The Star Princess dress (worn by Christine Daaé at the start of Act Two in ‘Masquerade’) photoset. This photoset compares the dresses of 12 Christines’ from four different replica productions of The Phantom of the Opera currently running across the world.

1.) (TOP LEFT)
West End
1.) Harriet Jones
2.) Emmi Christensson (alt.)
3.) Lisa-Anne Wood (u/s)

1.) Julia Udine
2.) Kaley Ann Voorhees (alt.)
3.) Elizabeth Welch (u/s)

Restaged US Tour
1.) Katie Travis
2.) Celia Hottenstein (alt.)
3.) Krista Buccellato (u/s)

Hamburg, Germany
1.) Valerie Link
2.) Lauri Brons (alt.)
3.) Daniela Braun (u/s)


Current principal and alternate Christines in real life and in Christine wig:

1. Claire Lyon, World Tour. 
2. Harriet Jones, West End. 
3. Olivia Brereton, West End. 
4. Sierra Boggess, Broadway. 
5. Mary Michael Patterson, Broadway. 
6. Julia Udine, restaged US tour. 
7. Grace Morgan, restaged US tour. 
8. Valerie Link, Hamburg. 
9. Lauri Brons, Hamburg. 

(sorely lacking: Hungarian and Japanese Christines. Mainly because the role of Christine is shared between so many actresses) 


Christines without/with wig and stage makeup: 
Replica edition, principal and alternate Christines. 

1. Harriet Jones, West End. 
2. Emmi Christensson, West End. 
3. Julia Udine, Broadway (photo from restaged tour, but still). 
4. Kaley Ann Voorhees, Broadway. 
5. Valerie Link, Hamburg. 
6. Lauri Brons, Hamburg. 
7. Tamara Kotova, Moscow (photo from Bolshoi performance). 
8. Elena Bahtiyarova, Moscow. 


The Hamburg production is again a fabulous production that produces absolutely stunning pictures (German productions have always seemed to be good with that though, as proven by all the Colby pictures). Lauri Brons and Valerie Link are easy to tell apart, I think Mathias Edenbron is the Phantom in all these and Nicky Wuchinger is of course Raoul.

[On a side note Valerie’s high notes at the end of the title song are dreamy as hell and if you’ve never listened to them you should]