brilliant, driven to a point of obsession, careless of myself, mindless of others, but without the passion and the deep-down, inbred love for the good in humanity that was the basis of his entire career. He loved the humanity that could not understand or fully accept him; I, in the midst of the same human race, became a thinking machine.

In honor of BSB’s Femme Friday featuring Mary Russell, I thought I would share with you all the shining pinnacle of my existence: the day I got to A) Cosplay Mary Russell and B) Interview Laurie R King, the author of the Mary Russell series, at Bay Area Sherlock Con.

To say I was a nervous nerd wreck would be an understatement.

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Fake Movie Meme: The Beekeeper’s Apprentice

Based on the novel by Laurie R. King

Adroit and orphaned teenager Mary Russell (Eleanor Tomlinson) becomes friends with the retired Sherlock Holmes (Daniel Day-Lewis) when she physically stumbles over him in the Sussex Downs in 1915. From that moment on the two take on an unforeseen relationship, with Russell first learning his various methods of deduction through an informal but profound apprenticeship, and then through a full partnership when they take on the case of a little girl’s abduction. But Russell’s education and Holmes’s experience are put to the test when an unknown bomber threatens their lives and everything they hold dear. Also starring Jodhi May, Oded Fehr, and Jonathan Pryce as Doctor Watson.

Foreshadowing in TAB and HLV

Yes, we’ve all read the theories about Janine being related to Moriarty, but what evidence is there for that?  


Besides their hair, eyes, skin, accent, and attraction to Sherlock Holmes, Janine has ties to another character in a different story.

“The Beekeeper’s Apprentice” is a novel written by Laurie R. King about a retired Sherlock Holmes living in Sussex Downs as a beekeeper.  He and his young detective apprentice solve a mystery concerning kidnapped children.  The villain of the end of the story is Patricia, the daughter of Moriarty. 

But what does an obscure Holmes spin-off have to do with TAB and HLV?

When Janine visits Sherlock in the hospital in HLV, she first shows him all the tabloids she’s been in and how she destroyed his image for profit.  She says she’s bought a cottage from all that money. “Where’s the cottage?” - “Sussex Downs” - “Nice” - “It’s gorgeous.  There are beehives, but I’m getting rid of those.”

While trying to name the case of the Abominable Bride with Watson in the last scene of TAB, Holmes suggests “The Monstrous Regiment” - the novel directly after “The Beekeeper’s Apprentice” by King is called “A Monstrous Regiment of Women”.

In the end credits of TAB, Janine’s last name has changed to “Donlevy”.  Patricia, Moriarty’s daughter in King’s novel, has the last name “Donleavy”.  But they misspelled that! They’re missing an “A”!  Did you notice they misspelled the word ‘captain’ in a newspaper clipping in TAB? They spelled it ‘captin’ - missing an “A”.  

It’s always a race as to who can read them first. And Russell always wins cause she’s a speed reader. So there’s usually things like this. ’*Gasp. Oh my… OH MY!’  I’m like, ‘Shut up! I’m still on page 2!’

Matthew Rhys, describing what happens when he and his co-star/girlfriend get the latest script for The Americans

Hearing Matthew refer to Keri as Russell reminded me of the Laurie R. King Sherlock Holmes/Mary Russell novels.  In those books, Holmes always uses “Russell” when speaking to the woman who becomes his partner and then later becomes his wife.

This is from the podcast for the season 4 premiere.  (Warning - the podcast contains spoilers):

The cast and crew also discussed how this season doesn’t have big story lines.  Instead, the characters will be dealing with the emotional costs from the story lines of past seasons.  The Americans has often been described as the master of the slow burn.  I’m interpreting the discussion in the podcast to mean that the fire is flaring up now.

And Joel Fields had the following to say about the disclosing of secrets which I interpret as an ominous sign of what may come this season:

“Well, that’s the thing about secrets.  Just like bioweapons, once they’re out they can start to spread.”