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Zoethian road trip?

Zoeya sighed heavily and stared at Rythian. Teep had been kind enough to allow her to ride on his back as the three of them traveled. Rythian hadn’t told her where they were going and she had already asked about a million times if they were there yet. Rythian turned his head slightly to look at her.

“We’re almost there, don’t worry.” He turned his attention back to walking. He had found a beautiful lagoon while exploring. He marked it down on a map so he could take Zoeya there once she had recovered from her injuries. The water was crystal clear, there were lots of vines and tall trees, and when the sun would set the sky it gave the area a nice ambiance. He wanted to give them a nice safe place to be alone, beyond Teep, who had promised Rythian that he would stay out of sight, but keep watch.

“But Rythian, we’ve been walking forever…..” Zoeya whined. Rythian rolled his eyes.

“I promise you, this is worth it.”

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Do this, I may already summited it to Rythna Anonymous, but it's still an idea. It takes place in an alternate universe w here mages are hunted down and enslaved for their magical powers. Rythian just happens to be one of those mages. He is one caught and is sold off the a scientific facility where people study and experiment on his kind. One of the scientists there is known as Lalna and is attracted to the new mage. Ending may very depending on the reader/writer.

You know. I don’t really write Rythna much because its always kinda rapey/non-con/dub-con and that’s kinda sad because there’s so much that can be done with that ship. (I’m guilty of writing dub-con rythna, so I’m not saying i have an issue with it.)

This is a nice idea that could not end that way.

So have this kind of setup drabble. It ends abruptly because I’m tired and yeah. So. There ya go.

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Okay, so I was driving and listening to Derezzed by Daft Punk, and this idea came to me. I wanted to think of a really cool way that Zoeya would be totally fine after the explosion.

This one worked out well, I think. I don’t know. I literally just spent my time writing this thing this morning, so yeah. I don’t think its really fic, I haven’t really been able to write a long thing, mostly just drabbles… I guess.

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prompt: Coffee Shop AU Rythian and Zoey date? that'd be cute as a fic or a doodle or both do what you would like~~

Rythian was nervous. He honestly couldn’t remember the last time he had been nervous. He checked his watch and sighed. She was late. Maybe she was just fashionably late? Maybe she had to work late? Maybe she stood him up? He hoped that wasn’t the case, though it would be his luck.

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I wrote a thing.

Okay. So, let me preface by saying. I don’t do this. This is not a thing I do. I don’t write things very often. I’m not good with words. I’m one of those creative individuals that can come up with great ideas, but I can’t express them as well as I’d like in any medium.

But I liked how this turned out.

Zoethian. No real title. -shrug.- Just kind of a feelings thing. Rythian POV mostly, switches to third person at the end. Under the cut, cause I’m kind to the tag.

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