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South of Nowhere Soundtrack - LISTEN HERE

I’ve posted this before, but what with girltrash setting off a load of old spashley feelings, I figured I’d add some tracks and repost it. Songs from all 3 seasons, mostly the ones featured in spashley scenes.

i don’t want to know (if you don’t want me) - the donnas (season 1 theme song)
wasted - LP (season 2 & 3 theme song)
perfect vision - montag (promo song)
you’re my girl - sharif (Ashley shows Spencer around Los Angeles. 1x01)
the best things - jaded era (Clay and Chelsea text each other. 1x05)
if i could - sara leib (Ashley watches Spencer talk about her first time. 1x05)
something in me - katelyn tarver (Ashley drops Spencer home after their day at the beach. 1x06)
top of the world - kate voegele (the Carlins clean up after the earthquake. 1x09)
ghost you know - lauren hoffman (Spencer and Ashley’s first kiss. 1x11)
reasons to fall - lauren loffman (Spencer wakes up in Ashley’s bed the morning after. 2x01)
hold onto me - ben broussard (Ashley talks to Spencer about Kyla. 2x02)
i could die of wanting you - lauri kranz (Spencer and Ashley talk in Ashley’s room - ‘why does everybody care so much who i’m in love with?’ 'or who i’m in love with.’ 2x07)
rock me to sleep - jill sobule (Aiden helps Spencer and Ashley run away. 2x08)
when you find the one - melissa etheridge (Spencer and Ashley dance in Chelsea’s studio. 2x11)
feel for me - katrina carlson (Spencer and Ashley briefly make up. 3x01/02)
never been hurt - sara melson (Spencer appears at Ashley’s door and drops her coat. 3x08)
dirty mind - sara melson (Ashley writes Spencer this song for her birthday. 3x12)