BOOKS READ IN 2016: the score by elle kennedy 

I look around the front lobby of the dance studio, then meet Dean’s twinkling eyes. “I thought you said you didn’t want to salsa dance. And Dean Di Laurentis only does what he wants, remember?” 

He shrugs. “I am doing what I want.” 

My eyebrows knit together as I wait for him to clarify. 

“I’m making you happy.” 

Squish. That’s the noise my heart makes. Because it’s so fucking full of love it can no longer contain it all.

  1. Who is Charles DiLaurentis?
  2. Why did he harass the girls?
  3. Did they do something terrible?
  4. Did he really steal the game from Mona?
  5. Who is Uber -A? Is he the real bad guy?
  6. Who is Red Coat?
  7. How many Red Coat are they?
  8. Who is Black Widow?
  9. What really happened that night?
  10. Who hit Alison DiLaurentis?
  11. Who Jessica DiLaurentis was protecting? Charles? 
  12. Why Jessica Di Laurentis hides so much things to Kenneth?
  13. Is Kenneth taking revenge?
  14. What happened to Bethany Young?
  15. Why we never saw her face?
  16. Is she twins with someone else?
  17. Then who?
  18. Why she called Jessica DiLaurentis, his aunt?
  19. What happened to Marion Cavanaugh?
  20. What really happened to Maya St. Germain?
  21. Why Sara Harvey is shady? Why so many showers?!
  22. Who attacked her after her first job day?
  23. Why Aria Montgomery is shady?
  24. Why is she always representing with dolls and mirrors?
  25. Is she mentally ill?
  26. Why Noel Kahn is strange af too?
  27. WTF is going on with Wren Kingston?
  28. Is Rhys Matthews a cop?
  29. Is Wren Kingston a real doctor?
  30. Where is CeCe Drake?
  31. How is she connected to that story?
  32. Who killed Jessica DiLaurentis (if it’s not -A)?
  33. Is Freddy is an undercover for Charles?
  34. What about the Carissimi Group?
  35. Why Jason DiLaurentis is always away from Rosewood?
  36. How is big the -A team?
  37. Is there a team helping the girls?
  38. What is the link with Leslie Stone? What happened with her?
  39. Why everything is connecting to Radley?
  40. Why so many references to Varjak? Is he -A?
  41. Who killed Ian?
  42. Who pretended to kill Mona on the video at her home?
  43. Does Melissa hide more secrets than we know?
  44. Why we never saw Wren in London?
  45. Why Varjak number (727 242 7839) lead us to Sara Harvey? 
  46. Who’s Blood in Spencer’s bag (in London)?
  47. Why Edith Piaf songs? Why any relations to Paris?
  48. What happened at Melissa and Ian prom? Who was there?
  49. Who was the dancing girl Spencer saw at Radley?
  50. Why Hanna saw the twins so much?
  51. Who killed Garrett? -A?
  52. Why Jason is the only one alive in the N.A.T. Club?
  53. Was Alison pregnant or not?
  54. If yes, from who?
  55. Jenna and Lucas are together now? HOW?

But in Marlene King’s imagination, 42 minutes is enough. (Answers here!)