So, I’m at a point where I don’t really know what to do with my Tumblr (you may have noticed the slow rhythm I’m posting these days - it’s mostly because I work pretty much 6 days a week with huge workloads, and I'm a bit tired).

Anyway, I’m opening a consultation with my visitors :

- what do you like about this blog ?

- what do you want to see improved (or what do you don’t like) ?

- optional : how did you find this blog, and why did you decide to you follow it (as the case may be) ?

You can use my askbox ( to answer or Tumblr Messenger.

I won’t post these entries.

On August 1st, at 1200 GMT, I will chose randomly an answer.

The selected entry will win a symbolic gift for this Swiss national day : a (1x) set composed of a (1x) collector Victorinox Classic keychain knife and a (1x) grey Caran d'Ache 888 Infinity ( I don’t know exactly the background of that Victorinox, except I can’t find it anywhere on the intertubes, so I suppose it’s a very limited edition. The decoration is the traditional pattern of armailli shirts. No alternative prize will be assigned.

I will contact the winner through his askbox or Messenger, whatever available.

The winner will have to provide me some form of postal adress so I can send the package. Rest assured that I don’t intend to create a database of my followers and that information will stay confidential and be used only for this shipping.

You don’t have to follow me to participate, and it’s better if you are a real person. If you wish to contribute your views but don’t wish to participate to the draw, just  say it so in your entry.

Thanks !


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special dédicace à un fou de vietesse (!) laurentbelkacem

laurentbelkacem replied to your post “Tumblr thinks I can speak the language of the Philippines for some…”

Or you can just tag along.

sirgothamhat replied to your post “Tumblr thinks I can speak the language of the Philippines for some…”

The language is actually called Tagalog though. But you could tag a log of language names

Well I have learnt something new today, even if I was a bit trans-late to finding out…