laurens verdonkschot

dialogue about how to end your poems

10:20 laurens_verdonkschot: i end all my poems with ‘there the poem is finished’

10:20 omardecol: u just burned me

10:20 carnivorousjudy: i try to end my poems with someone funny

10:20 carnivorousjudy: or just like

10:20 vicki-tingle: i end all poems with 'i h8 myself and want to die’ in blank text so nobody can read it

10:20 carnivorousjudy: 'and then he came on my chest’

10:20 laurens_verdonkschot: like the cruuise

10:20 carnivorousjudy: which is equally as good

10:20 mseidlinger: HOT VOICE SPEAKS ITALIAN!!!

10:20 johnstmoonpie: poems should never end

10:20 gabbygabbby: i end my poems with 'and now i am dead’

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