white children, good deeds, and a condom

a random vlog :)

littleredbeauty asked:

I'm pretty much in love with your blog besides that anyway so no problem.
I've been following you for a while and I just think you're such a genuine person, and I love your sense of humour and how straight you are with people.

Oh, why, thank you so much, you’re too nice :) I haven’t had a very good day so this really comes at a great time <3

  • i think i should have a penpal in the form of
  • laurennnc
  • princesspolly
  • jaydeygaga
  • aaronwhitton
  • charlielunn
  • loutusxxknight
  • boatsand-hoes

or failing that, anyone else? simply because you all seem like great people and i want a penpal.

to be honest you should all just add me on skype
jade.shilling ;D