laurent brancowitz

I met Guy-Man first, through an ad, you know … In a record shop there was a little piece of paper and it was Guy-Man who wanted to form a band and he was very - uh … weird. Haha … he was like a sociopath. [awkward chuckling] He looked like freaked-out Jesus. Yeah, very fem-body … very … greasy hair.
—  Laurent Brancowitz of Phoenix (Former member of Darlin’ speaking on a BBC Radio interview of Daft Punk)
Magic's 1992 Interview with Darlin' - Translated

From the January 1997 Magic Magazine article:

17-year-old Thomas and a strangely talkative, sassy 18-year-old Guy-Man talk about their favorite bands, performing, and recording Cindy So Loud and Darlin’ 2.

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Excerpt from Magic Mushroom #5, from the article “Spécial Douce France”, Fall 1992.

Darlin’ has been around since February ‘92. But Guy-Manuel and Thomas – 18- and 17-years-old! – have been friends since middle school, sharing the same passion for the Beach Boys, Love, and T.Rex. They recruited, through a classified ad, Laurent, guitarist (and leader of Tugboat Star, another very promising band).

Tell us about your demo…
Guy-Manuel (vocals): We recorded the demo with a Revox [a brand of tape recorders]. Live in one take, all alone: it really sucks!

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