Ryan and Laurie's phonecall
  • Ryan and Laurie's phonecall
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The moment which killed me. If you want to get drunk, drink every time Ryan says I love you. TOO CUTE (x) so tumblr is being an asshole with audio on chrome so if this isn’t working for you on chrome (same for me) you can listen on firefox

“Nature is particularly good at holding a pure light, a pure vibration. Humans are easily influenced by all of the planets and stars, and likewise everything else is too, but herbs, woods, stones, metals and animals have a very pure consciousness, a very pure aura, and are able to anchor specific vibrations from one or two different planets. We say that a majickal ingredient is "ruled” by a particular planet or sign.“

- Laurie Cabot
Laurie Cabot’s Book of Spells & Enchantments

Image Credit: Black Sheep & Prodigal Sons


❤ Hey Taylor! ❤ 

My name’s Laurie! I’m 17 and I’m from the south of Ireland in Cork City. I’m seeing you on June 29th in Dublin and I’m incredibly excited! It’s my first time seeing you, even though I’ve loved you since I was 10! It will be so magical. I’ll be in the standing section! I spent ages making this costume from scratch for the show! Thanks to you I’ve made a lot of amazing friends too, and I love being a part of the #IrishSwiftieSquad!

I love to make piano arrangements of all your songs! I want to be a writer one day, and I think you have such a gift with words. Your words have made my life so much better. When I was younger I would dance around my room to my Taylor Swift CDs and read the album booklet of lyrics like a storybook. I didn’t have many friends at all and when I found out that you had been the same at school. Your words and lyrics were a source of huge comfort and reassurance. 

Taylor, I’ve been having a hard time for about two years. I’m recovering from anorexia. It has been so tough. When I was on my bedroom floor, crying and hating every inch of myself, you would pop into my head, you were there, I would remember a lyric or something comforting you have told another fan. The speeches you give before singing Clean at the 1989 tour means so much to me. I started crying when I first saw a video of it. You didn’t make my eating disorder disappear, of course, but you stopped the tears rolling down my cheeks, stopped me wanting to tear myself apart. I thought, Taylor wouldn’t want me to feel this way. I just want to thank you for all the times you’ve helped me. 

 I’ll never forget you as long as I live. I love you so much. See you this Monday! Love love love,