So do you end your days with me,
                    or do you send him to his 
g r a v e ?

                                        Why make her lie to you
s a v e   m e ?

(David Arnsperger, Lauri Brons, Nicky Wuchinger)


Lauri Brons and Nicky Wuchinger - ‘Think of Me’

Hamburg, 2014


Christine Daae!

Christine Daae with her fabulous dresser that puts her in fabulous clothes that I’ll never wear.

Christine Daae and her secret lover.

Christine Daae and her secret BFF.

Christine Daae and her fiancée.

Christine Daae being her old awesome self.

Christine Daae and her other half.

Christine Daae and a secret man in a mask who isn’t the Phantom but has a hat that looks kind of like his in the STYDI scene oooo…

Christine Daae with her servants.

Christine Daae and the monkey.


The Star Princess dress (worn by Christine Daaé at the start of Act Two in ‘Masquerade’) photoset. This photoset compares the dresses of 12 Christines’ from four different replica productions of The Phantom of the Opera currently running across the world.

1.) (TOP LEFT)
West End
1.) Harriet Jones
2.) Emmi Christensson (alt.)
3.) Lisa-Anne Wood (u/s)

1.) Julia Udine
2.) Kaley Ann Voorhees (alt.)
3.) Elizabeth Welch (u/s)

Restaged US Tour
1.) Katie Travis
2.) Celia Hottenstein (alt.)
3.) Krista Buccellato (u/s)

Hamburg, Germany
1.) Valerie Link
2.) Lauri Brons (alt.)
3.) Daniela Braun (u/s)


A very special performance at the 20th annual Golden Mask Awards ceremony at Moscow’s magnificent Bolshoi Theatre. Featuring three Christine Daaés Anna O'Byrne (London), Lauri Brons (Hamburg) & Tamara Kotova (Moscow) and three Phantoms John Owen Jones (London), David Arnsperger (Hamburg), Dmitry Ermak (Moscow).

Phantom Moscow opens October 2014 at the MDM Theatre.

(The bootleg TV version had the rehearsal audio, this is a HD recording using the live recording from the night - have a nice weekend Phans )


Hamburg wedding dresses in the opening years (Anna Maria Kaufmann/Renée Knapp 1990-92) and it the current Hamburg production (Valerie Link and Lauri Brons 2013-15). 

  1. Anna Maria Kaufmann with Peter Hoffman and Andrew Lloyd Webber, 
  2. Valerie Link with Mathias Edenborn and Andrew Lloyd Webber, 
  3. Anna Maria Kaufmann. Long tailored bodice, little lace on skirt. 
  4. Valerie Link. Long, but slightly too big bodice, rich lace on skirt. 
  5. Ditto. I’m itching to give that bodice a better fit. 
  6. Renée Knapp in same style as Kaufmann. Here with Raymond Sepe. 
  7. Renée Knapp again. 
  8. Lauri Brons. Snug, well tailored bodice, rich lace skirt. 
  9. Renée Knapp and Donald Cant (from her Australian guest run). 
  10. Lauri Brons. Her bodice has a really nice fit. It’s changed a lot since the original bodices, which were made of a silver fabric with large ribbed pattern, and with a huge basque. This one has finer ribs, and a smaller and snugger basque. 

Christines in their old and new costume: 

Sometimes actresses gets a new costume midway in their run. The reason can be that their old costume is starting to show too much wear and tear, or that their size has changed, or just because the production does an upgrade in general. Actresses going from one production to another, or from understudy to principal/alternate, will usually also get new costumes. Here’s some examples. 

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