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Stay Alive for Me (Lin-Manuel Miranda x Reader) Part 2

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Pairing: Lin-Manuel Miranda x Teenaged!Reader

Requested?: No

Prompt: Lin finds a teenage girl unconscious at his doorstep and decides to nurse her back to health. As her stay is extended, Lin finds himself attached to the troubled teen that captured his heart.

Words: 2000+

Warnings: Mighty Dad Lin, Mentions of abuse, STDs, rape, alcohol, and family death.

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You slowly stirred, returning to reality from your fever-induced sleep. Your eyes opened slowly but closed again when the sunlight poured through the open window. After your eyes adjusted, you fully opened your eyes and sat up slowly. You immediately felt like you were burning up and you pushed the blanket off your body. You weren’t wearing the tank top, jeans, or shoes from yesterday, but a sweatshirt and sweatpants that were somewhat baggy on you. You felt dirty and your muscles ached. Where the hell were you?

You looked around the room. It was some sort of living space in an apartment. There was a doorway across the room that lead into a small hallway. You had a clear view of the front door. You could just bolt right through the hallway and leave. But, you need your clothes, money and your phone. Maybe the person, or people, that own this apartment have your phone? You needed to know who was here and why they changed you out of your clothes. 

You were so deep in thought that you didn’t acknowledge the man walking into the room until he snapped his fingers in front of your eyes, making you jump. You looked up and came face to face with your ‘savior’.

The man wasn’t too tall, a little shorter than your six-foot father. He was thin and pale, with shoulder-length dark-brown hair and matching brown eyes. He had a goatee that was dark and slowly growing out into a beard. He was dressed in a gray sweater and jeans, Mickey Mouse socks covering his feet. He held a mug of coffee in one hand while the other was tucked in his jeans pocket. You couldn’t help but notice that purple-almost-black circles under his eyes, making him look older than he was. He had to be somewhere in his thirties minimum.

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brokenlove123  asked:

Hi! Do you guys have any yoonmin mpreg fics? For some reason I can't access the ask tag so I couldn't look for it, so I'm sorry if you've already answered this. I love this blog thank you!

We haven’t answered the ask before! Don’t worry.!

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I feel like they already are Carol-Daryl. I don’t think that they need to make out or do anything for them not to be Carol-Daryl. I think they have such incredible chemistry and they have such — they’re like Andrea and Michonne. I feel like they have such a love and such a like beauty about the way that they are with one another — like they finish each other’s sentences — that I think they already are ‘Carol & Daryl.’

Laurie Holden, (09/MAR/2013)

By the way, are you rooting for Carol-Daryl?