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I feel like they already are Carol-Daryl. I don’t think that they need to make out or do anything for them not to be Carol-Daryl. I think they have such incredible chemistry and they have such — they’re like Andrea and Michonne. I feel like they have such a love and such a like beauty about the way that they are with one another — like they finish each other’s sentences — that I think they already are ‘Carol & Daryl.’

Laurie Holden, (09/MAR/2013)

By the way, are you rooting for Carol-Daryl?

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Hii, do you have some good yoonmin mpreg fics??

Some Mpreg fics for you anon

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(I know you've already done like 10000000 drabbles about our couples but you asked for inspiration so I've finally figured out what I'd like) 8 or 31 about Sam and his TTS gals? :D

Yeeees ofc

“Go to hell.”

“Your brother is a fucking DICKHEAD.” Jaeda raged as soon as she came into contact with Summer.

“Yeah, I gathered that as soon as we learned to talk. What’s he done this time?”

“He’s mistakenly called me Laurie again. I’m SICK TO DEATH of him!” It seemed like if Jaeda got any angrier, steam would start blowing out of her ears.

Again?! Damn, seriously?” Summer rolled her eyes. Her brother was the biggest dumbass in Starlight Shores, that was for sure.

“If he asks where I am, tell him to fuck off.” Jaeda grumbled before storming off. Shortly after, Summer heard the front door slam.

Half an hour later, Summer had just finished recalling the story to her sisters when they all heard loud footsteps and obnoxious whistling. 

“Hey guys, have you seen Jaeda?” Sam barged into the room, nearly hitting his head off the door due to his carelessness.

“Sam, you need to shower. You smell like a deat rat.” Saffron scowled, scrunching up her nose in disgust.

“I will later. Now, is anyone gonna answer my question?”

Skylar shrugged while Summer glared at him.

“What’s that look for, Summer? Are you pissed because I smell worse than you for once?” Sam jeered.

“Oh, go to hell, Samuel. Jaeda deserves a lot better than you.” she spat.

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