“Nature is particularly good at holding a pure light, a pure vibration. Humans are easily influenced by all of the planets and stars, and likewise everything else is too, but herbs, woods, stones, metals and animals have a very pure consciousness, a very pure aura, and are able to anchor specific vibrations from one or two different planets. We say that a majickal ingredient is "ruled” by a particular planet or sign.“

- Laurie Cabot
Laurie Cabot’s Book of Spells & Enchantments

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the ultimate shipper challenge: we could have had it all’ ships [2/5] » Josephine March & Theodore Laurence (Little Women)

Someday you’ll find a man, a good man, and you’ll love him, and marry him, and live and die for him.  And I’ll be hanged if I stand by and watch.

What I’ve Learned About Unconditional Love from the Daughter I Placed for Adoption

Each time I approach an essay about my muse and biological daughter, Laurie, I wonder how I’ll find a new entry point into a story I’ve written dozens of times. But when I start reviewing our recent text thread and scrolling through photos of our latest adventures, an unexplored theme (or three) inevitably emerges. Every commission gives me permission to turn down life’s noise and re-experience Laurie’s first Facebook contact, our reunion and the nearly four years of landmark memories ever since.

With my fourth Mother’s Day in sight, my latest essay on adoption and non-traditional family trees just went live on….right in between “How to Wear a Fancy Ponytail” and “Now You Can Hashtag with Lipstick Emojis.” Which sounds not unlike some shit Laurie and I were texting about last week.

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