laurent lanouzière

I’m just overwhelmed by Laurent’s insecurities - he’s mastered looking like he’s not affected by anything, he hides himself away so people don’t get too close… But with Damen… It’s all different. And so very normal.
When Damen speaks of how he wishes things could’ve been different and he could’ve courted him in a world where there was peace between their kingdoms, Laurent’s first reaction is to say that no, Damen would’ve hung out with his cooler older brother. (and shares another intimacy “he would have liked you”… )
But Damen sees Laurent’s attempt to make himself small again and reacts in the best way “even after I started courting his little brother?”. Carefully.
And taking Laurent by surprise. Laurent is so overwhelmed by the thought that Damen would always want him, him, inexperienced, closed off Laurent who in his own eyes doesn’t have much to offer. No, Damen wants him in any and all universes they can create. Laurent is wanted. Loved.

a list of things that I hope I never recover from:

-“Stop my mouth. I don’t know what I’m saying.”
-them stealing moments to be together in the palace at ios 💞
-Laurent not even leaving Damen’s side long enough to change out of blood soaked clothes even when Damen was SLEEPING
-Laurent blushing
-Damen planning to take Laurent to the library because he knows that bookish youth is still inside him
-“When the walls went up, it was with Damen inside them.”
-Laurent pledging his undying love and devotion for Damen to the statue of his mom. I hope this scene is the last thing I see before I die.
-Laurent telling Damen about how he used to speak to Auguste at his grave and that he’ll take Damen there. stab my HEART
-Laurent tenderly washing the scars on Damen’s back (who allowed THAT)
-mention of poor dejected islander
-Laurent blushing
-Damen considering fucking Laurent on the marble floor by the bath bc same
-“Of what was happening between us.” get THAT out of my FACE
-Laurent dumping freezing water on Damen because he is PLAYFUL!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
-every time Laurent laughed, I cried
-Nik teaching Laurent how to wrestle because they’re ATTEMPTING! FRIENDSHIP! WHERE IS THIS WRESTLING FIC
-Damen calling Laurent out for being the sweetest motherfucker
-honestly every mention of Laurent’s nipples
-Laurent making SOUNDS
-“In small ways, the cultures were mixing.”
-Laurent saying he probably won’t be able to walk the next day 🙌🏼😏
-“You were watching the road.”

callheaven  asked:

damen/laurent flower shop au since you were just talking about it and i NEED THEM SO MUCH

(YOU DIDN’T EVEN PICK A NUMBER so i will just do my own)

When the bell jingles and Laurent looks up, it is the 21st time Damianos has shown up at the only flower shop in Vere. Not that he keeps count. No, not at all. It’s just  — they’re just  — he’s just. Dancing around this has become quite a tedious game.

Laurent clears his throat and wipes his hands on his apron, regretting his uncharacteristically mussed up appearance. Not that he cares, mind you. Damen doesn’t seem to.

“It’s you,” Laurent says, striding up to the counter with a small smile he doesn’t have it in him to fight. 21 times, and this Damianos still hasn’t asked him out. It’s rather sweet, actually. Laurent is used to people  — chasing after his affections, hard and relentless, annoying at best and repulsive at worst. Damen is, somehow, different.

“It’s me,” Damen agrees, and with a jovial whistle under his breath, he shifts his focus away from Laurent and toward the fresh cut flowers, specifically the bouquets of roses. Laurent watches him as he picks one out  — a single, red rose.

“Just this,” Damen says with a smile that is more charming than it has any right to be. Laurent raises a thin eyebrow and nods, but the second he wraps it up and hands it over, Damen hands it right back. Laurent stares.

“… Is there a problem?”

Damen scratches the back of his neck with an exasperated smile. “It’s Valetntine’s Day,” he points out.

“So it is. A Hallmark holiday. Nothing worth celebrating. Honestly, the business is good, but people get so  — “

“Laurent, I have been trying to ask you out for months. Isn’t a florist supposed to know flower language?  What more do I have to do?”

Laurent stares. Blinks. Stares some more, and then pulls him over the counter by the collar of his shirt.

“And how much longer must I wait? Because I have been. Waiting. I am not dense, you just need to ask, give me a number, do this properly and — ”

It’s Damen’s turn to blink. “You do know what a red rose means, right? Do I have to spell this out? I know you aren’t dense. I don’t know what you’re waiting for. Just say yes.


“Oh,” Laurent says.

“Yeah. Oh,” Damen replies, and with Laurent’s pale hands still tugging him closer, he bridges the gap and kisses him. A thorn pricks Laurent’s finger, drawing a small bead of blood, and it feels like a promise that’s long overdue.

“Laurent dropped the cloak from his shoulders….” (Prince’s Gambit, p. 222)
“He almost didn’t notice when Laurent drew a cloth from his cloak” (Prince’s Gambit, p. 224). 

okay I know that the tent must have been padded and the ice was wrapped in cloth but it’s more fun to imagine laurent dropping his cloak dramatically, obi-wan-kenobi-before-duel style, and the huge block of ice he’s somehow managed to smuggle naturally in a pocket loudly making itself known. laurent’s life is hard, y’all.